Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Power of Discernment

Hey Y'all,

Well what a week! Can't believe another one has gone by! Lots has happened! I got to met the Mission President over the phone! We had someone send us a picture of a card and someone opened it in the mail. We called President James and he said he was an attorney and that he would help take care of it! I told him I didn't know who else to call and he was so loving! Just like that I have been praying for an understanding that President James has been called of God to serve here with us and just simply through trying to figure out a legal issue I knew! He is so great and I can't wait till our "Hello" Zone Conference on the 14th to obviously met him!

On Monday we had a crazy day lots to do, but the lord allowed us to slow down a little and met someone while we were shopping. We had everything planned and went shopping at Walmart we got all the way home and realized we forgot Milk so we ran over to Food Lion down the street. As we came out this man stopped us and thanked us for dressing modestly and said he noticed that before he noticed our tags. He started talking about the Bible and he just talked and talked as we listened. He was all over the place. He talked about the Bible and how it is our way to salvation and we need to study it, to we need to stop building temples and churches and use that money and help the poor. He talked about that he once read the Book of Mormon but he wants to know the Bible back to back before he starts to read and learn from more scripture. He told us that he became to much of the world and lost his children and family. He cried and we told him about Tithing and bore testimony. He didn't really listen to us but we just listened. We said our goodbyes and left. It was weird but we know he needed top talk and tell us his testimony then for us to tell him ours. It was a weird and awkward but it was very amazing and humbling experience. We were in the Lords timing and we were there for that man. A son of God!

On Thursday we had lunch with a member and then helped her brother at his produce stand. He runs on farmers market outside by our apartment and we came to help him move some fruit and he gave us a water melon. He is not a member but he is very nice and always love to see us. We had our weekly planning and then went over to a less active family for dinner. They are Alabama and have been in the area for about 6 years. The dad went on a mission to Idaho. They were so sweet and there 13 year old son asked us lots of questions about serving a mission. We had pizza and they made us snow cones and cotton candy. They had there own machine was awesome! I got to make my own and learned how to make Cotton Candy! We saw what Humidity does to it though! :) haha. I don't know the reason to why they aren't coming to church and being a part of it but I didn't feel like asking was a good idea. The whole time we were there I kept wanting to ask and I kept thinking what can we do to help this family be more active and how it can bless there family. The parents left and we stayed in the kitchen with the aunt and talked. I finally got an answer. I had a thought come to me and it was to just to create a relationship and give them a lesson and continue visiting and be patient with the rest. Later Sister Galloway talked about it and she felt the same way. It was great! The whole time we were with them I felt so comfortable and so excited to talk with them. We talked about his mission. We were there longer than planned but I was glad to be able to create a relationship. They are a great family and I feel so much love for them.

On Saturday we had a very interesting 4th of July celebration. We went with a member and went to a parade. We walked around talking to people. As we would come up to people they would give us a look and then walk away. We did however talk to an older man and he got really interested in Genealogy. It was weird not being able to see fireworks and be in a parade but I did get to have frozen Custard and we met some amazing people at the parade. It was a great day and I was not expecting it to go well! Lol!

Sunday. we got a ride to church and we taught the Gospel Principles. The teacher for the class  asked us this morning of if we would teach. We were really nervous but so glad that everyone in the class wanted to talk and give comments. We didn't feel like we were teaching we were all discussing the lesson (Which was the Law of Chastity). It was great and is how all of our lesson should go.

However, We didn't get to see any of our investigators but we did have great lessons and time with our less actives. I can see that this area will push me more than in Garner, but I am really loving it here! Hillsborough has it's own way of difficulty but also great potential, I hope that I can be someone to help lift it and help the people here! Love it and can't wait what this week will bring! I even finished reading the Book of Mormon and started again! I am ready to learn something new this time around and be able to apply what I learn! Have a great week y'all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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