Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Great Week Over and Gone!

Hey Y'all,

Another Great week over and gone! Its amazing to know that next week will be my 8 month mark! Not sure if I am Okay with that fact. I am so glad to be here in Hillsborough. North Carolina in general is amazing and so glad that I am here.

First off we have been given to counsel from our mission President. It has changed our nightly routine. We must use our night time hours 6-9 as prime proselyting time. We must be out dinner appointments by 6.Its our first big adjustment to change. I definitely was kind of set back. I could see the benefit and was okay with it and even noticed that we do spend a good amount of time in our dinner appointments and that we may not even get appointments during our evenings. We are trying to make a smooth adjustments. It makes it hard for the members. Especially for the families who have husbands working late. I know that this is a counsel President James has received from God and that it is what our mission needs at this time. Sadly this week We saw that the outcome of not fully being obedient to the new clarification. I will tell the story later.

Tuesday we had a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our investigator who has issues with her memory. We finally got her to understand and she was even able to answer our questions without being worried she would get them wrong. She has committed to come to church on Sunday. We gave service to a sister who has been at the hospital for a while and got to help her print some stamps from a software. We cleaned her floors and helped restock her closet with boxes for her dialysis. She was so sweet and we could see her stress go away as we helped her get some house work done which she isn't able to do anymore. One thing I love about serving is to see how much just a little time spent with the members and those who need visits mean to those we see. I absolutely love seeing there frowns turn to smiles by the time we leave.

On Friday we had a great lesson with a less active brother who we have been trying to see the entire time while I have been here and even while Sister Galloway has been here. We finally didn't have to leave a note on his door. We got to know him more and his conversion story. We shared Alma 37:6. It all started with sending him scriptures in a text. A Scripture of the Day has worked miracles for us We then had dinner with a less active/ active family. This is where the story of the new rule comes. So we had dinner with this family and had great lesson with them where we got the parents to bear testimony to there three kids. We planned on just sharing a Scripture but I thought of the game with have been sharing with families called "The Game of Sacrifice." (You will have to wait to know what it is). In the end it got the parents to testify of the gospel and the atonement to their kid. After the lesson they started to open up to us telling us experiences they had in the past. We lost track of time. They wanted to make us Cotton Candy. By the time we got out of there house it was 8. We had a lesson at 7:30 with another less active male. We were going to get picked up at 7:20. When we realized what time it was we saw that the sister who was going to come had called us probably every minute. We scared her to death. We were 40 minutes late and never called us back. We heard she posted on the Facebook page that she couldn't find us and couldn't get a hold of us. You can imagine how scared she was. We were horrible and felt so dumb. Luckily she doesn't hate us. It was an eye opener to me of how much the Ward loves us. Even this one sister. She was so scared she even drove to social services. We had tons of members calling us and texting us to see if we were alright. It was one crazy evening. We Saw the down slide of not being fully obedient to this new rule. However, To be fully honest. I hadn't felt the love I did when I got here right away like when I got to Garner. I definitely have it now. I have been hoping for away to show the members and less actives of the ward that I am a great missionary and that I really want to bless their families. In the end they blessed mine.

On Saturday, we had only 1 lesson out of 4 planned. We got to do service and then for all those that didn't follow through we packed. I am so glad that we move Wednesday and I can feel the pain of those who hate to pack. I don't know how military families do it. We don't have that much stuff and it is still a pain. Even the stress that it brings.

Sunday was another great Sabbath. We got a call from the 2nd counselor in the ward. We were asked to give a talk. (It reminded me of Dad). When we saw the name we were like "oh no someone is giving a talk." We had hoped it was for our move. He asked us to give a talk. He only wanted it one and wanted us to decide. We couldn't so we asked him to choose. So he just had both of us talk. It was great and definitely one topic I knew I need to work on. Scripture Study. We both did a great job. we both shared experiences. I wish I could have added some stuff but 10 minutes was not long enough. However, they did make it the theme for the whole day. One scripture that stood out a ton me that I used in my talk was 2 Nephi 28:30. where we learn line upon line and precept upon precept. Great day and great topic and wonderful lessons. I love when The Relief Society is full of the sisters talking and giving comments instead of one sister doing all the talking. I love it!

Well that's my week! Hope you have a great week this week! And I would like to wish Cameren and Brenden and all of the Mountain Shadows ward Good Luck in Seminary this year. I wish with the knowledge I am getting know from using it everyday that I pay more attention. Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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