Monday, July 27, 2015

Enabling Power of The Atonement

Hey Y'all,

Well What a week it has been! Can't believe we are almost done with July already! Time is flying! Crazy to know that my birthday is on Friday (in 4 days). Like I haven't been counting down the days! This week we had no investigators to teach and spent lots of time finding. We saw lots of less-actives though. I am not to big a fan of tracting.

This week has been crazy and very overwhelming. On Wednesday we had exchanges and of course I freaked out and was really nervous. It was again GREAT! I never had gone on exchange with this Sister before. (she was my sister training leader while I was in training back in Garner). We had lunch with the four of us and then we went our separate ways. I got to drive! It was weird driving after 6 months. Got to say I was kind of worried that I may have forgotten some of the rules! haha! We did Facebook so she could look at my Facebook and then we went to go visit some Sisters. We got to one of the sisters and we talked. I got her to talk about things that are happening with her and then we got to our Savior. She kind of got mad at me and said something not nice. We again tried to get her to talk more and she finally told us about what has been happening. She told us of an illness she has and how it is slowly killing her. We told her that we may never know why bad things happen to us, but it is all for our benefit. She liked what we said and she finally opened up more told us that she is the only member of her family and she has so much Family History she wants to do but she doesn't feel like she can do it. she is willing to pay for someone to do it. We told her that some members have family history callings and they there to help and they can come to her house to help her. She was so excited and she wanted names and numbers. We didn't have all of them but we told her that we would find some more people. We talked about the Spirit of Elijah and how he will help her have the motivation to do. We witnessed it right there at her home as she kept asking questions. She brought up the fact that she has some family who she has to ask and Sister Anderson gave her a great thing to say and she had her write it down. The visit was good and I was so amazed as to her being open and finally getting her to confide in us. It was a miracle!

Friday was the day we really went tracking. Every door we knocked on and talked to were very nice, but of course our last two of the night were the worst. One was telling us that we sinned by adding scripture to what we already have and how that is affiliated. I wanted to ask questions, but knew it would end in a contentious conversation and so i just bore my testimony instead. The last one was the worst. She came to the door and we talked about Christ and we asked if we could talk about him more and she said I don't want a belief in him because  of the life he has given her and her family . And then she slammed the door. It was scary and I was just kind of bugged by it and kept wondering what has happened to her and why does she feel this way. Every step we took I wanted to turn right back around but I knew she wasn't ready! I made sister Galloway pull over so we could say a prayer for her. Halfway through the prayer I started crying and I really can't explain it! It was crazy. This lady didn't understand the whole purpose of life. We are given hard things to work for because God knows we can handle it and even more so that we can grow and be better and accomplish all that we can be! I felt bad for her and I prayed that someone who she would listen to would explain it to her when she is ready. I couldn't explain why I was crying but I think it is because I knew that the hard things in life are really for me to benefit from and having that knowledge brought me peace. I felt the love of the Savior as we sat in the car praying and talking. It was a very emotional drive home! I am so grateful for the Enabling power that I can have hard times but knowing that if I allow the Atonement in my life Christ will help me when I feel like I can no longer move forward! Amazingly enough I have had thoughts about all that I have accomplished here so far and I felt like I am failing. We are struggling and it feels like I can give up but again God knew what I needed and gave me an experience to that he is mindful of me and my efforts. I have come across the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 18:15-16 and it says that if I bring one soul to repentance and to the Gospel it is all I am asked to do. I felt that maybe even that one person can be myself. I can benefit from this experience and I will be better. I can see the Gospel so much clearer than I did 7 months ago. I know that I am changing and loving the teaching and Loving my Savior so much more! More importantly in this scripture it is saying that if I bring many souls then what joy should I be given. As long as I am that one soul the many souls will come! What a great week and what a great time that I am having! This transfer is coming to a quick end and we have no idea what is going to happen! Either way I will continue to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength! I love the people of North Carolina!!!!! Have a great week! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Lord Loves His Children and is Mindful of Them

Hey Y'all,

Well what a week! It has been a roller coaster! Everything has been emotional and just amazing! A lot of you know my family and my Home ward lost a great husband, dad, brother, son and friend. However, if I have learned anything this week it is that God is mindful of all of his Children and does His work through his other Children!

This week we didn't get as much done as we wanted to get done but we had wonderful lessons and amazing visits. We had a great dinner with a Family this week! We had a really hard time with deciding on what to share. I hate taking so long in planning every night. My companion has been very patient with me this week. I just am so crazy I just want to go, go, go! I just starting to throw out any scripture and she always asks after each one is that what you think they need! It is always in a calm nice tone and I sometimes what to scream! I then finally am able to really think and for this family after five minute of quiet we came to the same conclusion.....Family History! We found out that the family has already been doing it. The husband is the only member in his family and so he feels like he has so much to do! He shared his testimony of doing it. He feels like he is at a stand still point, but we said have you added stories to the website and he is like...No? We told him maybe telling stories of them can help get you excited again! We read him the scripture of the Spirit of Elijah and he started to get teary eyed. The sister wanted to start again and boy I knew the Spirit of Elijah was there pushing them! It was great! We spent the rest of the night talking about different stories from each of our families and of course I talked about Loren Farr and how he knew Joseph Smith and was basically a body guard to him and that I was named after an ancestor. It was so nice and it even got me more excited to do some more!

This week we finally got together with one of our investigators and we taught the Restoration again. She has survived  two aneurysms and it is hard for her to remember. She said that if we read and talk to her she will get it! I have never seen someone learn so quickly and so easily than she has. She was ready for each thing and she loved each part. She loved the Joseph Smith Vision and she remembers it the most. We are meeting her tomorrow to help her start reading the scriptures on the computer. She is so excited as long as she doesn't forget! She says "she knows who is in charge and if he wants me to I will" I just love the testimonies of the people here in North Carolina. It is just so amazing!

On Thursday night we had to cancel a lesson with a Less active sister who is in a wheelchair because of bugs she found. We instead did it over the phone. It was a great lesson even if it was over the phone! We talked about death and Resurrection. She asked us about if Christ, Heavenly Father, and the Spirit are three different beings then why are they said to be as one in the scriptures! Really at first I didn't know what to say! I don't think I have given much thought to it myself, but after a thought we turned to 3 Nephi 11:35-36 and it talks about the unity between each of them. I thought then it is that they are as one because they are a team that works together. God is the delegator and the master of the work. Christ is the minister and leader, and the Holy Ghost is the teacher. They all have a big part but are all on the same team in helping us come home and become our best selves. We then gave her more scriptures and came across Alma 40! We instead talked about it and read it together. Alma 40 talks a lot about the Plan of Salvation and I was surprised at how much I was sharing and helping her and even my companion understand! I really didn't know I knew this and that I understood it! We all asked questioned and we discussed it! I knew we felt the spirit in our apartment and she said she felt it even in her home. I don't know exactly what I knew that I shared but I know that I witnessed the Spirit testifying and teaching through me! I learned so much.

The next day after that lesson is when I found out about the family from home. I know it was not on accident that I learned and we talked about this the night before. I was able to then share a post that I had learned so much and how my testimony had been strengthened on the Plan of Salvation. The next day I saw a post from my mom saying it was exactly what she needed to hear! Again that was no accident!

The same kind of thing happened on Saturday night! We got to together with a less-active and her daughter and we were about to give a scripture when her non-member boyfriend asked us what we have learned and what have we experienced what we weren't expecting to experience on our missions. It was amazing to feel the spirit come into their home as we both shared our testimonies. I was ready to read the scripture that we took forever on deciding and it just didn't feel right and so I pulled out my Book of Mormon. I flipped and flipped and Mosiah 4:9 came to my head and so I opened to it and started to read! It talks about how God is mindful of us and we can't fully comprehend all that he does.  After I finished the Sister quickly said I love it! We both Shared our testimonies again. We invited her to read Alma 32 on faith! Then she took us home! We started to talk again and then she finally told us why she loved it! She told us about her ex husband who was abusive to her and her three children. They lived in California and their marriage was just getting worse. She said that they finally came to North Carolina once he allowed it! After they moved there he left! Her family is all here in North Carolina and she told us that she knew Heavenly Father soften his heart to move here so that she could be able to make ends meet and have her parents there when she needed it! She was grateful for the scripture again.

On Sunday we were asked to teach the Gospel Principles class again and of course the lesson was on Family History. It was great and at first not so good but once we talked about the temple and our ancestors and how we have to help them. Everyone wanted to share stories and their testimonies.

It has been a week of doubt, miracles, sadness and never ending happiness! I don't know how all of this was possible. This week I have been so worried about my family, the family who lost their family members and my ward. I know that God knows what is best and He will make it happen. He may use one of his other children to do it, but he will do it. He won't always wait until we are in need of it, He will do it when he wants us to receive it and when we are humble enough or when we may want it. God is so loving he wants his Children to be happy and will do all He can. He even will give us trials because he knows we can handle them and that can give us a chance in the future to help others. However, sometimes we have to work for it and he will lead us to it! I have been studying a lot about the plan of salvation this week and wasn't sure why until everything that happened this week. He knew that I needed to be reminded of the wonderful plan and that I could share what I do know and even learn more and then apply it by sharing with others. I have seen the Lord's hand so much this week and am so glad that I am able to see it so close and personal! This has been an emotional roller coaster and I feel like coming home to try to help but I am reminded by my parents that those I love will be blessed for the time that I am serving! Things at home are changing so much and it will be so different. Some people missing and some people changed also, but I will be different too! I have had a great boost to my testimony this week and am so grateful for the knowledge I continue to receive and I hope you all will do a little something for yours as well. God Bless! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

"What Lack I Yet?"

Hey Y'all,

What a great week! Sadly I just wrote a big letter to you all and it just deleted! So this one is going to smaller and I will try to include everything.

This week was amazing and so close to making my favorite week, but definitely my favorite week in Hillsborough! Today even we are going to have a sisters day.

On Monday we had a great lesson and dinner with our Recent Converts. They are mom and daughter and are great! They are so amazing and I am jealous I wasn't one of the missionaries to teach them from the beginning. I love them and they are great examples to me and they love the gospel. We will see them tonight and they are going to give me a hair cut.

On Wednesday we had Zone Training! It was great and I loved it. We had great lessons and great instruction given. Especially by our Zone Leaders. They talked about everything that I have been thinking about. They talked about how some of us may be thinking that we are at a stand still part in our missions where we don't see ourselves improving and being better. They asked us the question and asked to be working on trying to answer it the best "What Lack I yet?" I have been having terrible problems and complications with thinking that I am not improving and that my motivation and service is beginning to decrease. I am seeing the difference in my effort that I gave so strongly in Garner and feel like I am lacking here in Hillsborough! I knew that this was meeting and the instruction given by them was an answer to prayer and so glad that they talked about it. I love our Zone Leaders and so glad to hear them say that they are trying to show their love for us. At the end of the meeting they asked me to bare my testimony on Christ I read in 3 Nephi 11. I didn't know what to say but I knew that the spirit was there. I could feel the spirit testifying to me that everything that I was saying was true. It was an amazing day.

On Saturday, it was probably the busiest day of the week. We bake with a sister Tried to see and investigators and did service for another. We then drove over to the church. We had a ward barbecue. we planned for only about 30-50 people to be there. We ran out of meat twice and then a majority was nonmembers. We had one particular family come who has been watching the building being built and has been waiting for the ward to have an activity so that they could come. It was amazing and so great! She agreed to come for a church tour next Sunday and then stay after for church. She had her 3 teenager with her. She is a Casual Methodist. Her kids don't have a church they belong to. she said that she is looking for one. It was a wonderful time. I got to meet some more members and less-actives. we had at least 150 show up. My companion and I had a soda chugging contest and lets just say it was all over when someone said "Don't forget to burp after!" I lost it and started chocking and boy it hurt!!!!

Sunday was my favorite day of the week. We had youth and a return missionary who served in Colorado Springs talk. The youth talked about there experiences at girls camp and there scout camp  backpacking trip. Elder Smith gave a great talk and every experiences he talked about I recognized. It was great to hear of home! His last place to serve was in Woodland Park. :)

Sorry this is so short. I lost it and have lost time to rewrite it! However, this week was an answer to pray and I know that the Lord is mindful of me and even all of you! I am glad for all there time I have been given and the time I have left to serve and testify of Christ! Every day I feel my testimony grow and I feel the spirit! Its hard but so worth it. I love all the people I am meeting and there strong determination and testimonies they share. We have so much to look forward to this week. We are giving two church tours to families one who may start investigating and another who is a part member. Hope you all have a great week!


Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Power of Discernment

Hey Y'all,

Well what a week! Can't believe another one has gone by! Lots has happened! I got to met the Mission President over the phone! We had someone send us a picture of a card and someone opened it in the mail. We called President James and he said he was an attorney and that he would help take care of it! I told him I didn't know who else to call and he was so loving! Just like that I have been praying for an understanding that President James has been called of God to serve here with us and just simply through trying to figure out a legal issue I knew! He is so great and I can't wait till our "Hello" Zone Conference on the 14th to obviously met him!

On Monday we had a crazy day lots to do, but the lord allowed us to slow down a little and met someone while we were shopping. We had everything planned and went shopping at Walmart we got all the way home and realized we forgot Milk so we ran over to Food Lion down the street. As we came out this man stopped us and thanked us for dressing modestly and said he noticed that before he noticed our tags. He started talking about the Bible and he just talked and talked as we listened. He was all over the place. He talked about the Bible and how it is our way to salvation and we need to study it, to we need to stop building temples and churches and use that money and help the poor. He talked about that he once read the Book of Mormon but he wants to know the Bible back to back before he starts to read and learn from more scripture. He told us that he became to much of the world and lost his children and family. He cried and we told him about Tithing and bore testimony. He didn't really listen to us but we just listened. We said our goodbyes and left. It was weird but we know he needed top talk and tell us his testimony then for us to tell him ours. It was a weird and awkward but it was very amazing and humbling experience. We were in the Lords timing and we were there for that man. A son of God!

On Thursday we had lunch with a member and then helped her brother at his produce stand. He runs on farmers market outside by our apartment and we came to help him move some fruit and he gave us a water melon. He is not a member but he is very nice and always love to see us. We had our weekly planning and then went over to a less active family for dinner. They are Alabama and have been in the area for about 6 years. The dad went on a mission to Idaho. They were so sweet and there 13 year old son asked us lots of questions about serving a mission. We had pizza and they made us snow cones and cotton candy. They had there own machine was awesome! I got to make my own and learned how to make Cotton Candy! We saw what Humidity does to it though! :) haha. I don't know the reason to why they aren't coming to church and being a part of it but I didn't feel like asking was a good idea. The whole time we were there I kept wanting to ask and I kept thinking what can we do to help this family be more active and how it can bless there family. The parents left and we stayed in the kitchen with the aunt and talked. I finally got an answer. I had a thought come to me and it was to just to create a relationship and give them a lesson and continue visiting and be patient with the rest. Later Sister Galloway talked about it and she felt the same way. It was great! The whole time we were with them I felt so comfortable and so excited to talk with them. We talked about his mission. We were there longer than planned but I was glad to be able to create a relationship. They are a great family and I feel so much love for them.

On Saturday we had a very interesting 4th of July celebration. We went with a member and went to a parade. We walked around talking to people. As we would come up to people they would give us a look and then walk away. We did however talk to an older man and he got really interested in Genealogy. It was weird not being able to see fireworks and be in a parade but I did get to have frozen Custard and we met some amazing people at the parade. It was a great day and I was not expecting it to go well! Lol!

Sunday. we got a ride to church and we taught the Gospel Principles. The teacher for the class  asked us this morning of if we would teach. We were really nervous but so glad that everyone in the class wanted to talk and give comments. We didn't feel like we were teaching we were all discussing the lesson (Which was the Law of Chastity). It was great and is how all of our lesson should go.

However, We didn't get to see any of our investigators but we did have great lessons and time with our less actives. I can see that this area will push me more than in Garner, but I am really loving it here! Hillsborough has it's own way of difficulty but also great potential, I hope that I can be someone to help lift it and help the people here! Love it and can't wait what this week will bring! I even finished reading the Book of Mormon and started again! I am ready to learn something new this time around and be able to apply what I learn! Have a great week y'all!


Sister Tayler Farr