Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gaining the Trust of the Members

Hey Y'all,

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day! It's kind of weird to remember holidays other than Christmas, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Mostly because of Skyping and this year i have a really good Father's Day gift! :)

This week was transfers and I had to say good to my companion/trainer. It was sad but also good. She only has 5 weeks and are reopening an area before she goes home. So proud of her. In return i got Sister Ibarra she is from Washington State and is amazing her dad is from Mexico so she is fluent in Spanish and she has been able to use it a lot here in Garner. It's been a little hard adjusting to the way he does things after being so used to sister Behrmann, but i absolutely love her. She is very good at working with the Members and making sure they are feeling the spirit while were their and always thanking them gaining trust and love for them. She has been so loved by all the members. This ward loves missionaries. However, i have a feeling after these 5 months i may get transfered. NOOOO! I don't want too! I love Garner and i want to be with Sister Ibarra longer than just 5 weeks.

Wednesday we met Bishop at his office to meet Sister Ibarra. We could see that he is a little bit worried about the ward. We asked him if we could help in anyway and he gave us a list of people and later this week he called with another name. It is great to work with him and i know he loves his ward. It reminds me of Bishop Hammond of the love Bishops really and truly have for there ward members. Working alongside them i can see that pure love or even a sense of Christ love. Those chosen to be Bishops really are called of God. We got Sister Ibarra set up for Facebook.

Thursday we went and helped with food orders and got a ride from the Relief Society president and had a great conversation with her on the way home. Really i don't remember what we said but i rmember feeling the spirit in her car. We left her with a scripture and a prayer. She called us about an hour later asking us to come out to lunch and then to go help a sister who just moved into the ward. It was great to be given another opportunity to serve. This week was the Thursday visits and we visited a less-active family and talked about guns. My companion loves them. We talked about faith and used a tea filter. We lit it on fire in there hand and then as the flames get closer to your hand the flames goes out and the filter flouts to the ceiling. It was a way to show them faith. I was kind of hesitant with the activity but they really enjoyed it. Also we got the car from the Elders.( We lost our ride). Sister Ibarra didn't feel comfortable driving and so i did. It was weird to have finally driven. It has been since early December since the last time i have been in the Driver seat!!! So glad to have a GPS and not be completely lost. (Thanks mom, and Kory).

Saturday we rode our bikes. I have a nice tan and a sun burn. I now have the missionary farmers tan. we biked about 4 miles extra to avoid any freeways and realized we have no other way and so we had to bike back and saw the Rigglemans, tracted and saw a family whom just had a baby. We had dinner at Golden Coral and the members were so cute. They are reactive family who since we first meet them have just loved us. One is from Africa and the other is from Charlotte, NC. It was a great night and loved hearing there conversion story.

Sunday always seems to be my favorite. We had Ward council and Sister Ibarra got to meet all of the council members. We had a great sacrament on temple marriage and covenants. We had a great coordination meeting and with two new missionaries it was kind of long but we got a few names to try and see. We visited an older sister who is now widowed and she is so sweet. She is about 97 and still comes to church every Sunday and makes dinner's and anything the ward may need. We had dinner with another great family and heard that after they picked us up that her husband had just got the Melchizedek priesthood. He loved it and was talking about how amazing he feels. He glad to be able to bless his family and grand-children more fully.

Yesterday we had a crazy day and boy was it crazy. Since it is the last week of the month we have to careful with miles and so we tried to really make sure we were smart. It was crazy. I can say that i don't miss school at all!!! We had dinner with a family and talked about prayer. We had a great time and felt the spirit so strong. They are such a strong family and i really love them.

This week i learned the importance of member trust. I thought before that i did. Sister Ibarra showed me away to go a little further. Just sending a text after a dinner thanking them or asking them questions. Share a scripture and pray with them in the car when they drop us off. Ask specifically with ideas of way to serve them and most importantly give them a spiritual experience. It was a great mind opening week and so very inspiring. I think this transfer is going to be the best and i love Sister Ibarra. I know after this time together we can still be great friends but even better be great sisters.


Sister Tayler Farr

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