Thursday, September 10, 2015

Desires of our Hearts

Hey Y'all,

Another great week over and complete! I have never experienced what I did this week and I am just high on the spirit. Haha!

Wednesday we had our district meeting and then went on exchanges! I got to go to Durham this time and I am so glad I did! It was great like always I was a bit nervous but I had a blast! I loved mostly that I didn't feel as though my Sister Training Leader was helping me with things but I got to help her with things. I always look forward to being able to talk about my concerns with them and this time I felt like I was the one who was doing most of the comforting. We first went to see a less active sister who lives in a nursing home. We talked and we shared Ether 12:27. She told us she used to work with autistic kids and how she loved those with disabilities because of how sweet and loving they are. I asked her how she decided to do that and she said because she had family who was handicapped and I told her of uncle Ricky and that I wan to be a Special Education teacher when I return home. She said you have to be strong for that but it will be rewarding. She asked why I wan to do that and I explained my brain injury to her and she just stared at me for what seemed like forever. She told us that she is afraid to become like a lot of those in the nursing home who has Alzheimer's and Dementia. That's what brought us to Ether 12:27. We told her that the weaknesses we have will not be forever. We are not meant to be perfect now and that this time here right now is for us to learn and grow. It was a great lesson. I had never thought that I would be able to testify so strongly about weaknesses like this before. I seriously thought I was saying and testifying too much!

After we had then finished the night with contacting some referrals we had planning and talked. We talked about our concerns, our desires, our wishes, and our goal in life. She told me things that I never thought of would be a concern for her. She told me of how much she wished it would go away. It was a desire she had that she wanted so badly that she felt that she kept thinking on it to much and didn't feel like she was completely serving with all her heart. I told her that she never has to give up her desires and neither does God. He wants what's best for her and all of us and that's why we are here. We are part of that help to those we need what we have and help them fulfill our desires. Yes, we need to push them aside for now but if she keeps thinking on it she can use it as a motivation and a goal to work towards. I could feel the spirit so strongly in that apartment and I just saw the love God must have for her and me! He wants us to be happy and never wants us to ever forget ourselves. We hear as missionaries that we need to "forget our serves and go to work." We need to lose ourselves in the work. I don't think that phrase really means what it may seem. I think  it means that as we forget and loose ourselves in his work we will find ourselves. We will find us and find that  we are happy when we serve God and take all we can from this life!

Thursday was by far the best day this week We met up and exchanged back we worked on Weekly Planning and had dinner with members. tracted her neighborhood and found someone who may be interested and then came back to the sisters house and met our 11 year old investigator there. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I didn't think it was going well and I felt like I was all over the place. When we got to Enduring to the end I asked her what she thought Endurance means. she thought for a minute and then said the most amazing answer. She said, "acceptance, acceptance in life, to be patient for what may come our way." We had a quiet moment and then the sister who's house we were at was crying and said " I have never thought of it that way, and you are only 11 years old!" I never have thought of it like that and I really believe it. We need patience. Life is long and sometimes Enduring to the end is hard and we may be impatient but it is something we have to accept and trust God with. We talked that all of these steps Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost are all able to help us to better endure to the end, but all is needed to return home. We got finished and we told her once again at the end of every lesson that she can know. She smiled this time and shook her head. Sister Galloway who I knew was following the spirit asked her if she has received that answer yet and she said she felt like she had but was still trying to make sure. I then felt an urge to invite her to baptism. I can honestly say that I have never felt his way about any of my investigators. I thought it was a good time to ask in the past but never did I feel like I was going to fall out of my chair if I didn't get to. I asked her and she said yes. She is praying about October 3 or 17.

I am so glad to have had these experiences this week and feel the spirit so strongly this week. I felt like I was even a little emotional and spiritual overloaded this week, but it was so worth it all! I am so excited to see what this week will bring and I can't wait to be able to tell y'all! Love you!

Sister Tayler Farr

P.S. Good luck to those who are hiking in the Pikes Peak challenge for those with Brain Injuries. I miss Pikes Peak!


Sister Tayler Farr

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