Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I'm getting Transferred.....already!

Hey Y'all,

As you tell I am getting Transferred! I totally thought I would be here for 6 months like in my first area, but it seems like I am needed somewhere else at this time. Also Sister Galloway is getting transferred so two new sisters will replace us and the term is called "white washing." We are trying really hard to make it easier for the new Sisters to have an easy time with taking over the area and not being completely lost. Trying to pack, write to the new sisters, find a ride to transfers all in just a couple of days is stressful but I am still functioning so I guess I am golden... for now. I will let you all know next week where I end up.

So this week was a great week and lots of Tender Mercies and great experiences. First, on Tuesday we had a great lesson  with our 11 year old investigator and taught the Law of Chasity. She is so mature and we had a great discussion. Not sure how it happened but we led into talking about how amazing she is and all things she wants in life and if she wants it she can get it! She cried and was emotional but was so very sweet and loving.

Wednesday, we had Zone Training and received new rules from President James. not quite sure if I understand them completely, but it was a great experience where I got to sustain the Missionary Handbook. We had a lesson with our other Investigator and watched "Finding Faith in Christ." We talked about it for awhile and I told her how amazing it is how one of the main characters who doesn't have a faith in Christ at the beginning but as they talked about Christ he gained that Faith. She then told me that he was so angry with God with him losing his wife. Having Thomas testify of him seeing Christ risen and resurrected that we too will. He felt that hope and then his heart was soften. I honestly never noticed that or made the connection but when she told me that I felt a bigger love for the Plan of Salvation and why we are always told to teach people the Plan of Salvation because we believe in Eternal families. I think this investigator is teaching me more than I am teaching her.

On Friday, we got to spend a coupe of hours with a sister in the ward who was celebrating 40 years of being a member. We talked about what she has learned so far in being a member. She asked us to and what we have learned the most on our missions. well, I noticed that that list is not complete and not fully where I want it to be but that it is getting filled quickly as I continue to serve. I told her that I see the impact the Gospel has on our life's and the day to day endeavors. Including the need for the Atonement even in the good days. We need to be happy and grateful and when we need help and are struggling we hold to what we know. It  was such a great time. She felt bad to tell us that she has finally finished reading the Book of Mormon all the way through and I told her that I wasn't a missionary till I did. Everything takes time and we need to be in a place where we have the desire. Everything is in god's time and she needed to finished it now. I have learned so completely that Everything Happens for a reason and if that happens you can know God id in every second and every moment. I can't wait to be where she is and celebrating my 40th year of a member of this Church. In only about 32 years or so! :)

We found out about Transfer new Friday night and lets just say I was so mad and not sure if I felt it was the right thing. I was praying and praying and hoping that President would call and tell us that it was a mistake and that I would be staying! I don't want to leave I feel that the work here is just now really going and that I need more time to get to know the members and to be here for my 11 year old investigators baptism. But I came across a Scripture in Alma 22 today and I felt that God was humbling me in a rebuke. With knowing that everything Happens for a reason I know now that I am meant to serve here for the time that I have and now its someone else turn to bless those here and how dare I question Christ's will. It's his work and he will have it go the way it is meant to and if someone else not in Hillsborough needs me for what I have and am then I need to be thinking of that and not dwelling on what is not meant to be. I feel much better knowing that it will all work out and what happens will and is supposed to happen. I can try to control it but God has more power and love and is going to have it his way. His way is the best way because he knows who I am and what my service can mean to some one and who I can truly become. What a humbling experience!

Sunday was the Primary Program and I missed seeing kid I have seen grow up and babysit, but they did a great job. It was so great to hear those Primary Songs and glad to hear I haven't forgotten them all. We had a great lesson in Relief Society on Pride and I remembered a talk that I read back while I was in training from President Benson. "Beware of Pride" and it just so happened that the lesson quoted from that very talk. After church we went over to a members home where we had another lesson with our investigator teaching Tithing and Fast Offerings. It went well the member gave a beautiful testimony. I was able to testify of when I could remember when my parents showed me the importance on paying tithing when the business we had for 5 years wasn't going well anymore. Even with that I could see that my parents still paid tithing. From that I see that we are where we are financially because of what my parents have shown to me and they taught me through example that paying tithing is a commandment but also a way for our Heavenly Father to bless us. It was great and we were able to get pictures!

Well another week gone and another transfer ended and now starting another. I will let you all know where I end up and also want to congratulate Katie for her Mission Call she should be getting this week! Love you all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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