Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Great Week Over and Gone!

Hey Y'all,

Another Great week over and gone! Its amazing to know that next week will be my 8 month mark! Not sure if I am Okay with that fact. I am so glad to be here in Hillsborough. North Carolina in general is amazing and so glad that I am here.

First off we have been given to counsel from our mission President. It has changed our nightly routine. We must use our night time hours 6-9 as prime proselyting time. We must be out dinner appointments by 6.Its our first big adjustment to change. I definitely was kind of set back. I could see the benefit and was okay with it and even noticed that we do spend a good amount of time in our dinner appointments and that we may not even get appointments during our evenings. We are trying to make a smooth adjustments. It makes it hard for the members. Especially for the families who have husbands working late. I know that this is a counsel President James has received from God and that it is what our mission needs at this time. Sadly this week We saw that the outcome of not fully being obedient to the new clarification. I will tell the story later.

Tuesday we had a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our investigator who has issues with her memory. We finally got her to understand and she was even able to answer our questions without being worried she would get them wrong. She has committed to come to church on Sunday. We gave service to a sister who has been at the hospital for a while and got to help her print some stamps from a software. We cleaned her floors and helped restock her closet with boxes for her dialysis. She was so sweet and we could see her stress go away as we helped her get some house work done which she isn't able to do anymore. One thing I love about serving is to see how much just a little time spent with the members and those who need visits mean to those we see. I absolutely love seeing there frowns turn to smiles by the time we leave.

On Friday we had a great lesson with a less active brother who we have been trying to see the entire time while I have been here and even while Sister Galloway has been here. We finally didn't have to leave a note on his door. We got to know him more and his conversion story. We shared Alma 37:6. It all started with sending him scriptures in a text. A Scripture of the Day has worked miracles for us We then had dinner with a less active/ active family. This is where the story of the new rule comes. So we had dinner with this family and had great lesson with them where we got the parents to bear testimony to there three kids. We planned on just sharing a Scripture but I thought of the game with have been sharing with families called "The Game of Sacrifice." (You will have to wait to know what it is). In the end it got the parents to testify of the gospel and the atonement to their kid. After the lesson they started to open up to us telling us experiences they had in the past. We lost track of time. They wanted to make us Cotton Candy. By the time we got out of there house it was 8. We had a lesson at 7:30 with another less active male. We were going to get picked up at 7:20. When we realized what time it was we saw that the sister who was going to come had called us probably every minute. We scared her to death. We were 40 minutes late and never called us back. We heard she posted on the Facebook page that she couldn't find us and couldn't get a hold of us. You can imagine how scared she was. We were horrible and felt so dumb. Luckily she doesn't hate us. It was an eye opener to me of how much the Ward loves us. Even this one sister. She was so scared she even drove to social services. We had tons of members calling us and texting us to see if we were alright. It was one crazy evening. We Saw the down slide of not being fully obedient to this new rule. However, To be fully honest. I hadn't felt the love I did when I got here right away like when I got to Garner. I definitely have it now. I have been hoping for away to show the members and less actives of the ward that I am a great missionary and that I really want to bless their families. In the end they blessed mine.

On Saturday, we had only 1 lesson out of 4 planned. We got to do service and then for all those that didn't follow through we packed. I am so glad that we move Wednesday and I can feel the pain of those who hate to pack. I don't know how military families do it. We don't have that much stuff and it is still a pain. Even the stress that it brings.

Sunday was another great Sabbath. We got a call from the 2nd counselor in the ward. We were asked to give a talk. (It reminded me of Dad). When we saw the name we were like "oh no someone is giving a talk." We had hoped it was for our move. He asked us to give a talk. He only wanted it one and wanted us to decide. We couldn't so we asked him to choose. So he just had both of us talk. It was great and definitely one topic I knew I need to work on. Scripture Study. We both did a great job. we both shared experiences. I wish I could have added some stuff but 10 minutes was not long enough. However, they did make it the theme for the whole day. One scripture that stood out a ton me that I used in my talk was 2 Nephi 28:30. where we learn line upon line and precept upon precept. Great day and great topic and wonderful lessons. I love when The Relief Society is full of the sisters talking and giving comments instead of one sister doing all the talking. I love it!

Well that's my week! Hope you have a great week this week! And I would like to wish Cameren and Brenden and all of the Mountain Shadows ward Good Luck in Seminary this year. I wish with the knowledge I am getting know from using it everyday that I pay more attention. Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Monday, August 17, 2015

Agency- It's a funny thing!

Hey Y'all,

Well first off Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad! It has been amazing 20 years of being with you and having you there for me and each other and glad to know you had 5 years together before me! Best parents ever!

This week was one where nothing bad happened and lots of good happened. As you know we are moving soon to a new apartment and I am both excited and dreading the fact that we still have to be completely packed before we have our moving day on the 25th. We are not to far along, but I can honestly say I will dread moving the rest of my life. However, we did have great things happen this week. We had great lessons set up which all canceled except one. One of them was with a potential investigator. we got a call the night before the lesson from a sister in the ward. The first thing she said was "what do you need?" Um... well I was kind of thinking sorry you called us first....She said " I felt prompted to call you, Do you need anything?" We didn't think of anything but needing boxes. We just decided to invite her to the lesson and made plans for it. we felt that our investigator must need her testimony. Sadly though the next morning during studies she canceled and so we just went to lunch with the member and she invited a non-member to come with us! I was very confused why did God prompt her to call us to come and then not have it follow through. I realized later during the day that maybe it was planned to follow through with the lesson but she used her agency (which God can't control) and it ended up not working out. I noticed I assumed that since it was the way God wanted it to go it would got perfect because he helped it happen the right way and how it should have gone. As much as we were bummed that we didn't see her we know in the future to have come with us. From this I noticed just how much God loves us and was willing to give us our agency. He can help us but then we are to choose and he may be disappointed with us or happy with the choices we make. Or simply he prompted her to call us just to test her and see if she would follow the prompting. It really could be anything but I know some thing God is in everything, but he then steps back and lets us do our part. He wants it to go one way but we then can make it go another.

Another experience this week was we had an appointment with a less-active brother. We forgot to ask someone to come with us and so we were trying to think of someone to go last minute. Luckily we both thought of the same person and she was able to pick us up and come with us. It was probably the best lesson I have had with a less active. He is Agnostic after having a hard time and past. He was "kicked out" of the singles ward and felt unwelcome as he went to the family ward. He stopped coming and destroyed his scriptures and his blessing. He has never been married, and never has had kids. He is a history teacher at a college. He just seems so sad. He feels so lonely but wants to be around people. I had no idea what to say and so we tried top share a scripture but he didn't understand it. He felt uncomfortable saying a prayer. He told us though that his students were everything to him. I felt so useless! I didn't know what to do so I told him about my brother.  I told him that he is not married never had kids is still in a family ward and sometimes sit by himself during church. But he knows who loves him and serves the Lord with all his heart, and he fulfills his callings to his best capacity. He has his siblings getting married and he still isn't but he knows its all on the Lords time. He kind of looked at me weird. I am not sure he appreciated it but I almost wanted to say that he is just angry with God! I hate not knowing what to do and having to remember that I can do anything but he still has his agency and choose to do whatever he wants.

I have learned that everything is in the perfect timing that God wants it, but it can change so quickly and maybe we don't see God helping us when we use our amazing gift of agency is not the best way!

Sunday was great and I really enjoyed the lesson by Ezra Taft Benson on the elderly. It reminded me of all the years I worked at PACE. I noticed that maybe I did learn something from the people their. I remember learning to be happy in life and to have a great attitude toward life and continue enduring!

Overall, I learned this week that Enduring to the End truly is the hardest thing God has asked us to do, but it is so rewarding! We had that chance to teach the Plan of Salvation and when we talked about when we have judgment. I realized it will never be something scary and God criticizing us on what we should have done or what we didn't do. No! it will be a happy occasion. He will congratulate us, he will reward us and he will be proud of the things we did well and how we used our agency for good and helped our brother and sisters.

What as week it was but so glad that I get another one and I hope you all have a great week and always remember God is with you! Love you all! Love y'all so much!

"And inasmuch as ye are humble and faithful and call upon my name, behold, I will give you the victory." Doctrine and Covenants 104:82

Love Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Another great week and end to another transfer!

Hey Y'all,

Another great week and end to another transfer! Glad to be saying that I am staying in Hillsborough for another 6 weeks with Sister Galloway! It was a great week. Lots to do and lots of many tender mercies and miracles. And those are the best weeks ever!

Tuesday we had breakfast with a sister who is less active. We have been sending out scriptures in texts a lot and we finally got feedback from some. We talked and she invite us over. We had a hard time finding it. We had a great visit and found out why she doesn't come and why she stopped. She has a great testimony. She is even from Colorado. Another crazy story that happened today was that we had a great lesson with a sister. She wanted to know what all I got for my birthday and so I pulled out my camera to show her. We left her with a message and then drove home. We got halfway when I realized my camera was gone. Of course those who know me know that I am good at freaking out. I was a mess. We called her to see if i left it there. She couldn't find it.  Again I freaked and then we drove back to see if I dropped it on the ground. My companion was so great and she had us pray. quickly I felt a peace sweep over me. Yet we got there and couldn't find it. I got back in the car and again freaked. I knew if I didn't find it I would have to tell Kory I lost my camera that he gave me. I also realized that I had lost my pictures from the last 7 months of my mission. I prayed again and boy I knew God was watching out for me. I felt that warm love and I just remember being able to calm down enough and try to see if maybe I dropped it until the sisters couch. She left us in and thankfully I found it shoved in between the couch cushions. It was so amazing. I poured my soul out in gratitude and boy I felt dumb. I probably was a mess and probably made my companion laugh at me a little. I saw that God watched over me. Let me calm down, retrace my steps. I didn't really lose it and he knew that. If I learned anything from this situation and from countless stories like it. There is really no point in freaking out and the simplest thing that I could be freaked out about it was important to me and God knew that! Amazingly too I noticed I was more worried about having to tell Kory than having to have lost all those pictures. All in all I am glad I didn't have to do either.

Sunday of course was another great day! Again Mekena was right that Sunday is like your saving Grace! I love being able to just relax at church feel the spirit and enjoy every talk, and lesson. It was hard to see some of the moms who had to drop there Missionaries off this week. It kind of made me think of when I left. They asked us lots of questions and there children were all puffy eyed and sad faced. I am so glad that even though they didn't want them to leave they let them. They will definitely return with honor. Our Gospel Principles were on The signs of the second coming and it really occurred to me that the reason we have signs are for our benefit to prepare ourselves and not to just say "Hey, I'm coming. Ready or not!" Relief Society was harder. We had a lesson on family. The one who gave the lesson would cry a lot when she talked about her son who just left to Brazil and it was making me think of home and boy i was holding back so hard. They asked us to think of examples of Noble women. My mother, Grandmas, and aunts and my young women, primary leaders came to mind and boy what an emotional spiritual experience. Even those who were not my mom really had a impact on me. I would list all of you but I don't think i would have room. It is a never ending list. I can add some more just by those I have meet on my mission. This church is truly one big family!

We did get a text this week from an investigator who we have lost contact and who is grateful that we send her texts with scriptures. We received a referral. We even were given an investigator from the Elders who would rather have us teach her. Things are looking up and so glad that everything is seeming to work out. I love North Carolina! It may be hot and I may be tired all the time but never had I had more fun, more energy and strength. I love all that I do as a representative of Jesus Christ!

Have a great week y'all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, August 7, 2015

"I Will Hush Your Fears"

Sister Anderson and I on Exchanges!
Hey Y'all,

I have got to say that this was a hard week! Having my birthday did make it better. We have been struggling finding people to teach. We have started focusing a lot on our finding tools and of course all we can think to really do is tract. We have had great lessons with our recent converts and I got a hair cut from one of them. Only lost 2 inch's.

Sister Galloway wrote on me!
Face paint on Pioneer Day!
On Tuesday we had a big Zone conferences! (We had a lot of meetings this month). It was all on finding. Yeah! Ironic huh! Nope I don't think so!!!! It was what we needed and it was amazing! We have been trying really hard to apply what we learned but it is coming so slow! One thing President James had us do was prepare a 4 minute presentation on the Restoration and then present to him and his wife. We didn't feel quite prepared and didn't get to present but I got great ideas to add to other lessons from other missionaries. We were asked to create 6 more 4 minute lessons so we can do it whenever we need to and so I have been personally been trying that but not quite there yet! Yet it was great and I really needed it and knew that God has answered our questions of the soul and let us know what we needed. A lot that was said was that when you feel like quitting just go one step further and God will help. I was not sure I understood but then when we had our exiting testimony. One Elder who is serving in the Mebane ward told us a story about an Old man and a young man who is asking the old man for advice. So they come to the Ocean. He brings him over to the deep end and then pushes him under the water and when he lets him go he says "When you care more about what you want than you want to breathe then you will get what you want!" I really thought about that powerful statement. Am I really putting my time and effort in 100% to the point where I want more than I would want to breathe? Am I really trying my best. Yeah, sometimes we might spend to much time on Facebook, or at lessons with less-active, and with members. Some of them need it and I think its okay or am I not trying hard enough. Really I have noticed after this week that maybe their is no perfect complete answer. I may be giving my all and just need another push. I may need to evaluate myself! As I write this I see that I may a little to hard on myself! I am trying! I know that and of course God knows that! I know that as we continue we will be successful. I may need to change my attitude and my execution but things will work out. I need to be on my knees more trying 100% to get my efforts in the way and will of Lords and do his work! It is going to be a roller coaster but like the prophet says Enjoy the Journey!

All my presents! Thank you so much!
On Friday it was my birthday! I woke up to a great gift from Sister Galloway and she made me breakfast. We had studies and went to do Facebook and had Burritos at a great Mexican store called Colorado Burrito. My companion even paid for lunch. We were on our way to go to dinner where a member was making me a special dinner and our families Texas Sheet cake when she called sounding bad. Well, long story short we didn't go and so we had dinner at Wendy's and had frosty. It was great but I was bummed but I was also scared about the sister. It has been a bad couple of weeks for her and I knew she really was glad that I asked to have dinner with her for my birthday. She is amazing! We are making up the time though! She is doing much better and she come to church! :) After dinner we went to go to our evening appointment and tract until 7  but I wanted to see another Sister so we went to see her instead. We had a great lesson with her and she finally opened up to us and we just couldn't leave. When we did leave we were running late and we ran into a man who Sister Galloway had given a Book of Mormon last transfer. It went great! He doesn't want to have us come but was open to us helping with his home. We had a great lesson with another Sister who is a returning Less- active and she invited us for dinner this Saturday. We got home and I found my big package from home! It was so great and a great end to my day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
Nice surprise

On Sunday we had a great lesson in Relief society and we had the young women there with us. It made me think of the times we need that at home in the Mountain Shadows ward when I was a beehive. We talked about the talk from this past April conference by Elder Bednar on Hushing our fears. I advise you to all read it again. It helped me with all my fears with this weeks hard time of Homesickness and not having people to teach. It helped me to see that Fear isn't bad. It is a motivator only if we let it be though. It can also help us believe in God and more and leads us to study more and try to be more like the Savior1 I couldn't help but think about this past month and all things me and my family have been dealing with and I could see fear of the unknown and the sadness of losing a loved one! and a feeling of anger. But I loved that every time we talked about Fear we all included the Savior and his atonement and how it helps overcome any kind of Fear. I could see that this is what I have been feeling that my fear of not being a successful missionary and not doing my best has turned into fear. but I will choose to allow it to be my motivator. My companion has told me countless times that "Faith is the foundation, Hope is the motivation, and Charity is the Application.
My cookies face!
Have a great week y'all and thank you again for my birthday wishes and Gifts! It was a great birthday!


Sister Tayler Farr