Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Last Adventure to Share!

Hey Y'all,

So I am literally like freaking out to know that this will be my last email as a full-time missionary! It's crazy and I am not really liking it! Although I could never have asked for a better week and an amazing last week! It was hard yesterday saying goodbye and everyone saying we will hear from you sooner than if you stayed out here! It's like they expect me to contact them all! :)

So if some of you have read my last post on Facebook you read that I got to sing in church yesterday! It was great and it turned out to be wonderful! I was able to sing well and not sound flat or sharp or anything and if I messed up I covered well I think! (I didn't make faces). I loved the spirit I felt today and the chance to share my testimony through singing!

We had a great week with lots of lessons and we even got investigators to come to members homes to have friends!

We did so many things and so many great things but I know that it is coming to an end and so glad to be able to have come to North Carolina  and to serve in Shallotte! I love the people here and so going to miss them all! But Where you are loved more can come and! Love is where the heart is! I may be leaving but my heart and love is staying and I hope they know how much I have come to love them! I have learned a lot about myself here and am so excited to use it all as I come home! I hate to leave North Carolina but I am closing this chapter and an other one is opening! Love you North Carolina! I am ready to see the mountains again!!!!!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr
Hey Y'all,

Well! What a week it has been and a great one at that! I had my last temple trip on my mission! We went with Vikki and she got to do Baptisms for the first time while we were in the session! She was done way before we were and so I was bummed to have missed her but I will have other experiences and be able to see her receive her endowments next May!

Sunday was a good day! We had about 180 visitors and we had every seat filled! We had a family that brought 72 people and another family brought about 12. Some were even from Garner and so I got to see some familial faces! It was so fun to see them! We tracted before dinner! I had fun with fire ants playing on my foot and trying to talk to someone! I was looking like I was dancing as I tried to get them off! Fire ants hurt! My foot was like on fire and not the best experience or one I ever want to experience again! But good times and we have a great potential to work with now! We had a lesson with our new investigator. We are teaching him and his Wife. She wasn't there but we had a great member with us and so we got to teach more about the Book Of Mormon! We had a bad storm so we left early. They live on a sandy street and he was worried about us so we had a shirt lesson with him but will see them this week too! They are so elect and are hungry for the gospel. They have great questions and are just so ready to learn! They have gone through a lot and are wanting to change there life for the better! They are so humble and want to do good for God and for there two girls! Oh and they have a pet squirrel! I got a video of Alvin! I got to feed him cheerios! We finished the night with Wendy and Malachi and grandma coming over to our apartment and they gave me a goodbye Card! They couldn't wait till next week! I tried so hard not to cry and was able to a little bit but I know next week it will just kill me!

Saturday was the temple trip! It was so fun! It was hard to realize that this will be my last time to attend the temple as a full time missionary and with President and Sister James but I was glad to go and have Vikki with us! It was a long drive 3 hours with no air conditioning with 98 degree weather with thick humidity! It was rough but so worth it! Like I said Vikki got to do baptism while we were in the session! It was sad to miss her but she came out glowing! It was great to see her gratitude for her family to be baptized and she was just so happy and loved it!

Friday was a great day too! We had  lesson with the investigator couple and had a member who is a recent RM and the one who referred us to them! He met them selling them his car before he left for Utah State! He had to leave early but he shared a beautiful powerful testimony and explained the Book of Mormon so beautifully!

Wednesday was my last Zone Training and it was great! We played jeopardy and with the topics someone would instruct and teach during each question asked and then taught more! I am happy to say I know Preach my Gospel more than I thought I did! :)

Well! What a week! Crazy to think that I am now in the single numbers! I seriously woke up to day with no energy but as I have feasted ion the words of Christ and dedicated this last week to work hard I feel so ready to get going I feel so grateful to know the principle of lose yourself and go to work! I have said that a lot over the last 18 months! I have found that  I didn't really follow the lose myself in service but have lost ,myself to try to be such a great missionary I became robotic almost or a fake Sister Farr! I have learned that NEVER CAN ANYONE DO MISSIONARY WORK TRYING TO BE ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES! I am who I have become because simply I am growing to what I am now but am still me but a changed me because of the service and the atonement! I have earned such a distinct love and gratitude more for my Savior than I have before! I am gained a more love for my brothers and sisters and I know without a doubt that I had before I just blinded but I have been given sight and be able to give that sight to others! I know why missionaries change when they serve with all their might, mind, heart and strength! It's because they change because they are learning like the Savior told us to do it and promised us the outcome of doing it and we will be blessed! I know that to be true not only for me, but for my family! My family have had hard times and lost friends and family but one thing they haven't lost or I haven't lost the hope and joy from the gospel! Really I can see I and my family have increased in the understanding of the gospel! I love this Church and know it is true! I love those I share it with and see them change! I am changing with them!!!!!

Love y'all! Have a blessed week!


Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hey Y'all,

Happy 4th of July! Its crazy to think thtis time l,ast year I was hitting my 6 month mark this month and Sister Galloway and I were on our way to go to a parade! It;'s crazy to look back and see even how different I am now! This week I learned a very valuable lesson on Service not as a missionary but service in general and service that means work! Sister Higbee and I this week had an opportunity to do service in the church library and did lots of organizing and cleaning! We found great treasures, old church stuff and witnessed by the things we found of how much our church has grown, changed in curriculum, and in how we are with the times! It's crazy how much stuff we throw out and how much stuff I had never seen. We found ward photos and videos. We did a lot and it looks amazing! Bishop Fish was so happy! We were afraid that some of the members would be angry at how much was changed but everyone loved it!

With Sunday being fast Sunday and some of the members during the week reminding me it would be my last fast Sunday here I shared my testimony with the ward and I have to say I can see such a big difference in my from when I first came out. The words flow easier and I can feel the spirits impact increase as I talk! Also, I told Vikki that before I went home I wanted to hear her share her testimony! I was amazed at she said she would but that she wouldn't be saying much! I was so excited and grateful that she would and she gave a short but powerful testimony. I told her if it would help she could write it down and read from it. (she was afraid the words wouldn't come as she stood up there). She said some of the things she said weren't what she had written down but what she said about the Book of Mormon and that the church was true was! Her simple testimony was amazing and it was touching to see that it is possible to find people with that quick conversion and ability to quickly except the restored gospel as the true church! We had lots of people talking about the gratitude of the men and women who have fought for our freedom and during Relief Society we had the Primary come through the room with flags and we gave us a parade. It is a ward tradition and the kids were so cute! It's was humbling to see how much this ward seriously show their respect and support for those who fight for us and for the gratitude to have this country with so much freedom!

Saturday was another great and fabulous day! It was the missions Ahuna Ohana! I think I had mentioned it! President James had his family come from Hawaii and other places to come perform. It was great and I loved the Haka the most! Made me think of Forever Strong and my brothers! I have a video to show y'all later! It was to show culture and family and there importance! It was a great missionary tool and we haven't seen much from it yet but we did see it motivate the members. We got 3 new investigators and 1 potential from member referrals! Wendy, Malachi, and Vikki came and we all drove together! It was a great event and the work we all in the mission really showed off!

This week we saw Wendy and continue to prepare her for her Baptism. She had a rough week and a lot is happening but she is becoming one great missionary and is moving to really opening up and letting us pretty much hand her the gospel! She is soaking it up! I love her!

Love you all and have a great 4th! This week I learned the blessing of service and saw the blessing coming so fast! Find someone to serve and you won't regret! God loves you and I love you!!!!

Have a great week!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hey Y'all,

Happy sunny June day from humid NC! This has been a great week! I finished reading through the book of Mormon, went on my last exchanges, attended my last mission president fireside, tracted..... a lot, and bore my testimony at our Zone Conference! But where to begin! I also found out that we are going to the temple on the 9th!!!!!

So Tuesday..... My last Zone Conference! It was hard to believe and was hard to walk up top the front to give my testimony cause it truly made it real, my time is getting short! President James has started some great new things in the mission! We know how our NCRM scripture mastery, list full of Roll [play ideas to do for thirty minutes in Companion Study, new mission standard of excellence, and who we are (cards we will get and recite on a daily bases, taught the principles again and again on spiritually create (AKA Role playing). It was a great conference and a lot of great instruction focusing on truly raising the bar and pushing ourselves to better success and obedience and hard work! We have so much potential in the NCRM!

After the Conference I went to Wilmington with Sister Salakielu and we had so much fun! We went tracting and found some really cute! mats! I will send a picture! She is a great missionary and is so easy to talk with people! I can see where Sister Higbee gets it from. (She was Her trainer!). We are going home 6 weeks from each other and we both gave our testimonies. She goes home in August! Her normal companion is Sister Buhler and they were MTC companions and are great Sister training leaders!

We saw Wendy again this week and while I was in Wilmington Sister Higbee committed her to a baptismal date! She is exciting but really wants us there! Lets hope so! Wendy is doing so good and is progressing so quickly the ward is so loving towards her and Malachi and they are trying to find ways to help Malachi during church to be able to get through the whole day till he gets used to it! Wendy is opening up to us which is both good  and I love it to know that she trusts us but I feel bad that I can't really counsel her! I am grateful for Bishop Fish! He is one inspired man!

Sunday we had a Mission President Fireside and it was my last one! We went with Vikki and it was great! It was great to hear everyone s story and hear Vikki's testimony for the first time about what she loves most about the church! I asked President for another blessing and it was amazing to hear all that he said and was surprised when one thing I didn't know would stand out to me did! I will be blessed with the ability to apply what I have learned and help out those who I tell my stories and experiences too! I think that is a pretty great promise! I love the James' and so excited to go to the temple with them on the 9th! He even gave us permission to go early before our session and do baptisms with Vikki! What an amazing Mission President! I am so lucky and lucky to be the Lords Servant in the NCRM!!!!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hey Y'all,

Thank you to everyone who made a card for me. I have read 3 and have 29 more to go! Great idea on Mom's part! It's crazy to think that I am at the last month! It is crazy! Time is just getting away from me! This week though it was amazing to see just how much more I am doing to as the Lords Servant. I have been pondering a lot about the things I have learned on my mission and the list keeps getting bigger. A lot of what I learned I feel God is showing me daily all of the lessons and skills I have learned getting out to the test and helping me notice them so much more! God is really amazing and is definitely helping me finish strong!

Monday was again a visit to the beach. We have members in the Ward who own a little diner and have to go through them for a pier walk. Members know how to treat us. They got us free breakfast and a free pier walk. I think I talked about it in my last weeks letter.

This week we worked a lot with Wendy and WOW! what great experiences we are having with her. We have been teaching her and really debating if we should invite her to be baptized. Every time we planed to it just didn't seem right. On Friday was probably the best. we had planned to read a talk with her from conference about being a Child of God and we wanted to watch it on the tv. Luckily it worked and so as we were just watching other videos. sister Higbee came across the Full Restoration video which is telling the whole story of Joseph Smith with his mother doing the narrations. It was definitely by the spirit that we were supposed to watch it with her. Wendy loved it and she was just glued to the movie. We had to leave before it was over and she was saying that she was having a Physical reaction to this movie. She has goose bumps, had being feeling really warm and just felt refreshed. she didn't know how else to explain it. We asked her questions to help her realized that is was the spirit. It was really strong now! She was saying this is how I feel the spirit. What is it trying to tell me? We both testified that it is saying that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true and all the bad things happen to us like the horrible persecution the saints went through was to help make them strong. Later that night we were texting her and she respond with " I really want to make things right with God and I want to join the church! I never thought she would say that but I know knew why we didn't feel right but that she needed to want it. She is getting a baptism date this week for sure! We haven't have a lesson with her since then and so we will be committing her to a date soon.

This week we have been focusing on finding! We have tracted a lot and man I just got tired of it this week. I was kind of dragging my feet as we drove over there. But I knew I had to and that I needed to have faith that we will find someone or at least will be able to have a great experience. I prayed about that and man god is amazing. We had two great conversion! One of which I thought would not listen to us, but she talked and told us some things she didn't feel that is right that we believe. Some of it was wrong and some we had to clarify but at the end we were able to share our testimony and she relaxed. She felt bad that we have been misguided or something but once we told her that we except Christ she was nicer and sounded more like a conversation of us all sharing our testimony then when it started with correcting us.

Sorry again I have run out of time and so I just want to end with one experience. we had a lesson with a part member family. The husband is the non member and has wanted to join in the past but he wasn't ready and so he stopped working toward baptism. He is an amazing man and is really close. He doesn't want to commit until he really is and is very sincere. We taught him about the Atonement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it really was a great lesson where the spirit was present and so we were able to be bold with him and help address his concerns. He has a concern with being able to know enough to commit to a calling or teach and follow all the standards. I felt the whole time that we need more people like you. I finally told him that it's okay that your not ready. We can tell you really want it for you and you understand covenants and promises you will be making and that will give you a stronger conversion but to not let these set backs from allowing YOU peace. He sat there and then told us. Well, now you have given me things to think about. we both testified and ended with a prayer. He is amazing and his wife is a great example. I love seeing those people who want to right and be true followers of the Lord!

Well another great week and another has started I hope you all stay safe and enjoy your week! Love you all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wendy and Us!
Hey Y'all,

Well what a week! A lot has happened and we had a really great week! we found 4 new investigators and one was just contacting at a park! We had lots of funny experiences! We saw crabs, frogs, found a legit tree house and got to tract it, survived the first bad week of welcoming to the horrid humid summer and got our car hit with chocolate pudding on the side of our car by kids as a school bus was passing by- grateful my window was up when just about 5 minutes earlier it was down. By the way just before we had driven to go contact people we had gotten a car wash! It was a funny week but still one I don't think I will ever forget!

Malachi and Wendy! Love Them!
We saw our investigator Wendy! She is doing really well! We see her about 5 times a week! Grateful that she is in our complex. We had dinner with her on Monday and taught her about the atonement using a paper airplane! When I see you ask me how I do that and I will show you! We have started teaching her the Plan of Salvation and making sure it is very simple! It has been great and she loves it we haven't gotten passed the Atonement in the Plan of Salvation but she is really showing interest more and more every lesson we have. Her five year old son came to church and so I can see that she is really wanting it for herself but wants it for Malachi too! We had a problem in Nursery with him and they went home early but everything is good! He did a great job in Sacrament. Its true that children really can amaze us and he amazed all of us with how well he did. I loved coloring with him for sure!

Wednesday we had a great Zone Training and again another great meeting full of revelation and honest learning hearts. Our last instruction was my favorite we talked about Sacrifice vs. Devotion in missionary work. We sacrifice but when we are devoted we even give up our agency! That hit me hard! We then read in the Doctrine in Covenants about how Christ did come to earth imperfect but progressed much more than we ever will and became perfect! It was great and really made me think! I love this Gospel and so grateful to be able to be a missionary and be around so many great ones to learn from as well!

Friday we had a dinner with a friend of some of the members. She is not an investigator or interested but loves to serve the missionaries. We had pizza and apple sauce. She always has to have apple sauce with pizza! its a mom thing, have to have your fruits. It was so fun with her! she is Catholic and we got to share a message and she did one too! We stopped by an older member who was just about to leave with his daughter. He is home bound but so sweet! He gave us a referral for his neighbor and we found out  that the daughter she already comes with the Bishops daughter, there best friends, and is going to girls camp and youth conference! We are trying to find out if she has ever been invited to take the lessons! Everyone says she is going to marry a Mormon boy! We will see what will happen but she is sweet girl!

Well like I said before in the past sometimes tracting and contacting strangers is not my favorite but it helps when it is actually fruitful. We have been wanting to find good new people to teach and so it lead to trying former's and potentials, but died fast so we tracted a lot this week and contacting and we found like I said four new investigators. On Saturday we had decided to go contact at a park. When we got there no one was there except a man at the tennis courts. I figured he might be an instructor. We were thinking we would come back to him but I was like I can start the conversation easy. Tennis Hello! Long story short we talked about prophets, faith and Christ! We set up an appointment again at the park in between his lessons. He is Polynesian and is a sweet man! He has been prepared and he even said on one of these Mondays we can play with him! I was excited about that! But haven't played so might be terrible! He loves teaching left handers! Which I thought instructors hated teaching lefties but he loves it! Says they are more successful! I was happy about that!

Sunday like I said Wendy came with her son and it was great! We can really see more desire in Wendy she is getting closer to baptism and we noticed we have been waiting to ask her to be baptized when we felt she was ready but we feel that is a mistake now! We are repenting big time! She is moving forward so quickly and is amazing us and we can see her happier! She is even asking to help with activities and asks us before we even give her a committed what we want her to read and study this week! She is amazing and now we just need to work on her mom!

At the beach! Ocean Isle Beach
I love being here in Shallotte and I love all we are doing so much is happening and so many great experiences! And as Bishop Fish has said you will be probably married and with kids and still realizing all you really learned on your mission has helped you in your life! I have heard people say that a mission is about 10 years of experiences in just 18-24 months! I can truly testify of that! I have learned so much and will yet have more to learn! Here is to another great looking week! Have a blessed week y'all! Love you! :)


Sister Tayler Farr

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shallotte is stuck with me!

Hey Y'all,

So from my title this week I am happy and grateful to say that I am staying in Shallotte and Shallotte is stuck with the famous Sister Farr! Having to tell everybody that it was a possibility really scared me this time and I really didn't want to leave Wendy and Vikki! But truly I am beyond excited to also announce I am staying with Sister Higbee and she gets to help me stay sane for the last 6 weeks of my mission......which is hard to say and never thought it would come to this, but I am making sure these last 6 weeks is not mine but Christ's and that I am just is mouth piece in it all!

This week is really a big blur and so I am going to start from Sunday!

Sunday was great Wendy came and we had a great timer at church! We were able to tell the Ward that we are staying and Bishop Fish was happy to hear it! We had a great talk with, like always and he is just a great Bishop and that any missionaries dream is to have one just like him! We talked about my plans after the mission and he gave me some ideas and things to think about and we talked about our investigators and other people are working with. We were able to make contact or see everyone he has asked us to see which we made sure to do (advice from Dad) and it was great to report. He was excited to hear people we were able to make contact he was afraid wouldn't get us a time of day! After that we had to rush over to Ocean Isle Beach and had lunch with a less active and her husband. It was great food but boy it was filling! We had a great time with her and got to know her more and will  might be given a new missionary opportunity with her daughter coming to live with them for a while! She was so excited to tell us so we can influence her! I just love this women and just love how she loves the gospel! Sunday night I seriously have come to see that God has a sense of humor and I just am not the smartest when it comes to driving in Shallotte. Again I got us into a ditch but this time it was because of the wet muddy ground! Again we used it as a missionary tool and we got it out fine but I don't think I will be trying to turn like that ever again for certain for now on or will rudely just have to make Sister Higbee back me! I got to see how people use chains to get people out of ditches and next time someone needs help at least I will know what to do! hahaha! yeah! Later that night we got to members home lucky we were only 5 minutes late. It was the family we visited awhile back where they were all return missionaries! We talked about the Family mission Plan and how to start and continue to do missionary work. They told us what they have been doing and come to find out one of them since he has a really bad medical condition that deals with a difference in his blood flow in his body he shares the gospel through video games! I thought that was awesome! We talked a lot about mission experiences and they gave us a lot to think about! I kind of ended the night with a little self pity cry and feeling bad and allowing Satan to get to me! But realized that I just got to push and make the best out of this and finish strong and that it is really okay to think about the future and what next months bring, and so forth. I honestly think Sister Higbee was going to shake me into reality or something she was very sweet and listened well! She is amazing and now its like all good but man it was a kind of a rough night for us!

With that being said Saturday was a great day and we had great experience! We had gotten a referral from family in the ward and so we visited them and they let us right in and they loved when we started talking about the Book of Mormon! We left them with it to read till we came back. We didn't get a return appointment. They are older and so they have lots of doctor appointments so they are calling us. We saw Wendy and taught about the story of Esther! she loved it and we watched a video of Courage! Esther definitely showed courage and faith! We ended the night seeing a less active and his family. They were all a big hoot and lets just say I was very much comfortable and was my normal crazy self and it was great we left with a bible scripture and prayer. We were invited to come back! Some day this family will join!

Friday we got to have another great lesson with our other investigator Jeff. Not sure if I used his name yet but we read the talk His Grace is Sufficient and had a member from the Bishopric with us. We knew they would have fun and we were right. They really hit it off and found that they both have had near death experiences. Neither one of them should be alive and One had about 10 shots in his body and still he lived!

We have seen a lot of people this week and sadly we couldn't show it but I have learned that this week! That it better to focus on the people and not the number behind it. Even if it means we are late to another lesson or we simply don't share anything but we show love and that we care! I knew that but recently I have forgotten it! All in all I am so grateful to be staying here in Shallotte! To see where we are now I can;t wait what the next 6 weeks bring! We have had great experience, learned new things, definitely have learned from each other and we have so much that we can do now and the area is really starting to just be amazing! The work is truly being Hastened her in Shallotte and I have never seen so much potential in one area like this before and I am grateful to be able to serve here in this piece of the Lord's Vineyard! I hope you all have a great and Blessed Week and I am sending my love to you from North Carolina!


Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Thursday, June 2, 2016

This is a small report this week but seriously I could say more!

Hey Y'all,

Well what a week! We had a pretty crazy week! Monday we had exchanges with our sister Training leaders and we had fun! I stayed in Shallotte. We found new investigators by tracting! It was a great experience.

Wednesday we had a potluck as a district and we brought Darth Vader Waffles. So good! We had a lesson with Vikki tonight again on Patriarchal blessings. She is getting hers on June 19th and so excited for her! She is just amazing! I just hope to get her to go to the temple next!

Thursday was a good day and we were able to even finish weekly planning go see people except I got the car stuck as we were driving home from trying to contact a former investigator. I got it really stuck. Some of the neighbors came over to help us get it out and they had to jack it up on wood planks and then have me try to back it up from off the wood planks. It was really embarrassing but we got potentials from the experiences and we are going to be visiting them soon. I really do think that God has a sense of humor since He let this happen!

Last week I told you about Wendy our new investigator! She is amazing and we had a great lesson with her and got to meet her mom. We got a text from her asking for us to meet at the pool. She told us some stuff and we got her to come to church! In the last 24 hours we can see just how much the Spirit is working on her and she came to church Sunday without a problem!

Sunday was great! With it being the 5th Sunday we had combined meeting and we, the Ward mission leader, and our favorite ward missionary talked to the members about Family mission plans. We talked about all the success and fun and the gratitude for all their help. Sister Sanchez talked about the fears, and why we do missionary work. The WML talked about everything. He was bold but it was great and so inspired. We weren't nervous and none of the other two said anything they were planning on to say. It was a very Spirit led meeting and so excited to work more with the ward with missionary work! Shallotte is going to be flying this next transfer with so many potential and great experiences I just hope I am here!

This is a small report this week but seriously I could say more! I have so much on my mind! We had interviews with President and Sister James and it was great. They are amazing and Sister James is the sweetest! I cry and she does the hugging! hahaha! I got a blessing from Bishop Fish and had Sister Higbee take notes! I am glad I did. It was full so much! and from everything he said I have so much more to do and my time is getting shorter and I know that God has so much more for me to do! Like get Wendy to the waters of Baptism! Love you all and know that I am thinking of you! Have a great and blessed week!


   Sister Tayler Farr
Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spiritual Drain!


I know what an interesting title for this week letter, but really I feel like every week is so spiritually and emotionally draining! I always look forward to Sundays and Mondays! This week we had a great experience with a Seventy who came to visit the mission! Vikki's baptism was on Saturday and we had great experiences during the week!

I'll start from Sunday this time:

Yesterday was a great day and Vikki got confirmed! She had Bishop Fish baptize her and had about 7 total in her circle which started out to just be 4 including Bishop! I have never seen her smile so big before! She was literally glowing! She was so cute! She is amazing! After Church we had a linger longer/baptism for an 8 yr old girl! We had a lot of food left over after the Fiesta activity so they used it for after the baptism! Vikki came also and I could tell she enjoyed it a lot too with the fact that now she gets to attend another already being baptized! She would turn to me and say that was a good talk I liked that or that's amazing! She is just so great and I love her to death! It has definitely been an experience I never thought I would get to have! I got to truly be a part of the preparing her baptism and having to think of everything! I was so grateful to see how much she has learned and knowing how much potential she has! I can see her being a Relief Society President! Oh man! She is just amazing! We left early from the linger longer to finish stuff before a lesson at 3:30! We were able to have Bishop come with us to see the Parcell's. I'm not sure if I talked about them before but we had gotten a referral from someone in the same neighborhood as them and when we were able to get through the gate we stopped by to see them and she loves us coming! We were hesitant in telling her that Bishop was coming but when we arrived she was so honored to have him in her home! Her husband (nonmember) stayed during the lesson and just listened! We talked about the Atonement and the gospel of Jesus Christ using a visual! (I love using it-and she needed it). It was a great lesson and she is wanting to go to the Temple! She hasn't been to church since before knowing that there was a temple in Raleigh! It was back in the 70's where they only went to Washington DC and that her home town was barely a branch! Now it is a stake! Go figure! She is such a sweet lady and just kept asking us when we could come back! It was a great lesson all the way and Bishop did a great job in answering all her questions! She asked some hard ones! Bishop Fish is the best Bishop I have worked with here in NC!

We had a great experience tracting tonight! We went to see a less active and had a quick dinner with them. We were going to go see another less active but instead drove home to try tracting out our apartment complex! Seriously no body would even let us talk! But oh well! It was starting to get discouraging but we knocked on the last door for the night and a mom and her 5 yr old opened the door! The boy ran out and said "Hi ladies you can come in and play with me." He was the cutest thing ever! We started talking to the mom and we were setting up a time to come back. We were setting up a time but then she just let us come in. They didn't have a couch or really anything in there living room and so we sat on the floor while she sat in camp chair. Now this 5 yr old had some energy and the time he really wanted us to play with him. I tried to play with him to let Sister Higbee talk but he was just to distracting and we could tell the mom (Wendy) was embarrassed so I just went with it and we started talking about how we are all God's children! We asked question that we got I don't know answers to. We asked her "Do you know that you are a child of God? She said no I don't know. It broke me to hear that we explained how we are. I felt impressed to apply this concept to her personally so she can see what we are saying. I use her being a mom and she completely opened up. Told us a lot of things and that she doesn't get support from a lot of people. She is living with her Mom. She is just a sad lady. Had decided Today to quite smoking to be healthier and to be able to save money. I truly know that we meant to see her tonight and this lesson with her was very much spirit directed and I was able to help with it. I told  her that now we will be a support group and we can help her get back to church and see what is in store for her. I told her that the church is a support system and a big family! My heart just ached for her and I felt so bad and I know God let me see her the way he sees her! I have a love for her already that I just want to give her something to keep her going! To realize all of this was seriously a spiritual drain!

Saturday= Baptism Day! We were pretty busy and it was interesting to try to get the font on! It leaks even when you have water in! But it worked fine we thought we might have to use a plastic bag. We got it fine! Vikki's baptism was great and we had a lot of people come. We got to meet her family and her husband really liked it! The talks were great and Vikki was glowing! When she was baptized she was just smiling so big and just cried. She was laughing and just was amazing! It's crazy to think that all of it is over now but thankfully nothing went wrong! Oh I love this woman!!!!! After we had about an hour before we had to be home so we went to go see a potential who we had tracted into. Not sure I said anything about him earlier but he is a single man and lives by himself in a big home and at first talked to us just fine but once he found out we were Mormons he got kind of defensive. We left the first time on good terms and so when we stopped by he was glad to see us. He is ready and I know he has been prepared but he may take a while. We hope to fellowship him with our Ward mission Leader! It was great we learned he likes Poetry and romantic movies. hahaha.

Thursday we had Zone Conference and I got to go back to Fayetteville! Never thought I would miss Fayettenam! It was great to be with the Southern Zone of which all I have been in now! Elder Zwick came and we had a great conference. It's amazing just how much the leaders of the church know what's going on in the world. I am proud to say he wants to tell the quorum of the 12 that we are a very impressive group of missionaries. He says he will report only good things! He talked a lot about new ways to teach and Sister Higbee and I have used it already and it truly helps us better present our purpose and being able to share a strong testimony. It's called Teach Testify or I call it Teach and Testify from the Heart! Elder Zwick talked a lot about obedience and why we are to be obedient. It's not that we are expected to be but that we should want to! President talked about setting goals and I felt that was a call to repentance for me. I may be setting goals but do I really need to work on them or are there better ones that make me stretch and improve! It was literally I felt for me! Sister Zwick talked about praying and that I know I need to be better at. Not doing it more but more of letting the spirit direct. I was so tired at the end I was grateful that I wasn't driving back from Fayetteville. It is amazing just how much I got out of this Conference! I love these meetings..... I never thought I would say that!

I have so much I could talk about but I wanted to leave with a testimony today! I love this work and I love the companionship of the Spirit and just how I feel as I do this work here in North Carolina! I have learned so much and honestly what haven't I learned! Anyone who asks better be prepared for a long list! I love just how I feel at the end the day, even and especially on the hard days! I truly love this Gospel and I know it's true! The more I live it and try to learn it the more I am love it and know that it is what I need! I have learned so much about the plan God has for us and also the individual plan he has for me personally! I may not know what it is but I know the plan he has for me as a missionary. Whatever I do know about anything that makes a testimony is the faith we need to trust that everything will be okay! No matter the hardships, the unknown, the times when we feel incapable. We really are incapable of so much but Christ fixes that for us all, personally and lovingly. This is the Gospel of Hope and love and those who say otherwise better wait cause something will always come to teach us! We may feel lonely but from the story of the footsteps in the sand he is really there the whole time and times carries us when we don't realize it! I love my Savior and I love this work and I love North Carolina and I especially love the South of where there Faith is grounded but they loosen it enough to see and receive what is truly better! Love you all and I hope and know you will be blessed and looked after! Have a blessed week!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, May 20, 2016

Another great week and another great week!

Hey Y'all,

Another week gone and by I feel like this week went by fast! Nothing like talking to family though to top off a good week! We got a lot done this week and truly after doing Shot Gunning for the third time I am starting to see the third week of the transfer starts to get it going! We have great week ahead of us! Lots planned, great appointments set and Zone Conference with Elder Zwick coming from the missionary board and a baptism! So excited for this week!

Our Spanish Recent Convert made me this Scripture
Case himself! Shows his love for His Savior!
Last week had our first Spanish lesson with our recent convert! Oh did I ever mention that he only speaks Spanish! We have a translator but they brought another friend who is not a member and so honestly it was probably the worst lesson I have ever taught! WE didn't have Spanish pamphlets, barely able to find a Spanish Book of Mormon and luckily the video worked watching The Restoration went well! I was honestly to nervous to be teaching well enough to have the spirit but while watching the movie in Spanish of course and feeling the spirit I was then able to be more comfortable and I even could understand what some of the things they were saying! At the end when we were talking about the Book of Mormon I was able to understand a little of the Spanish they were saying! Talking about Gift of Tongues! It was a great ending and we didn't completely scare away the friend!

Tuesday we had a lesson with our Investigator Jeff and our Ward Mission Leader! It was amazing and I just love going out with our WML! He is amazing! We talked about the Atonement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We used a visual. He loved it and even our WML invited him to baptism and church! He gives such great answers he just needs to get baptized but first come to church!

Wednesday we had a great Zone Training and I gave my first thought at any Zone Training on my mission thus far and so that made me nervous! You would have laughed seeing me shake so bad! Of course I was fine and a lot of people in there instruction quoted what I had said and I knew what I had prepared was by the spirit! It was a great training and I am so excited for this week to get to see President James and excited to see someone visit the mission! Which means a very emotional, mentally, and spiritually exhausting meeting but none the less amazing!

I have turned into one crazy tracting machine! Now the idea of doing it doesn't scare me (credit goes to President James). We got to go back to contact some people we tracted into and one so far has become a new investigator. He didn't except the Book of Mormon yet but we are seeing him tonight to teach him about the Restoration! We also saw a Less active that Sisters used to see quite regularly about a year ago but she hadn't been contacted or seen for a while! She loves missionaries and is sick but she has a strong testimony nevertheless! It is quite a testimony builder when members who aren't allows able to make it to church still show the love they have for the church and the Gospel!

The Best Mission mama ever-Mama Ang!
Friday was a great day of tender mercies! We got to have lunch with a sister in the ward at Golden Corral and I found one of the best Banana Pudding I have had here! (anyone have a good one they would like to share with me?). We then worked on Vikki's baptism program and it took a little to long because we spent 2 hours just on the typing of it. I could tell I hadn't been in school for a while. haha. Sister Higbee had a girl she taught in Pembroke and we got permission to go. WE got a great member to take us! It was great to see the members and Mama Ang again and it was weird. Some of them thought that I was visiting from so that was difficult. But I love Pembroke and I miss the accent!!!!! I love my Lumbee's!

Vikki and I!
Saturday we had a lesson with Vikki going over the Baptism interview questions before we have her interview tomorrow! We wanted her to feel less nervous so we thought just going over the questions and playing the Plan of Salvation Board Game Sister Higbee made would do just that! Sure enough it did and it was a lot of fun with her! She definitely is ready for baptism and has learned so much so quickly! She just amazes me everyday! We then went to see some Less actives in Shallotte. We found lots of potentials, lots of them had moved so it was wonderful to get to meet the new owners who let us come back! We also experienced the first yard sale in an apartment complex and that was weird, but honestly you can find anything in NC! Didn't find much of a bargain but did find a possible new investigator who Virginia missionaries will be getting soon probably. She is moving soon but we see her again tomorrow night!

Sunday was great! Sister Higbee was asked to play in Sacrament! She is a very talented women! I got to sing in the choir and it was fun to sing with such a small choir with a small congregation. Not many nerves but amazing spirit. We sang the Spirit of God! It was a great performance and we had great speakers. The WML always does a good job teaching gospel Principles and Relief Society.  That night we had dinner with a family who we hadn't really met. As we talked I come to find out that they are related to someone! Sister Kim Asay!!! Small world! Kim had told me to look for them or that her family lives here but it took me a while to realize that her maiden name is Skipper and I couldn't connect it! Literally I thought that her cousin looked familiar but really I was looking at Sister Asay!!!! This is like the 5th time I have met someone on my mission that I or someone I know knows someone else! The Mormon world is quite small!

Building our Mesa Temple!
Playing in the Sand!
Today we got to have a district activity and we went to the beach, visited a gift shop and ate some seafood for lunch! It was lots of fun and we even got one of the senior couples to come which we got out of having to drive our car! We went to probably the biggest gift shop I have ever been to and got some great bargains! It was so fun to get to be by the beach too! We had a sand Temple building contest! It was fun! Sister Higbee and I built the Mesa Arizona temple thinking it was the easiest to make! We played with a Frisbee and just had a great time walking in the sand! It was hard not swimming and getting completely wet but enough to feel the great ocean water!

Sister Hyde and I at the Beach
chillin' in the sun!
The Southport District Clan!
Another great week and another great week! So excited for this coming week! I feel like each week I get more and more excited to see what will happen! This week with Vikki's baptism it makes it all better and more exciting! I will send Pictures! Love you all and God Bless! :)

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, May 14, 2016

You shall be tried!

Hey Y'all,

Happy Mother's Day Y'all! It was great to see family over Skype yesterday and so nice to get to meet my Sister to for the first time!

Nothing like a nice cool Preparation day morning to have studies and fun at the beach! We had a great time getting to study the gospel and listening to the waves! Nothing better for the first time to Ocean Isle beach!

This week I have learned just how amazing it is to have a strong testimony! We went to go see some members on our roster that no one knew and we went to an older couple! She quickly let us in! We had a great talk for a while then she brought in the fact that she had read this book! I don't remember what it is called and glad that I don't! We could feel the spirit but once she started talking about the book it was gone! She told us it was saying all these terrible things Brigham Young and Joseph Smith did! It never made sense. She kept saying "I know there human and they make mistakes but if they were doing so much bad why would God who is perfect let them still be the prophet of the church! She also didn't like the idea of how we say in the church we will one day become Gods and Goddesses. It was hard to explain that we will never be over God he will always be our father but we will become perfect over time and we then can be God's! All in all she still said that she has a testimony she just needs to work things out! I noticed that in all of this I saw that there must be something missing and we talked to our Bishop and he helped us understand more and it actually make sense! I truly know that I have a testimony and its strong enough where literally I was able to laugh in Satan's face and say nice try! It's amazing to see how much my testimony has grown! I may not have been able to be okay and foundated on the gospel about 2 years ago. I have had a lot of experiences and doubt but my personal foundation and testimony is rooted to far deep to be pulled by the adversary! I just hope I can help others get to where I am now! I am grateful for the lessons God has given me so that when this time came I wouldn't be shaken! Truly was a tender mercy and I hope I never will forget it!

We had a lot great other lessons and more with our investigators! Last week we found a lady tracting and we taught her on Tuesday again but taught the Restoration! We invited our WML! He was great and we are so glad we had him come! Her husband came half way and he started talking with him and getting comfortable with us! We are hoping that they come to our ward Fiesta night so we can give them a church tour. Petra (investigator) was so involved with the lesson we couldn't get through the whole lesson! She loved it when we gave her the Book of Mormon! I have never seen someone so excited than she getting it before! She flipped through it as though we gave her a book that is the most precious thing ever that gives answers and everything she needs in life but now I'm thinking it really is that book! Our Ward mission leader left with his testimony and it was a amazing! We know it was spirit that led us to invite him! We hope to start teaching the husband too!

Now Thursday was crazy we went to a less active families of 5 and found 4 of them are returned missionaries! Probably the most intimidating lesson with members ever! We taught them the restoration using the cups and boy it was rough for me! But so amazing to hear all of the testimony and how they really want to be to church and serve more but their health makes it hard! They have some disorder that causes them to pass out if they stand up or sit down to fast! The husband said he barely finished his mission!

Our one investigator is awesome! She is doing so well! Her baptism is made for the 21st! She is so ready I feel like we are holding her back! She seriously is soaking up everything we are teaching her like a sponge and is asking so many great questions! She even started doing her family history so she can take names to the temple after her baptism! We were going to go to the Family History center at the church with the consultant and help her set it up but she did herself! She is amazing and it is such an amazing experience to see the drive she has for the gospel!

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! Remember I love y'all and am praying for you! Have a blessed week and always be looking for those missionary opportunities! :)

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Monday, May 2, 2016

"Where the Heck is Shallotte,NC?"

Hey Y'all,

So yes again I am transferred but that's okay! I am by the beach! It's great but the weather here is bad! When it rains it gets really humid and the bugs come out like crazy!!!!

I already love it here! We have a great district and have two senior couple missionaries that are in our district! We are the only sisters but that's nothing new! My new companion is Sister Higbee! She is also from Colorado and is actually from Colorado Springs! We are pretty sure we have seen each other before but never met! Small World! She went to Liberty High School!

Tuesday while Sister Ibarra and I were driving to transfers we got a call from the Zone Leaders and they said I was going to Shallotte! I kind of thought I would because Sister Ibarra just left from there and I was really the only one who didn't know where I was going. The drive to Shallotte was a good 3 hours. It was long but we got to know each other pretty good to pass the time. Wednesday we mostly just tried to go to every part of the area to learn it as fast I could. This is my third time white washing or what president calls it Shot gun!

Thursday we met our investigator and she is amazing! She is so elect and you really find here each time you tract! Vicky was taught by the past sisters. We taught her about scripture study, and keeping the Sabbath day holy. She just soaks up everything and just loves everything and has great questions. You can really see that she wants it!

Saturday we had lunch with Vicky and got to teach her about temples, and family history, she asked about tithing and fast offerings, and so we taught all of it. She again just soaked it up. it was her birthday and so it was great to spend that time with her! We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and it was amazing. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am really starting to love it! I was glad it was a buffet! We went tracting and had a lesson on the restoration with someone who just let us in, but didn't want us to come back. We finished tracting the street and one of the ladies wasn't open but I just got her talking about her family. We told her we were new and if she had any recommendation for somewhere fun to spend our Mondays. It ended with her telling us if we ever needed a ride to come get her. We didn't ask for her number but said goodbye. We tracted one more house and walked to the car but before we could leave she came out of her house and gave us her number. It was amazing! Never have I ever experienced that! It was nice to see that just being personable she opened up to us!

Sunday we got to teach Relief Society and met a lot of the members. Since we are so close to the beach a lot of the members are older and retired! They are so sweet and really love working with us. We knew a lot about Vicky from the members before we even met her! We had great testimonies shared! We even had a Recent Convert share his testimony from back in December. He only speaks Spanish and so someone who spoke Spanish translated for us. It was amazing! I wish I could speak Spanish better! (Jonathon send me some phrases to start a conversation with him!). We are supposed to be teaching him the new member lessons but we have to get a translator to help us! Lame! Again we decided to use our evening hours to tract and see Less actives and the members but we had a hard time finding addresses. It had been raining all day and it was kind of miserable but we did find someone who just loved talking with us! We got a new investigator who literally said that she knows that we have the fullness of the gospel and she was so grateful that we could come back! We were getting eaten by all the bugs! She didn't want us to leave but felt bad that we were getting eaten! Tender Mercies when you realize God directs you to people who are prepared! She loved the scripture we shared (Helaman 5:12) and is excited to learn more!

We had a great first week here in Shallotte and with it being such a big area and we are the only ones serving we have a lot of work for us to do! The ward is great and the Bishop is probably the best I have ever worked with! He wants us to come to him with every problem about us the ward, and even our personal selves, and even testimonies! He is so spirit lead and is definitely someone I will be staying in touch with and someone who I look up too! I love Shallotte! I love this work and I love my Savior! I hope you all have a great week and can see the wonderful blessings the Lord has to give you each and every day! Love you all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Food Poisoning and a whole lot of Crazy!

Hey Y'all,

SO like with my title we got Food Poisoning from a member! I felt bad after but we ate but didn't think of anything either but then we started having symptoms of it and then we knew when we just had bad stomach pains! So this week was kind of all mixed up! But we still got to do a lot! Being sick as a missionary is the worst! Not getting to eat food though was hard! Today and yesterday was like the first day we have been able to eat solid foods.

Monday we had a great Preparation Day! We were going to try to get some souvenirs but the stores weren't the best and all the good ones were not in the zone or area. That night we had dinner with the Stake President and his family and he gave us a lot of people to see. We tried to see a  lot of them after dinner. we tried one Less active who wasn't home but we got to talk with the neighbor. They are great at first it was kind of hard to teach them since they didn't really understand what we said but when we showed them the Book of Mormon and started testifying you could see their faces light up.

Tuesday was a great day! We had an appointment set up with a lady who's husband is a deacon in there church but they don't go anymore because of the people. We were really nervous but she really loved it! Her husband pretty much told us to not teach him and he is good where he is, but his wife was just so willing to listen! We started with a scripture in the bible that talked about the kingdom of glory. We were going to teach the restoration so when she pulled out the scripture I was kind of scared, but we got to explain it to her a little and then went into the restoration. We got all the way to the First Vision and she didn't really understand it but we told about the Book of Mormon and we opened it and read a scripture she just started crying and said I get it I understand it! She told us she has had a hard time understanding the bible and was excited to be able to study with us to help her but that she loved that she read it and didn't need us to help her understand. It was amazing and I remembered what Elder Dube from the Seventy said when he came to visit our mission. " Never give away a closed Book Of Mormon" She loved that we told her she could have it! It was such a great lesson and so glad to know that just being simple and sharing what you love is all that is required but God will give us the words that they need to hear. When we read 1 Corinthians 15:40 first I was so confused and was scared as to what would happen but started with it helped her be comfortable with us.

Wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. We have been given new training on starting to get the members more involved with the work to get referrals and to help do Family Mission Plan and so we got to practice! We practiced teaching the Restoration and then introducing the mission plan to them! It was good and not the best but so glad that it was just practice! I never thought I would ever say this but Role Plays are the best and help so much so the real thing doesn't crash and burn! But I had a feeling that this would really be my last district meeting here and yes it is going to be!

The rest of the week was kind of shot since we got food poisoning but really being sick is the worst and I was glad to get out when we taught a new member lesson with a recent convert with a ward missionary. Sunday was great but from the week not eating a lot got to us. All though church I had a terrible headache and I knew that it was finally getting to me. Thankfully I didn't to dehydrated!

So like I said I am getting transferred again! I don't know where but tomorrow I will find out! I also found out that one of my past companion's were going home and Sister Bingham is too she is just too sick and needed to figure out what was wrong! So till tomorrow I am with one of my past companions Sister Ibarra till then and it is great to see each other! I know that I am so close to all my companions and it is amazing! Some other missionaries think I'm crazy but really I think I needed them more than I thought and I gave them what they needed! I am bummed that two of my companions went home and I wish I could have helped but thy both knew it was time and they got answers that it was right! I love knowing that God has the power to make things like that happen and once you know you know! This week was one of those hard one but I had a lot of time to study and really learn how to receive and ask for things we need and to recognize prompting and revelation! I always remember telling my Mission prep teacher (Aunt Lori) that I wanted to learn that on my mission! Its better but I still have to learn hoe I receive it best! But I know God is mindful and is ready to teach me and tell me what I need but sometimes I already know and I just need to do what I need too! I have learned a lot of personal worth and know that I am strong to be here as long as I have been and as much as the small time I have left I can do so much!

I hope you all have a great week and I wanted to share D&C 6-9 They are great section on receiving revelation all given to Oliver Cowdery, but it helps you understand how God gives it to us! I hope you all are well and safe! next week I will let you k now where I am! Love You all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Week 6 = Roller Coaster + Baptism!

Hey Y'all,

So what a great week it has been! It started out kind of rocky but finished with a great ending! I'm gonna change things a bit starting with Sunday!

Sunday we had a Mission President Fireside! It was hosted in one of the members from Hope Mills 1st ward and we got 3 of the less actives we invited to come. We were hoping to get some investigators but we had a good show up from others areas in the Zone! President and Sister James came and they both shared a little thought then we all introduced ourselves and went around to everyone who wasn't a missionary and talk why they came. I wasn't expecting to have one of the families to get up and talk but they both did and shared there story of coming back to activity and shred beautiful testimonies! It was great to be a part of and the spirit was so strong! We had a lot of Recent Converts come! I have been trying to be able to come to one my whole  mission and so glad I got the chance! It was great to talk with President about Hope Mills and he was so excited to hear the success and work we are doing here! Scared now  to know what Saturdays Transfers news may bring!

Saturday was amazing! We had a lesson cancel but we got the senior missionary couple to come with us! We had a great lesson at a Bible referrals door following up on the Family proclamation and started teaching the Plan of Salvation! We taught her in her porch and got a return appointment for this Saturday! She is so amazing and is a great women! Loves her family and loves it that we told her that families are very important to God! Which is why I think she is letting us come back!

After the lesson we drove down to Dunn for Emily's Baptism!!!!! It was amazing and was glad to be there for her! Sister Beard looked happy to and so glad to be able to see her and all of my Dunn family! We got to practice for our song to sing for Emily "If the Savior Stood beside me" I told her I sang the song at a couple of baptisms and she wanted us to sing it at hers. It went well although I still have a cough with a stuffy nose but I had prayed so hard all day that it would be fine through the song! No cough or stuffy nose for this girl singing One of the best songs ever! I had gotten a hard copy of the Boom of Mormon and was able to keep the tradition of everyone who attended to write in it but this time I had everyone mark there favorite scripture! Emily loved it and it was great to give her my testimony of it! I got to help her as she was being baptized and waited on the stairs from the font to give her a towel and hep her get ready! I have never cried so hard at a baptism I think! Emily said the day started out bad but by the end of the day so felt so good! Satan was over powered by a desiring soul to do what she needed for herself! It was great to finally met her boyfriend who had gotten all of her journey started! Truly it was the best day ever to witness on my mission and to know that I helped bring a soul to God!

Friday we went on exchanges and I can say I survived my first time on my own in Hope Mills and it was great to finally make contact and met our investigator! It has taken this long to finally met an investigator who was refereed by a less active that the previous sisters taught! She has such much questions and so much potential. Grateful to be able to teach her!

The week itself wasn't the best as we would have hoped! A lot of our appointment canceled.... of course but we did get to accomplish a lot.

We went to Wilmington for our Zone Conference! It was combined with 2 other Zones and was amazing! I can say that I have been to Wilmington now! I saw lots of missionary friends and past companions! We had a great conference! We saw a lot of the successes that we are doing in the mission and President talked about how we can move to the mission further and do it through getting the members on board with us! We didn't do roll plays sadly but we had great discussions and a lot of instruction on planning! Grateful to know how important it is! After lunch we went to the botanical garden for the afternoon! We got to walk around for 3 hours just hanging! If I will say anything about it I'd say that if we would have an idea what the Garden of Eden looked like I'd say it may be close! Lots of fun pictures and fun with a lot of missionaries and President and Sister James! I love this mission! We had exiting testimonies and a lot of them I have served with! Someone told me just wait the next Zone Conference it will be your turn! Yeah the ones sharing there testimonies go home the Transfer before me! I was kind of a mess after that comment! Crazy how fast time is going!

Monday we had a another great Zone activity playing football, zombie ball, and duck duck goose! Yes we grown adults played that game! It was really funny! I love this Zone and have made some long lasting friends for sure! I like the fact that I don;t play like a girl to much!

A lot has happened this transfer and so much I wish I could share but I love this work and I was able to get a blessing from my Mission President to help me push strong to the end! I have seen the importance of prayer this week and what it really means to ask for the help we need from the source who can give to us! I love the amazing feeling that comes from the Holy Ghost when I can feel the love from  my Heavenly Father and know that I am where I need to be! I have a lot to do and am so excited to get busy! I love you all and love all the support for no missionary can do this work with out help especially from Jesus Christ but from their family too! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, April 15, 2016

True Fruits of our Labors......Even if you get sick!

Hey Y'all,

So we really kicked butt this week and truly saw all the work we did at the beginning of getting here not knowing where to even start and was able to get so much done! I hate all the hours of planning it consumes but in the end so grateful to what it come to be!

Monday was...... well interesting. We got played volleyball as a district in Lumberton! It was way fun and I honestly never knew I was so competitive! We saw Rosemarie with the senior couples and taught her the Restoration! It was great and she is quickly quitting smoking and wants to be baptized so much!

Tuesday we got to go to a members home to teach her friend and we taught the Plan of Salvation! She is Baptist! She is so smart and asked really good questions. Some were hard to answer but it was fine since we could feel the spirit and it definitely guided the discussion! We then went tracting in a small trailer park. I did lots of the talking since Sister Bingham still didn't have her voice but we got to one trailer and I just froze and said "the stupid not way we will get in approach" and said Hello we are the missionaries from the ______ and we are sharing a messages about Jesus Christ would you be interested. Normally everybody says yep I know him and slam the door but she let us right in. We taught her the Plan of salvation/ Restoration and her two little girls were so cute!

Thursday was a busy day and the craziest as I woke up with a bad cold. We had 7 lessons planned and 5 were a success! We got to teach Rosemarie the Word of Wisdom and she loved it and understood. She is doing so good and I love her! She is one funny lady! We went to see another investigator we got last week and he was at the hospital and so we taught his wife and she really knows her Bible. We had the bishop's wife with us and she gave such a strong testimony. The wife loved the part of Joseph Smith and it took a lot of explaining about the Book of Mormon doesn't replace the Bible but they go together!

Friday we got another great lesson with a member where we got to see some of the 4 teenagers that we found awhile back at a trailer park (celestial trailer park) and they had all kinds of questions again and we had probably about 8 kids listening in. We taught mainly about faith and the Holy Ghost! We tried to help them understand the reason for the faith so the Holy Ghost can even do his job. One of the girls wanted proof and tried asking us to tell her to tell us that we know that this church is true not by faith but my sure and not for our families but truly for ourselves. At first I hesitated and I think I doubted but I saw it different than I had before! I remember the experiences I have had to testify and never doubted. Have people tell me I'm wrong and how much it bothered me afterward! Why would I love something then to in the end just say no! I said proudly to this 19 year old girl! Heck Yes! YES! No denying and no hesitating !!!!!!

Saturday we went to Holly Springs to where Sister Bingham served last to attend a baptism and man my companion is truly such a great missionary I love her and she is a great example to me! She has so much love for those she teaches! We had a great time and I can't wait to go to Emily's on Saturday!

Well sorry this week I lost time! I hope you all have a great week! Continue looking for the light of Christ and all the blessing you receive they are truly everywhere!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, April 8, 2016

My Crazy and Also Amazing Week!

Hey Y'all,

This week was a little longer as Sister Bingham got the flu and was miserable for a good 4 days! We got lots done but I am ready to see more Sun and be able to teach some more.

Monday we had plans to have a fun shopping day but ended up spending about 4 1/2 hours in firestone getting our car fixed which we thought would only be a tire but it was worse than we thought. Who knows that maybe our off roading did more damage than expected! I wanted to go crazy! It was hard not to watch the TV and listen to it. We did however find out that a man escaped from prison with a toothbrush! Craziness in the world is happening!

Wednesday Sister Bingham got worse and so we missed District meeting. It was weird but glad that I got time to study more and let her rest. I did however get a couple of exchanges where I could go see people and someone stayed with Sister Bingham. It was weird to be the only one in a name tag and it has been awhile since I did splits like this but it was great to see that I can be a missionary even without my partner in crime.

Friday was a great day! We got to go to the Temple and it was amazing! I loved the feeling and the peace that is there! While we were waiting for the session to start. I was talking with the lady next to me and found out that she is from Virginia and she served in Thailand. We talked about the new temple in Thailand and different temples. I was hoping to get time to sit and ponder but I was glad I opened my mouth and talked with her as we talked about her mission and about returning home and how to continue to serve. It was great and the whole time I felt this peaceful feeling that as much as people keep telling me the end is near I will not stop being a missionary and that everyone is a missionary. It was fun to see if she even knew our last mission president and uncle Bruce! Not sure if she knows either but really it is just a small world in the Mormon world! I seem to notice that more and more! After the session I was reading Alma 30 which I was pretty sure was the same chapter I had opened to read last time we were there. My eye got the part of "Choose ye this day whom you will serve." Choose to serve God will all your heart." I knew it was what I needed. It was a great experience and it made me even more excited the fact that in just 3 months I will be back in the temple to see my brother go through it with Jessica! Such a beautiful blessing the temple is to us all! I love to see the temple! After we got our Zone picture we had lunch and went into the chapel and the temple President  and his wife came and talked to us and he answered some of our questions. It was great as we did it also 6 months ago but I can see how much I have grown as the questions that were asked I knew a little more of. I never thought my mission and the temple would help me intellectually as it has!

Saturday was a great day! We spent most of our morning trying to figure out where to watch conference after finding out Sister Bingham had a sins infection and wasn't sure it would be a good idea to go to a members house with all our germs. We tried to watch it with our Senior missionary neighbors, but they were going to someone's house already! We ended up getting permission to watch it on their tablet in our car at our apartment complex! We seriously felt funny with the idea but it worked and it was great. The talks were great and I really loved President Eyring's talk on testimony and how we can obtain them. I felt the spirit to know that when I am in doubt of my testimony I can always count on the Spirit to help me again and again.  Our 12 year old neighbor thought it was pretty funny too! He actually came to our place 11 times before the afternoon session to talk with us. He came one time his bible and laptop asking us questions so he can go do what we do door to door! It was so funny and the next time he came as we went next door we found he had gotten his hair colored pink and purple! I love the south! :)

Sunday was a great and wonderful day as we watched General Conference at a Less active families. They had made it very nice with tons of food and great comfort as we watched Conference! The entire time we were waiting to hopefully hear Elder Holland and so glad to have heard him talk which was my favorite! I am sometimes afraid of tomorrow because I may not want today to end! But sometimes we need tomorrow to come so we can continue to learn. It reminded me of my brain injury and how every new day as I dealt with it and school I needed those tomorrow so could to the day where I saw it more as a need in my life and not as a terrible struggle but a way to strengthen me.

This was my crazy and also amazing week and I hope you all enjoyed conference too! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Celestial Trailer Park!

Hey Y'all,

So lots happened this week and not sure I have a lot of time to share all of it! So I want to share all the big highlights from this week! First of all it was Easter yesterday and it was amazing! I even took the time during the sacrament to read about the resurrection in John 20 and I have never felt such a spirit during the sacrament like I did yesterday it was amazing! Lots of great lessons and with both wards it was extra special. Sister Bingham even got called Saturday night and gave a talk on the resurrection. She did great with even last minute being ask to do it! We had a lesson on Ponderizing in Relief Society and it was great to remember how important it is to have a scripture continually in our hearts. It made me very excited for conference this weekend! We had dinner with a great family who is from Colorado and their son in law used to know my cousins. I have seen the Mormon world to be very small! We shared a lesson on the life of Christ using different scriptures and objects to tell the story (Great job mom and family). It was a big hit and the spirit was so strong!

If I had to share a favorite day of the week it would be Friday we found 5 new investigators 4 of them were teenage kids. We went to a trailer park that was very nice. Had a gate, pool, hot tube, playground, and it had a very safe feeling. We plan to go tract it the next time we come teach them. But we had a Bible referral of someone in there and as we left after teaching them a little we saw 4 teenagers together down the street who were talking loud enough for us to know they were talking about us. We had an extra sister with us today while her companion was in Raleigh for a leadership meeting. Sister Bingham looked at them and kind of jokingly called them out on the fact we knew they were talking about us.  They called us over and just starting asking us tons and tons of questions starting with are you Jehovah Witnesses? and one asked is there life after death? Why to you have a Mormon Bible? do you read the Bible? they asked a lot and we tried to answer everything. They asked about missionary life too and we just told them what we could gave them all Book of Mormon's and a restoration pamphlet and will be seeing them Wednesday. Now I wish we had just talked to them before they called us over. They we prepared. They even told us they knew something was different about us which was why they didn't know which church we were from. It was a great experience and was great to see people so young asking such big questions about life. I was grateful to know we had all the answers and didn't have to say. Sorry I'm not sure or sorry I don't have an answer to that one!

Really I have noticed that between Sister Bingham and I it is never a boring moment and we always have something to laugh about.

We have lots to do this week and we are starting to see a lot of great things going for us! I feel like we never have enough time and I am so tired by the time we go to bed but I love the work we are doing! It will be a great week this week and we are going to the temple Friday and then we have General Conference! Sister Bingham brought up the fact that it will be the last one on our missions and I am kind of sad about that but I am grateful for the fact that we get to spend time with the members and get to know them more. We get to have shrimp Broil on Saturday! You can only get that a certain way in the South! So excited! I hope you all are able to prepare to receive the message you need to personal for all of you! love you all!

Love Sister Tayler Farr

P.S.   Remember to always keep your chin upo and "believe in good things to come" (Elder Holland!)


Sister Tayler Farr

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Adventures of Sister Bingham & Sister Farr in Hope Mills!

Hey Y'all,

So a lot happened but we had so much fun this week! We got to go off-roading which led to someone's farm then through someone's front yard as we tried following my GPS. North Carolina has crazy address systems. We finally have gotten some of an idea of the area but still don't know how to tell our new investigators which ward they are in. We really need to make a map soon!

Monday we had a great P-Day. We got together with our Zone and played lots of outdoor games in the first really hot day of the year! We played Ultimate Frisbee with a football. I thought I was going to go crazy when Elders wouldn't throw me the ball but I showed them when we played kickball and I was able to catch a ball as it basically flew into my face! Never again will I stand close to the pitcher spot, all of the balls kicked by Elders go in that direction! :) We played missionary version of Football too where only sisters can touch sisters and Elders only Elders. I am proud to say I got our team some great touch downs as some of the sisters would forget about me and so I was not covered. I have never ran so hard in my life. I was sore all week! I would make my brothers proud!

Tuesday we had a very interesting day and nothing we planned went well. Every appointment canceled and somehow we met our neighbors son and started talking to him. He was going to be outside till his mom came home so we offered him some water and we found ourselves sharing the Book of Mormon with him. We taught him outside on the grass. It was so great and he is so funny! He is a very interesting kid. He doesn't like his moms church cause there's no yelling and crazy loud music. We told him about our sacrament meeting and he just said "Oh!" This little black kid has won my heart and he is just so funny! He always comes over to say hi and ask for us to help him with his door to get it to lock. We gave our car to the Elders so they could go met with President James while their car was being fixed not realizing that we had a dentist appointment for Sister Bingham and that we had a lesson to go to. We got a rides but when we were going to come home we found out our ride cancelled and we didn't want her to feel bad and said that the Elders we already back so we started walking home and got the Elders to pick us up. We got maybe half a mile and found a forest and found a stray dog. As crazy as we are we decided to try to get him. We got cut and scraps and I was thinking we might find snakes! We finally gave up but a lady was not happy with us when she saw us. But oh well! it was a memory. We laughed about it later. Yeah we were being pretty dumb.

Wednesday we had a great district meeting about baptisms and trying to always bring baptism into our teaching and even in a door contact. We tried it that night as we went to try some potentials. There was this one house that we tried and they listened mostly but we left empty handed. We went to the next one and as we got closer to the door a car pulled behind us. We noticed that as he got out he was wearing a probation bullet proof vest and said sorry I will only be a moment. He was a probation cop and so we took that as don't go to this door and moved to the next one. It was scary but funny and glad to see that God was protecting us. We did talk to one guy who we talked about our purpose in life and we got to apply what we learned in district meeting and we told him that the Holy Ghost is that guide to help you know what to do. At first he was trying to get us to leave but we talked about the spirit world and he listened but still we left without a possible return appointment. I have seen a big improvement with how I tract but it is hard when people still reject when you see they love what they hear or feel the spirit and still say no.

On Thursday we were able to get a new investigator who was a Bible referral. We talked with her on her porch and when we started talking about her job she let us in. She works with the foster system. She is great and loves serving. She told us her son had died and wants to know he is happy and safe. She knows he watches over her. We started teaching about the Plan of Salvation and we felt the spirit so strongly and she had tears coming down her face. We got a return appointment and we are so excited. After though is what struck me. We said goodbye and left and once we got on the road trying to get home on time. Sister Bingham pulls over and says we should pray. she offered it and gave a wonderful gratitude prayer. I haven't done that in a while and it was a great reminder that we need to be grateful and show God we notice he is mindful and is guiding us to those who need us.

Friday we also found a new investigator. We were driving to find potential and referrals and as we came around a corner we saw a woman in her electric wheelchair with her dog. We decided to stop and talk with her. We told her we just wanted to come to say hi and meet her. She was so sweet and started to cry. she was so grateful that we would just stop to say hi. She then asked who are girls? We told her we were representatives and we are missionaries for our church and started to teach her the restoration. She loved it and she told us she knew we must be followers of Christ. We are also seeing her again this week.

Sunday was crazy as always. We gave talks in 2nd ward and taught gospel principles in 1st and also co-taught in young women. We had an investigator come who we didn't know who was and we had dropped. She kind of ignored us but we were glad to see her. She is a hard one but she will join because of her member friends someday!

I am sure I could share a lot more of this week to show the many adventures we have here in Hope Mills and in doing the work of the Lord but really its so nice to see that we can have fun in doing what we love and what is so hard sometimes! I hope you all have a great week! I wanted to socially congratulate Jonathon and my new Sister Jessica! I can barely wait for July and I am so glad that I will be able to be there! Its great to  know this plan of happiness and know that they can be together forever! I will finally get a sister! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Welcome to Hope Mills Sister Farr! Hold on for the bumpy Ride!!!!

Hey Y'all,

Hello everyone! So by my title you are probably wondering what happened or oh no! There is no cause for alarm just trying to show the best way of how stressful this first week in Hope Mills has been! So like I said last week I am in Hope Mills with one of the MTC companions and we are both new to the area, we are covering two wards and we have no idea what is going on!!!! Yes! It was a very stressful week lots of hours looking at papers with lots of name from the wards and not a lot of connecting with faces. I have never been more grateful for members when we come for dinner and they write down people in the ward who would be good to take out with us, people to contact and not to contact, and other information about the ward!

Tuesday was a hard day for me as we had to say good bye to Dunn and say goodbye to Emily! We had breakfast with her that morning. We had our car that was going to help us get all our stuff to transfers cancel and so we got all our stuff into our car and Emily's. It was hard but we did it! We had ice cream at Sunny Skies which is a very famous place here in North Carolina. It like Farr's Ice Cream but not opened all year round! We got a ride to Hope Mill from two great sisters from Hope Mills 1 and 2 ward. We had a coordination meeting with 1st ward WML and it went great and we had a lot of questions. It will be great and love Brother Pinegar already!

Wednesday we had Zone Training which I thought was weird it has been a long time since we had Zone Training after Transfers. It was nice to stay in the Zone but hard to see so many of my missionary friends gone. Its time to make new ones now! We had a lot of instruction on being Bold and committing those to baptism. Sister Bingham had a great experience when we got to teach together for the first time and we did very well. We were unified enough to get to the purpose of the role play and the other Elders noticed! We saw one of our investigators who is great and has been meeting with the sisters for awhile.

Thursday we pretty much were inside working on the area book and other book work and trying to set things up and meet people. We still are trying to figure out who is in which ward and which investigators go to which ward! Its been a roller coaster of confusion. I am starting to get a hang of it. We have a great big open apartment which helps to feel home and we are able to use the space we need! I even get to sleep on a bunk bed!

Friday we meet our Recent Convert and she is just amazing she is getting married at the end of the month and then once she goes through the temple she will be sealed. Her year mark is in June! She's getting ready for the temple and is loving everything she is learning about! She is so open to new things and is such a missionary herself! We had lunch with some sweet older ladies in the 1st ward and we went to Grandsons which is a Southern Buffet restaurant! I loved it! Lots of fried chicken, fish, fat back and any kind of southern food you could think of. I loved the banana pudding which I will make forever now for myself.....oh so good!

Saturday we spent a lot of time in the apartment setting things up and putting names in the GPS and getting things ready to start working with there was just so much needing to be done!

With being over two wards means to 2 church services. I was excited to be able to have two sacrament meetings and 2 Sunday schools, and 2 relief society but by the end I was so beat and ready for the day to be over! We didn't even go see people we were just sitting and listening! I  loved every minute of it though! We got to help teach the Laurels in the 1st ward and that was great! I miss The Young women program sometimes! We had dinner with the 1st wards Bishop's family and they gave us lots of info which really helped and took a lot of stress from us. I am glad I experienced this before started brand new in an area like in Cary! It is helping me know I can do this!

With everything that has happened this week I am amazed at how much I miss Dunn and the people there! It is so different here, but I am falling in love with Hope Mills too! I miss all my areas and the people but so glad that it is never goodbye for good! I am excited to see all the good we do here! One thing that has been great and rewarding is being with Sister Bingham my MTC companion and seeing how much we really have grown. I remember being so quiet she had to get me to talk on our trio at the MTC and now I feel like I talk to much! I can see how far I have come to this point and see the person I have become! Its amazing what service to the Lord can do to one person! I never thought this would become who I am and then help to be the person I want to be. It has truly put my priorities in perspective and what really matters to me. I can see how much I really want to help people and teach others what I thought I was losing before. I thought I was losing my testimony a year or so ago and now its never been more strong! I know I have been blessed not because I have deserved it but because my Heavenly Father has truly seen my efforts and my desire and has blessed and others I have taught and more importantly my family! Crazy to think how short this year has been but how much it has done for me which will go with me into eternity! I love this Gospel and I love this work and I especially love the chance to share what is true and what my Savior has done for me and others! I love my Heavenly Father!

Have a great week!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr