Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 Months

Hey Y'all,

So May 31 marked my 5 months. Crazy to think that i have been on my mission for 5 whole months. It's been amazing thus far and i know more amazing things will come to pass.

Well, This week was a very emotional and trying week. Sister Ibarra has had an ear ache since last Monday and then Wednesday it turned into Bells's Palsy. Really? I hated seeing her go through it and didn't like having to go to Urgent Care. It was necessary but i just hated not knowing how to help her and make things easier. It is hard for her to eat, drink, talk, and sleep. She is on two strong medications for her ear infection and Bells Palsy. I have tried to help her remember to take it as everyone says that its too important to forget. I don't know if i am helping or if i am driving her crazy. I am so grateful for the ward though and all the love and prayers that they have given to us. We always have texts and lots of helping members giving her encouragement.

I am so grateful for having interviews this week so that President Bernhisel could give her a blessing and Bishop from the ward gave her another with the consecrated oil. We went over to a family where the mother gave her an Aroma touch from doTerra oils and we have already seen improvements in her face. It helped out a lot i think with all her stress. I even got some essential oils to try from it! :)

I know for a fact that we were put together as companions for a reason. I can see that we needed to go through this hard time together and importantly that Sister Ibarra has to go through it, but that i am meant to endure it with her. I am so grateful for being able to see the Garner ward show so much love to her and all so willing to give help and encouragement. We are just at the beginning but it is already getting better. Everything happens for a reason. Thank you mom and family for my package and the letter to her. She loved it and she said she had never gotten a letter from any companions mother. It helped us unify ourselves. Even after all that has happened to sister Ibarra she is still here serving the Lord and truly is a great example to me.

We did get a new investigator and will be teaching her tomorrow. She has been taught before, but is open to being taught again. So excited! Like i said earlier we had interviews this week and i can say it went much better than last time. Its hard to believe that President is going home in about 3 weeks. I was hesitant at first asking for help and getting to know him and really allowing him to be my mission president because i knew he would be leaving so soon. Know that he is leaving i am afraid for him to leave and how hard it may be. If i have learned anything this week it would have to be to take life one day at a time. I will take this change one day at a time!

I love Sundays and i think they are my favorite on the mission. It truly is the best day to just relax and enjoy life and to let things i may be worrying about to be turned over to the Lord and renew my covenants with Christ! We got to teach the youth for 3rd hour block. It didn't go as well as we hoped since halfway through the lesson they were asked to come to the chapel for the last 20 minutes of 5th Sunday discussion on the new scouting program. We taught on How we can receive Personal Revelation through scripture study. We had so much material we wanted to cover and not enough time. We didn't get much participation, but we did know names....well i did and got people to talk and enjoy it.

Overall, lots happened with lots of emotion, stress, and really some sucky moments, but one thing i do know was that we were not alone. Christs atonement and him were right their and helped us get through each day. It got Sister Ibarra through the hard day when we had to go out when i knew she was so exhausted and probably was ready to call it quiting time! I knew she was probably embarassses when people would asked her what happpened to her face. She continued to move forward and looked at this trail as an experience and one she had to go through for some reason she doesn't know of! I am so grateful her and her determination!

Have a great week y'all and especially to all the Massey family hope the reunion is great and just know i wish to be there and love you all! I may want to be there, but i want to here more and need to be here still love you all!

Sister Tayler Farr

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