Monday, June 29, 2015

Welcome to Hillsborough Sister Farr

Hey Y'all,

It was an amazing week! I still had a hard time leaving Garner, but once I got to Hillsborough I was ready to get busy! Hillsborough/ Mebane is my new area. It is a big area. On the plus we have a full-time car and that helps a lot. I hope though that we don't go over miles.

This was a week of an eye opener. We contacted  a lot of Referrals and got 3 new investigators. it was crazy one lesson after another and lots of calls from people giving us referrals. It was amazing! Crazy week and busy. Also our mission president goes home today and I am pretty sad that he has to go. Excited to meet our new one.

My new companion is awesome and she is so strong! We kind of had a rocky start, but we are doing much better by trying to get to know one another better.

Sorry I lost time today! Hope you have a great week and I will send a better letter next week! Love you all! Glad that everyone who went on Trek enjoyed it!


Sister Tayler Farr

Monday, June 22, 2015

God is mindful of ME! :)

Hey y'all,

As i said last week i am being transferred and really it has been hard and not the best thing to have to do! I really don't want to leave, but i know that i will learn more and will grow anywhere i go. I am needed elsewhere and the sister replacing me needs her here now! Now as much as that sounds good! I still don't want to go!!!

I have had a crazy week and not a lot of visits and really we had slow week. I have been in packing mode all week and tried to help get Sister Ibarra ready to train! I know that Sister Ibarra will be great!

We had a great movie night with a less active family and watched Meet the Mormons on Monday. Of course again when we got to the Missionary part I had to cry. They dropped us off at our dinner appointment and then came in to see them and pretty much got the family to invite them in. It was weird. They kept complaining about people in the ward and telling us all about why they hate so and so. They are going to another ward. Really it was just uncomfortable, but glad that the family could be a fellow-shipper. The mom bore her testimony of why we come to church and that it is not for the other people or for the friends or groups of friends we make. It is for our own benefit and us renewing our baptismal covenant and improving our relationship with our heavenly father.

Wednesday we went on visits and saw some members with a sister in the Relief Society Presidency. It went really well. We had lots of fun.

Thursday, I think was my favorite day. We had lunch with a Sister. I have been praying a lot for a nice smooth transition from Garner to my new area and i know this week and this day in particular was an answer to that prayer. We she made me a special lunch. It was so good it was jumbolia. (Not sure how to spell it). Kind of like Gumbo. Then she gave me a crocheted hat and scarf. I have been praying for some way to get essential oils too.( dumb thing to pray for haha) I want to try them so bad. She bought some and thought of me. She was questionable about it at first, but bought them anyway. I was so excited!!!! It was the best! She told me she was thinking that i wouldn't wanted it, but she got just in case. We talked about it and i knew it was the spirit. He listened to me and she listened to the spirit. She told me it was an answer to her prayer as well as too know if he was still there for her. It was amazing. God is unbelievable. He answered both of us in one situation. If i have learned anything here in Garner it would have to be that God loves all of us and that his time is the time. We can be right on with him if we trust him. I don't know why he answered my selfish plea but he did. He has helped me with the idea of me leaving. I knew it was going to be hard but not this hard.

Yesterday was another great day. I was able to share my testimony in Sacrament meeting. I got to listen to primary kids sing my favorite Father's Day song (I'm so glad when Daddy comes home....). We taught the Relief Society lesson on the Book of Mormon. We had great testimonies shared. I had lots of people asking for a picture and others wanting me to promise to come back. It was so amazing and i knew that i had been successful. People told me they have seen me grow and change. They told me how loving I am and how much they will miss that. They said they will miss me jumping out of my seat when i get scared and just being jumpy. As much as I don't want to leave I know that I can return and be welcomed! I know God knew that needed this and I know he is watching out for me!!! If i put in the effort he will make up the rest that is needed. Tomorrow i will be saying goodbye to Garner for awhile, but wherever I go I know God is right behind me and never will ever leave my side! I love North Carolina and know that my time is done here but where i go i will have more experiences that i will be able to take with me! I love it here!!!

Have a great week! Everyone who is taking part in Trek this week hope that it is amazing! I wanted to go but I have decided that i am on my own Trek here! Love you all!

Sister Tayler Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

A Little Bit of EVerything

Hey Y'all,

What a week it has been! Well first off! I found out on Tuesday that the time has come and i am leaving Garner and getting Transferred! I don't want to leave. I love this area and will always come back! Sister Ibarra though is going to be training. She gets a little Greenie! I guess Garner is just a place for all of the newbies! Who wouldn't want to come here!

On Monday, I got an Aroma touch from a sister in our ward with essential oils. It was so nice! I have learned a lot about essential oils while being here and it is something that has interested me. I hope to look into it when i get home.

On Tuesday we had our Goodbye Zone Conference for President and Sister Bernhisel. Do you remember when i said awhile ago that i didn't want to get too attached....well i did! I was ready to cry. We sang them Army of Helaman and the missionary version and we all started to cry. President did and that just started it for everyone. After our Zone Conference we stopped by lots of less-actives on our way home. We tried about 10 different families and only saw 3 and only 1 was willing to let us share a message. We invited the rest to our 4th of July breakfast.

On Wednesday we did service for a family again that just moved into the ward. We helped clean there storm windows. They were pretty dirty. We had to rinse them with the hose and then scrub with Windex. While we were cleaning a man pulled up to look inside a recycling box for metal. We started talking to him. He asked us if we had any metal he could take. We told him no but we can do some service for him. He was good with that, but wants to pay us. We explained that we couldn't take is money and don't want to. He didn't like that. So my smart companion who listens well to the spirit said that we will clean his windows for free in return to let us give him a 45 minute lesson on the restoration. He agreed. We are cleaning his windows this week and then we will set up the lesson part later. It was a great tender mercy for the week.

On Thursday, we had our weekly planning and we were making phone calls. we had both thought of seeing the same family so we gave them a call. We called them but they said that this month is going to be crazy and to call back at the end of the month. We hung up and then about 5 minutes later they call back and asked us if wee could come over now. We said yes and quickly drove over. We had a great visit and also got to see a family who we have been unable to contact while i have been here. It was perfect and it was done by the Lords time. It was perfect!

On Friday, we went with a sister to help her go visit teach and then Sister Ibarra had a friend from Pinehurst come down for lunch. Let's just say that it was wonderful and she was awesome and i hope i get sent to Pinehurst!!!! :)

On Saturday was our busiest day. We visited a family who we are going to go watch Meet the Mormons with soon. We did service for a family in there in-laws house helping them move-in. We had the 7th day Adventist scripture class again. It was hard to understand. We talked about Moses and the tablets. We had dinner and then did service for a less-active family cleaning and helping them get ready to move to Texas.

Well y'all this is my week! Lots has happened! Happy Fathers day to all the Fathers. Especially to my DADDY! Love you! Happy Fathers day to all my uncles too! Even better Happy Fathers Day to the most important father of all to my Heavenly Father! I have thought about this concept and it made me smile! So glad to be doing his work here in North Carolina and I am ready to serve in my new area and to meet new people. I will miss this ward and my companion. I do know for one thing you can take me out of Garner but you can't take Garner out of me!!!! Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!!


Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Seeds of Testimony

Hey Y'all,

This has been a pretty good week! My family had our Massey reunion. Thanks for all the pictures mom. I do wish i could have been there, but really i would have missed out on a great week in North Carolina! Hope the Massey family enjoyed Huntsville! :)

This week has been great! Sister Ibarra's last day for medication is today and then we will have to talk to our mission doctor and try to see a neurologist to make sure that she doesn't have any nerve damage! She has been so strong and extremely determined to serve God! I hope she can brush some it onto me and keep me motivated. It has been great of how loving and caring the ward is and always checking up on her and us and always trying to offer encouragement. Truly i just don't want to leave and this week is the 2nd to last week of the transfer and so i guess we will have to see. Tomorrow oddly enough is our goodbye Zone Conference. I never thought it would come to this part. I have to admit i was at the beginning holding back on trying to love or even allow President to help or really get to know him because i didn't want to then have to say goodbye, but really i have entrusted myself to him and have learned so much from him and asked for so much and really i am dreading and hoping that it will last as long as it can. I am excited to meet the new mission president but not too prepared for the possible change i will have to make. However, if there is one thing i have learned it is that this life we receive is full of change. We make changes everyday. We change our clothes into pajamas we change the style of our hair to down on our necks to up in a ponytail. Really change is everywhere. It is the way God has done things and really we have to experience change to return home! Change is in Repenting and to return home we have to repent.

We had a great lesson with our investigator this week! We talked about Joseph Smith and finished the Restoration. Sister Powers was our member present and shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. We didn't do much of the teaching. We did invite her to be Baptized. She said that if she read and prayed and felt it was true to would be baptized. It was great! We plan to teach her the Plan of Salvation this week. We had exchanges this week! Of course i got nervous and kind of freaked out and was kind of crazy the first 2 hours but once we started doing things we had a great time and i enjoyed it! We had a great talk and i just love all my STL! They are all so loving and so helpful and really they are what i want to become.

On Friday we meet a less active sister who just had a surgery which was major. I can't remember the thing that it was but the nerve by the eyes would send shape pain through her head to the center of her forehead. Something was hitting her brain and causing her pain. We didn't know she was in the ward and we didn't have her name in the roster. Bishop got a call about her and then we were asked to see her. She is amazing! She has had a hard time and had bad relationships and bad experiences in other wards who treated her bad. She was basically shunned and was forgotten because she got help by someone who was mistreating her. It was hard to hear but we had a great time with her and she is so strong. We are seeing her this week and making her lunch! I am so glad to get to know her more. She always says her short-term memory is always letting her down. I had to laugh because i feel the same ways sometimes. I haven't told her about my brain injury but i told her but i told her that i have a had seizures and for me to tell her the so try she had to let us come back. She was so good and was so happy. She is a strong women and so glad that she has been watched over all this time.

Saturday was full of service! I got to wear normal people clothes all day and it felt so weird. We helped the ward give a day of service to the town of Garner at the Garden. It was lots of work and luckily we had a lot of rain the day before so the humidity wasn't too bad. We were pretty smart when we decided to come early and start at 7. it was actually more bearable. WE had lunch with a sister and made her the food and cleaned her kitchen and vacuumed her house. She goes out with us a lot and is always serving others so we wouldn't let her help. We then helped a family get their in-laws house next door finished! I helped in the past and was excited to see the process and the completed projected. The in-laws are moving in today! We helped touch up the paint and put together some tables. I found a nail in the hard wood floor while sitting and got it caught on my new capris. I wasn't too happy but luckily they were only $7 at Wal-mart. I can still wear them i just have to wear a long shirt! haha :)

Now to the day that will explain my title of the letter. Sunday was awesome. I planned in advance for my fast and we had a great spirit during sacrament. We had a great lessons and had great meetings. We were invited to a bible study with a sister (Sister F) and her non-member friend from work. We have been going out with a sister every Sunday and she wanted to come so we had her come with us. We were so glad we did..... We got their and then we found out that the friend that was coming over to do the bible study. Then about a 10 minute wait two men from her church came and we talked and read from the bible. It was weird. Sister F wasn't expecting it. However, it was like we were put directly into the place of an investigators point of view. It was weird. We read from the bible a lot and talked about why the Sabbath day was really on Saturday and not Sunday. It was just crazy. It made me think about how i teach and if i do that. The older man did all the talking and the other just would hold his paper then his bible. Really it was helping me to see how important it is to have both teachers teaching. the non-member friend asked questions and they didn't answer. It was sad! I was kind of shut off at that. He was teaching and went through the discussion very well. However i felt very uncomfortable and wanted to say things and tell him he was wrong but i just felt like i just needed to listen. Overall the thing that freaked me out the most was the fact that i felt the spirit but din't fully feel it. I noticed that it was like the spirit was holding back. We would read scripture and i felt it get stronger then he would start talking and i felt it loose the intensity. We got to the end and he showed us a calendar and keep trying to convince us of the truth or something. He did however ask us if we as Latter-day Saints put the Book of Mormon ahead of the Bible. We said no they are one in the same. He didn't understand that really. He kept saying but in times or if something was to happen would the bible be above the Book of Mormon. We again said no they will be of equal. The sister who came with us told him her testimony of the Book of Mormon and told him the background of it and to show him that is just like the bible and has the same teaching but just with different people but learning the same thing with learning them through different experiences. I wanted to give him a Book of Mormon, but i again felt the spirit or something say no. We are planning on coming together again next Saturday. Sister F wasn't expecting what happened to happen, which i am glad to invited us to be their. After this little study we came home and Sister Ibarra and I said that it was weird and that it was more of a thing to think about in a way to gain and improve our testimony. What he said did stick but i remember when we realized what was going to happen i prayed to be able to understand and to show respect. I didn't want to understand and really i wanted to be contentious. I have never felt that kind of anger before. The way he taught it seemed like that was a goal. I can see know that as much as it was not something we expected it was something to learn from. I didn't question what i believed i questioned what he believed and why it didn't make sense. I felt the spirit but didn't feel the full impact i have had even at church because he didn't teach with the power of the priesthood or the Holy Ghost. I know what i know and that what i have is true. He talked with such potential. It made me sad that he could be a great general authority, but he doesn't have the priesthood and the Holy Ghost. It reassured me just how important it is for me as i teach others. I don't really understand all that we had just experienced and why it went like that might i know that God was giving us this chance to learn and grow from it. We have been talking as a companionship and have ideas we want to use to better teach and teach with the spirit. Really i am still shocked but i know God was watching out for us and knew that we could handle it and we did. He even allowed us to learn from it.

Well, this is my week! Hope y'alls week is great and that you can see the Lords hand in your life! I definitely saw his in mine this past week and can not wait till next weeks possibilities! Love y'all!!!!

Sister Tayler Farr
Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 Months

Hey Y'all,

So May 31 marked my 5 months. Crazy to think that i have been on my mission for 5 whole months. It's been amazing thus far and i know more amazing things will come to pass.

Well, This week was a very emotional and trying week. Sister Ibarra has had an ear ache since last Monday and then Wednesday it turned into Bells's Palsy. Really? I hated seeing her go through it and didn't like having to go to Urgent Care. It was necessary but i just hated not knowing how to help her and make things easier. It is hard for her to eat, drink, talk, and sleep. She is on two strong medications for her ear infection and Bells Palsy. I have tried to help her remember to take it as everyone says that its too important to forget. I don't know if i am helping or if i am driving her crazy. I am so grateful for the ward though and all the love and prayers that they have given to us. We always have texts and lots of helping members giving her encouragement.

I am so grateful for having interviews this week so that President Bernhisel could give her a blessing and Bishop from the ward gave her another with the consecrated oil. We went over to a family where the mother gave her an Aroma touch from doTerra oils and we have already seen improvements in her face. It helped out a lot i think with all her stress. I even got some essential oils to try from it! :)

I know for a fact that we were put together as companions for a reason. I can see that we needed to go through this hard time together and importantly that Sister Ibarra has to go through it, but that i am meant to endure it with her. I am so grateful for being able to see the Garner ward show so much love to her and all so willing to give help and encouragement. We are just at the beginning but it is already getting better. Everything happens for a reason. Thank you mom and family for my package and the letter to her. She loved it and she said she had never gotten a letter from any companions mother. It helped us unify ourselves. Even after all that has happened to sister Ibarra she is still here serving the Lord and truly is a great example to me.

We did get a new investigator and will be teaching her tomorrow. She has been taught before, but is open to being taught again. So excited! Like i said earlier we had interviews this week and i can say it went much better than last time. Its hard to believe that President is going home in about 3 weeks. I was hesitant at first asking for help and getting to know him and really allowing him to be my mission president because i knew he would be leaving so soon. Know that he is leaving i am afraid for him to leave and how hard it may be. If i have learned anything this week it would have to be to take life one day at a time. I will take this change one day at a time!

I love Sundays and i think they are my favorite on the mission. It truly is the best day to just relax and enjoy life and to let things i may be worrying about to be turned over to the Lord and renew my covenants with Christ! We got to teach the youth for 3rd hour block. It didn't go as well as we hoped since halfway through the lesson they were asked to come to the chapel for the last 20 minutes of 5th Sunday discussion on the new scouting program. We taught on How we can receive Personal Revelation through scripture study. We had so much material we wanted to cover and not enough time. We didn't get much participation, but we did know names....well i did and got people to talk and enjoy it.

Overall, lots happened with lots of emotion, stress, and really some sucky moments, but one thing i do know was that we were not alone. Christs atonement and him were right their and helped us get through each day. It got Sister Ibarra through the hard day when we had to go out when i knew she was so exhausted and probably was ready to call it quiting time! I knew she was probably embarassses when people would asked her what happpened to her face. She continued to move forward and looked at this trail as an experience and one she had to go through for some reason she doesn't know of! I am so grateful her and her determination!

Have a great week y'all and especially to all the Massey family hope the reunion is great and just know i wish to be there and love you all! I may want to be there, but i want to here more and need to be here still love you all!

Sister Tayler Farr