Thursday, April 28, 2016

Food Poisoning and a whole lot of Crazy!

Hey Y'all,

SO like with my title we got Food Poisoning from a member! I felt bad after but we ate but didn't think of anything either but then we started having symptoms of it and then we knew when we just had bad stomach pains! So this week was kind of all mixed up! But we still got to do a lot! Being sick as a missionary is the worst! Not getting to eat food though was hard! Today and yesterday was like the first day we have been able to eat solid foods.

Monday we had a great Preparation Day! We were going to try to get some souvenirs but the stores weren't the best and all the good ones were not in the zone or area. That night we had dinner with the Stake President and his family and he gave us a lot of people to see. We tried to see a  lot of them after dinner. we tried one Less active who wasn't home but we got to talk with the neighbor. They are great at first it was kind of hard to teach them since they didn't really understand what we said but when we showed them the Book of Mormon and started testifying you could see their faces light up.

Tuesday was a great day! We had an appointment set up with a lady who's husband is a deacon in there church but they don't go anymore because of the people. We were really nervous but she really loved it! Her husband pretty much told us to not teach him and he is good where he is, but his wife was just so willing to listen! We started with a scripture in the bible that talked about the kingdom of glory. We were going to teach the restoration so when she pulled out the scripture I was kind of scared, but we got to explain it to her a little and then went into the restoration. We got all the way to the First Vision and she didn't really understand it but we told about the Book of Mormon and we opened it and read a scripture she just started crying and said I get it I understand it! She told us she has had a hard time understanding the bible and was excited to be able to study with us to help her but that she loved that she read it and didn't need us to help her understand. It was amazing and I remembered what Elder Dube from the Seventy said when he came to visit our mission. " Never give away a closed Book Of Mormon" She loved that we told her she could have it! It was such a great lesson and so glad to know that just being simple and sharing what you love is all that is required but God will give us the words that they need to hear. When we read 1 Corinthians 15:40 first I was so confused and was scared as to what would happen but started with it helped her be comfortable with us.

Wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. We have been given new training on starting to get the members more involved with the work to get referrals and to help do Family Mission Plan and so we got to practice! We practiced teaching the Restoration and then introducing the mission plan to them! It was good and not the best but so glad that it was just practice! I never thought I would ever say this but Role Plays are the best and help so much so the real thing doesn't crash and burn! But I had a feeling that this would really be my last district meeting here and yes it is going to be!

The rest of the week was kind of shot since we got food poisoning but really being sick is the worst and I was glad to get out when we taught a new member lesson with a recent convert with a ward missionary. Sunday was great but from the week not eating a lot got to us. All though church I had a terrible headache and I knew that it was finally getting to me. Thankfully I didn't to dehydrated!

So like I said I am getting transferred again! I don't know where but tomorrow I will find out! I also found out that one of my past companion's were going home and Sister Bingham is too she is just too sick and needed to figure out what was wrong! So till tomorrow I am with one of my past companions Sister Ibarra till then and it is great to see each other! I know that I am so close to all my companions and it is amazing! Some other missionaries think I'm crazy but really I think I needed them more than I thought and I gave them what they needed! I am bummed that two of my companions went home and I wish I could have helped but thy both knew it was time and they got answers that it was right! I love knowing that God has the power to make things like that happen and once you know you know! This week was one of those hard one but I had a lot of time to study and really learn how to receive and ask for things we need and to recognize prompting and revelation! I always remember telling my Mission prep teacher (Aunt Lori) that I wanted to learn that on my mission! Its better but I still have to learn hoe I receive it best! But I know God is mindful and is ready to teach me and tell me what I need but sometimes I already know and I just need to do what I need too! I have learned a lot of personal worth and know that I am strong to be here as long as I have been and as much as the small time I have left I can do so much!

I hope you all have a great week and I wanted to share D&C 6-9 They are great section on receiving revelation all given to Oliver Cowdery, but it helps you understand how God gives it to us! I hope you all are well and safe! next week I will let you k now where I am! Love You all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Week 6 = Roller Coaster + Baptism!

Hey Y'all,

So what a great week it has been! It started out kind of rocky but finished with a great ending! I'm gonna change things a bit starting with Sunday!

Sunday we had a Mission President Fireside! It was hosted in one of the members from Hope Mills 1st ward and we got 3 of the less actives we invited to come. We were hoping to get some investigators but we had a good show up from others areas in the Zone! President and Sister James came and they both shared a little thought then we all introduced ourselves and went around to everyone who wasn't a missionary and talk why they came. I wasn't expecting to have one of the families to get up and talk but they both did and shared there story of coming back to activity and shred beautiful testimonies! It was great to be a part of and the spirit was so strong! We had a lot of Recent Converts come! I have been trying to be able to come to one my whole  mission and so glad I got the chance! It was great to talk with President about Hope Mills and he was so excited to hear the success and work we are doing here! Scared now  to know what Saturdays Transfers news may bring!

Saturday was amazing! We had a lesson cancel but we got the senior missionary couple to come with us! We had a great lesson at a Bible referrals door following up on the Family proclamation and started teaching the Plan of Salvation! We taught her in her porch and got a return appointment for this Saturday! She is so amazing and is a great women! Loves her family and loves it that we told her that families are very important to God! Which is why I think she is letting us come back!

After the lesson we drove down to Dunn for Emily's Baptism!!!!! It was amazing and was glad to be there for her! Sister Beard looked happy to and so glad to be able to see her and all of my Dunn family! We got to practice for our song to sing for Emily "If the Savior Stood beside me" I told her I sang the song at a couple of baptisms and she wanted us to sing it at hers. It went well although I still have a cough with a stuffy nose but I had prayed so hard all day that it would be fine through the song! No cough or stuffy nose for this girl singing One of the best songs ever! I had gotten a hard copy of the Boom of Mormon and was able to keep the tradition of everyone who attended to write in it but this time I had everyone mark there favorite scripture! Emily loved it and it was great to give her my testimony of it! I got to help her as she was being baptized and waited on the stairs from the font to give her a towel and hep her get ready! I have never cried so hard at a baptism I think! Emily said the day started out bad but by the end of the day so felt so good! Satan was over powered by a desiring soul to do what she needed for herself! It was great to finally met her boyfriend who had gotten all of her journey started! Truly it was the best day ever to witness on my mission and to know that I helped bring a soul to God!

Friday we went on exchanges and I can say I survived my first time on my own in Hope Mills and it was great to finally make contact and met our investigator! It has taken this long to finally met an investigator who was refereed by a less active that the previous sisters taught! She has such much questions and so much potential. Grateful to be able to teach her!

The week itself wasn't the best as we would have hoped! A lot of our appointment canceled.... of course but we did get to accomplish a lot.

We went to Wilmington for our Zone Conference! It was combined with 2 other Zones and was amazing! I can say that I have been to Wilmington now! I saw lots of missionary friends and past companions! We had a great conference! We saw a lot of the successes that we are doing in the mission and President talked about how we can move to the mission further and do it through getting the members on board with us! We didn't do roll plays sadly but we had great discussions and a lot of instruction on planning! Grateful to know how important it is! After lunch we went to the botanical garden for the afternoon! We got to walk around for 3 hours just hanging! If I will say anything about it I'd say that if we would have an idea what the Garden of Eden looked like I'd say it may be close! Lots of fun pictures and fun with a lot of missionaries and President and Sister James! I love this mission! We had exiting testimonies and a lot of them I have served with! Someone told me just wait the next Zone Conference it will be your turn! Yeah the ones sharing there testimonies go home the Transfer before me! I was kind of a mess after that comment! Crazy how fast time is going!

Monday we had a another great Zone activity playing football, zombie ball, and duck duck goose! Yes we grown adults played that game! It was really funny! I love this Zone and have made some long lasting friends for sure! I like the fact that I don;t play like a girl to much!

A lot has happened this transfer and so much I wish I could share but I love this work and I was able to get a blessing from my Mission President to help me push strong to the end! I have seen the importance of prayer this week and what it really means to ask for the help we need from the source who can give to us! I love the amazing feeling that comes from the Holy Ghost when I can feel the love from  my Heavenly Father and know that I am where I need to be! I have a lot to do and am so excited to get busy! I love you all and love all the support for no missionary can do this work with out help especially from Jesus Christ but from their family too! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, April 15, 2016

True Fruits of our Labors......Even if you get sick!

Hey Y'all,

So we really kicked butt this week and truly saw all the work we did at the beginning of getting here not knowing where to even start and was able to get so much done! I hate all the hours of planning it consumes but in the end so grateful to what it come to be!

Monday was...... well interesting. We got played volleyball as a district in Lumberton! It was way fun and I honestly never knew I was so competitive! We saw Rosemarie with the senior couples and taught her the Restoration! It was great and she is quickly quitting smoking and wants to be baptized so much!

Tuesday we got to go to a members home to teach her friend and we taught the Plan of Salvation! She is Baptist! She is so smart and asked really good questions. Some were hard to answer but it was fine since we could feel the spirit and it definitely guided the discussion! We then went tracting in a small trailer park. I did lots of the talking since Sister Bingham still didn't have her voice but we got to one trailer and I just froze and said "the stupid not way we will get in approach" and said Hello we are the missionaries from the ______ and we are sharing a messages about Jesus Christ would you be interested. Normally everybody says yep I know him and slam the door but she let us right in. We taught her the Plan of salvation/ Restoration and her two little girls were so cute!

Thursday was a busy day and the craziest as I woke up with a bad cold. We had 7 lessons planned and 5 were a success! We got to teach Rosemarie the Word of Wisdom and she loved it and understood. She is doing so good and I love her! She is one funny lady! We went to see another investigator we got last week and he was at the hospital and so we taught his wife and she really knows her Bible. We had the bishop's wife with us and she gave such a strong testimony. The wife loved the part of Joseph Smith and it took a lot of explaining about the Book of Mormon doesn't replace the Bible but they go together!

Friday we got another great lesson with a member where we got to see some of the 4 teenagers that we found awhile back at a trailer park (celestial trailer park) and they had all kinds of questions again and we had probably about 8 kids listening in. We taught mainly about faith and the Holy Ghost! We tried to help them understand the reason for the faith so the Holy Ghost can even do his job. One of the girls wanted proof and tried asking us to tell her to tell us that we know that this church is true not by faith but my sure and not for our families but truly for ourselves. At first I hesitated and I think I doubted but I saw it different than I had before! I remember the experiences I have had to testify and never doubted. Have people tell me I'm wrong and how much it bothered me afterward! Why would I love something then to in the end just say no! I said proudly to this 19 year old girl! Heck Yes! YES! No denying and no hesitating !!!!!!

Saturday we went to Holly Springs to where Sister Bingham served last to attend a baptism and man my companion is truly such a great missionary I love her and she is a great example to me! She has so much love for those she teaches! We had a great time and I can't wait to go to Emily's on Saturday!

Well sorry this week I lost time! I hope you all have a great week! Continue looking for the light of Christ and all the blessing you receive they are truly everywhere!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, April 8, 2016

My Crazy and Also Amazing Week!

Hey Y'all,

This week was a little longer as Sister Bingham got the flu and was miserable for a good 4 days! We got lots done but I am ready to see more Sun and be able to teach some more.

Monday we had plans to have a fun shopping day but ended up spending about 4 1/2 hours in firestone getting our car fixed which we thought would only be a tire but it was worse than we thought. Who knows that maybe our off roading did more damage than expected! I wanted to go crazy! It was hard not to watch the TV and listen to it. We did however find out that a man escaped from prison with a toothbrush! Craziness in the world is happening!

Wednesday Sister Bingham got worse and so we missed District meeting. It was weird but glad that I got time to study more and let her rest. I did however get a couple of exchanges where I could go see people and someone stayed with Sister Bingham. It was weird to be the only one in a name tag and it has been awhile since I did splits like this but it was great to see that I can be a missionary even without my partner in crime.

Friday was a great day! We got to go to the Temple and it was amazing! I loved the feeling and the peace that is there! While we were waiting for the session to start. I was talking with the lady next to me and found out that she is from Virginia and she served in Thailand. We talked about the new temple in Thailand and different temples. I was hoping to get time to sit and ponder but I was glad I opened my mouth and talked with her as we talked about her mission and about returning home and how to continue to serve. It was great and the whole time I felt this peaceful feeling that as much as people keep telling me the end is near I will not stop being a missionary and that everyone is a missionary. It was fun to see if she even knew our last mission president and uncle Bruce! Not sure if she knows either but really it is just a small world in the Mormon world! I seem to notice that more and more! After the session I was reading Alma 30 which I was pretty sure was the same chapter I had opened to read last time we were there. My eye got the part of "Choose ye this day whom you will serve." Choose to serve God will all your heart." I knew it was what I needed. It was a great experience and it made me even more excited the fact that in just 3 months I will be back in the temple to see my brother go through it with Jessica! Such a beautiful blessing the temple is to us all! I love to see the temple! After we got our Zone picture we had lunch and went into the chapel and the temple President  and his wife came and talked to us and he answered some of our questions. It was great as we did it also 6 months ago but I can see how much I have grown as the questions that were asked I knew a little more of. I never thought my mission and the temple would help me intellectually as it has!

Saturday was a great day! We spent most of our morning trying to figure out where to watch conference after finding out Sister Bingham had a sins infection and wasn't sure it would be a good idea to go to a members house with all our germs. We tried to watch it with our Senior missionary neighbors, but they were going to someone's house already! We ended up getting permission to watch it on their tablet in our car at our apartment complex! We seriously felt funny with the idea but it worked and it was great. The talks were great and I really loved President Eyring's talk on testimony and how we can obtain them. I felt the spirit to know that when I am in doubt of my testimony I can always count on the Spirit to help me again and again.  Our 12 year old neighbor thought it was pretty funny too! He actually came to our place 11 times before the afternoon session to talk with us. He came one time his bible and laptop asking us questions so he can go do what we do door to door! It was so funny and the next time he came as we went next door we found he had gotten his hair colored pink and purple! I love the south! :)

Sunday was a great and wonderful day as we watched General Conference at a Less active families. They had made it very nice with tons of food and great comfort as we watched Conference! The entire time we were waiting to hopefully hear Elder Holland and so glad to have heard him talk which was my favorite! I am sometimes afraid of tomorrow because I may not want today to end! But sometimes we need tomorrow to come so we can continue to learn. It reminded me of my brain injury and how every new day as I dealt with it and school I needed those tomorrow so could to the day where I saw it more as a need in my life and not as a terrible struggle but a way to strengthen me.

This was my crazy and also amazing week and I hope you all enjoyed conference too! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr