Wednesday, September 2, 2015

8 Months

Hey Y'all,

Wow! Yet another week gone and complete! I realized too that today marks 8 months. Crazy! What a great week to make it to 8 months. Crazy to think I am almost halfway.

This week started crazy. We did lots of last minute packing which ended with us being an hour early of being ready for the Elders and the Senior Missionaries to come help us! We moved on Wednesday morning! The new apartment is great and we love it! It is definitely an upgrade from the other. I feel much safer and we have much more room. It has been an adjustment, but we are very happy about our new place.

Tuesday we had interviews with President James. Our first ones with him! Of course my first one with him I cried! He was very sweet and very inspiring he has asked me to start reading Jesus The Christ during my studies and I can see that this is going to be great! All I need is to be able to understand what it is saying! So far I am loving it! We had our district meeting before we had interviews. We found out halfway through that the interview times were messed up and so we may have to change our plans. We didn't leave the building till 3:30 and we were supposed to be having our interviews at 12. Crazy day! We all waited and had lunch and played Book of Mormon Baseball. It was lots of fun! So the game is where you have someone player A says "Pitch" and someone flip through the Book of Mormon and then say "Hit" Player B where ever they land in the Book of Mormon. They can say left or right fir the page and then Left or right for the column- Player B. Then you go up and down the column for the verse. The other says stop- Player B. You read that verse and then try to guess where it is by the book, chapter, and verse. If you are close by 5 chapter you move to second base and if you get the verse by 5 you get third base and then if you get it right you get a home. It was a very fun interesting game and I felt proud of Book of Mormon skills, but I want to study it more and know where the stories are in it.

On Thursday we drove down to where we do transfers in Raleigh and had a combined Zone Conference with Elder Dube from the quorum of the Seventy who came to visit the mission. It was great and I got to see some people from Garner and lots of my favorite missionaries! Especially Sister Ibarra! She is one cute Trainer! I heard a lot that has happened in Garner too and miss them all. It was a great meeting and man the spirit ws there. We had a great instruction from Elder Dube who was so funny and was good at testifying about the Book of Mormon. One thing he did say that stood out to me was to never give a closed copy of the Book of Mormon. Always share something from it! President and sister James had us plan and practice before by role playing the Plan of Salvation. They had us go up to the stand to teach and then we as the audience would evaluate their teaching. We didn't get to share but we definitely have things we can add and work on. President James closed the meeting with a story about a family who son died and how he came to visit his parents and only the mother could hear his words because the father was to busy to listen. He told us we must never be too busy or to focused to not recognized and feel the spirit. It was very touching and for the first time I saw what kind of love and sweet person my mission president is. To see him cry and testify of the spirit and his Savior I knew that with him as our guide we will be able to do great things her in North Carolina. My love for him grew and I now know even more that the counsel he gives and will yet give is simply out of love, our protection, and our success! It was a great meeting. On the way home and when we got their I had never felt so spiritually and emotionally exhausted!

Sunday was another great Sabbath and I just love this ward. We had our Investigator who is very forgetful remember and came to church with us. She loved it and she always kept saying "It is just so different, but a good different." We had a great church tour, and she really enjoyed the Sacrament and the talks. The talks were on keeping the Sabbath day Holy and she was glued to the speakers. The third hour combined meeting was great to and she was very surprised by the Bishop as he was being a perfect example of being Lovingly Bold. He got very emotional at the end and she was very impressed with what he made her feel. Bishop came to ask her if she enjoyed church and was very nice. sister Galloway and I were very appreciative of his kindness to her as she is very close with her Pastor. We had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation with our 11 year old investigator. She is coming a long way and she was even willing to pray for the opening and wanted to give the closing prayer to practice. She is coming so far so quick and is very bright. She is just amazing!

Another Great week over and gone! I have come far over the last 8 months. I know that for sure! One major thing I know is that I am changing. I am learning and I am loving what I am becoming! I never knew I could hold all this love for these people and especially for my Savior! I know for certain that my testimony of this Gospel is so so much stronger! I know and can see the blessings it is having and the impact it has on individuals and families! Not only am I becoming a consecrate missionary, but I am becoming a converted disciple of Christ! In one more month I will be half way and as much as I hate to think that I can see so much that I have experienced and can't wait to see what else can happen! I hope y'all have a wonderful week and a wonderful first week of September! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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