Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Listen to the Saviors Voice!

Hey Y'all,

This week was great and I am glad to be able to say that after treatment still no sign of bed bugs. This week we used as much of the extra time we could put our apartment back together and basically move back in! But yesterday we thought we lost power when our main light fixture in our living room went out completely where we study and plan and where our desks are and so until we get it looked at our apartment is going to be really dark for awhile!

It's crazy to think that we have finished week 4 of the transfer and are starting week 5. I feel as though every week keeps getting faster which means the transfers are that much faster. We both are a little worried about what might happen. I really don't want to leave Dunn and neither does Sister Beard but I think I don't want to leave Sister Beard more! But we will see what God wants President to do.

So funny story on Monday we had dinner with a young family and taught them about temples and family history. They have a little boy and girl and expecting there third (girl) in July. Oh and the mom is going to school full time to be a doctor. They are amazing! We were talking about Family history and they pulled out some picture books they had each made for their families for Christmas a couple of years ago and found a familiar name in one of the books. I carry my fan chart with me and pulled it out and yep it was a familiar name. We are both related to Winslow Farr and Loren Farr! It was awesome and man what a small world in the Mormon world.

Wednesday was a great day! We had district meeting and had great role plays on listening and asking the right questions. The Zone leaders joined us and so our District leader had them be a distraction to us as we taught. It was hard and they were very over powering but it was a great lesson to learn that if I can block out annoying Elders randomly asking me if I have gotten my young women medallion over and over again while I am teaching I should be able to block out even myt need to think about what to say next or children playing in the background as we teach there parents. Asking the right questions was hard but it proved to just how important it is to really have a good study and allow the spirit to be there to know what to say and what to ask but also to be able to allow the spirit to be teacher. After the meeting we ditched the district to have lunch with the Bishop so we could go see a less active with him. I love Bishop Junker and he is a great Bishop who loves and cares very deeply for the members. He is willing to do anything for them. I have seen up front just how much bishops and there counselors sacrifice for the ward and even each one of there families. It's amazing and how much they are then blessed in return. We then had dinner with the Bishops family on Thursday! I love that family!

Friday was great to we got a member home. Our investigator is getting ready to get back to school and our WML's wife worked as someone who helps students get into college and calculate there GPA and so we all come together and was like a support for as they talked and then talked about the temple. She didn't come to church yesterday and we haven't heard from her so we are a bit worried. We know she is stressed we just don't know what to do. But at least God does and we can found out! I love teaching her and am excited for to be baptized in April!

We got a referral from Headquarters for a girl who wanted a bible. We set up an appointment and we saw her and man she is amazing. We told her who we were and then she just told us her life story and I mean the whole thing. She just told us everything she has gone through and what God has done for her. We didn't get to teach much but she even let us come back the next morning. We came back to find out that the people she lives with don't really want us to come back but she is so totally willing to met with us still if it means we have to met at McDonald's! Man a great tender mercy to be able to witness just by how much people are willing to sacrifice to learn about the restored gospel!

Saturday we had a crazy morning we had our apartment inspected....earlier than planned and then the Scott's who are our housing and fleet senior missionaries coordinators came while we had the inspection to bring us our new box springs. Honestly it has been weird after getting used to sleeping on the floor with our mattresses to now a tall box spring and bed frame. But glad to get them.

Sunday was great and literally we had the same topic all day with all the lessons.....Adversity! It was great! The talks were great and I loved the Relief Society lesson Sister Ginn (one of the mission mama's I call her) gave it. She did a great job and the spirit was there so strongly. At the end of the lesson I don't think there was a dry eye there including me. It was a room filled with so much love and kindness. We talked a lot about why we have to have affliction and trials and I have the answer has its part of the plan, but while we were listening and others gave comments I kept thinking that also not is it just that it is part of the plan. But it is so we can see just how much potential we have. We all have different things we go through some may seem like nothing to others but then others we may see "I am so glad that I don't have to go through that" however I know that God doesn't give us things we can't handle and we may never why we have to receive them but I saw yesterday with two sisters who are going through the same thing both at different stages. They didn't know each other very well and so after Church one of asked for us to introduce them to each other so they could talk. It was great to see and witness to that we may only receive a trail where sometime in the future it is so we can help others through the pain we once had or still having but are stronger now because of it! I love you all and hope you all have a very great and wonderful miracle witnessing week! Love you and I reckon you will see them if you are looking for them or finding them. You always have miracles and even have them Daily!

Sister Tayler Farr!


Sister Tayler Farr

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bed Bugs= gross & Members=Tender Mercies, & Bed Bugs now= dead and Gone!!!!

Hey Y'all,

So this week I have to say will be very memorable but was so hard, frustrating, stressful, and just a pain but so many great things happened and wonderful amazing people to help us and bless us! I have truly learned that everyday there is a miracle or a tender mercy you just have to look for it and be positive. It was really hard to find them but overall at least I am going to be blessed for serving our members and I know the members we stayed with will be blessed as well!

Monday we decided to use some of our early Preparation day to see a referral who we had set up a return appointment with. It was great and we are teaching them again tomorrow. We then used our evening to go shopping and went shopping with a member.

Tuesday is when we found the bugs. The Ward Mission Leader and his wife came so when the inspector came we didn't have to leave but we looked at the beds and our box springs had some. We found them before the guy came. We got permission to stay with them. It was great but so much to do to prepare for the treatment which was on Saturday. I learned really how much clothes and junk I have. It was like we moved them moved back in. CRAZY!!!

Wednesday we had Zone Training and one of my favorite instruction was when one of the sister training leader talked about Motivation. The spirit was so strong and I really needed it. I know hard times come but we got to push through them and when we are weak we can do the most good! We ate a district at Grandson after witnessing two elders getting in a car crash with mission cars.

Thursday we had interviews with President James and Sister James. Of course we had interviews this week. hahaha! it was great and I feel like every time I interview they get easier and easier and more just a conversation and less scary. President is so in tune with the spirit and I love being with him. I love how loving he is and I know he is here for us in the mission but also because I need him.

Sunday was a great Valentine's Day! Sister Beard gave a beautiful talk on fulfilling callings and The Knights gave her three words she had to use in it (Beautiful, pelican, and toothbrush!!!!) She used them all. hahaha. We started to put our apartment together and we are now bug free. We had dinner with a great couple who are from Colorado so we had lots to talk about and they gave a both valentine gifts.

Sorry this weeks letter is small but this week really was crazy. We didn't get much done but we got rid of our biggest problem. We even got huge lambs from our recent convert. I have learned this week that even in the worst possible time that you are rededicated to what you need to do Satan will through another curve ball and that is just to show that something great soon is going to come. We have great people we are teaching and great members who we are serving and serving with. For all we know the members we stayed with just needed us and we needed them. We may never know but for those that are living the gospel things will work out okay. I was sick this week, we didn't get a lot of teaching in, lost motivation and was even tempted by the worldly things, But we still served and were still blessed with finding a new investigator and her family. There are truly miracles and tender mercies in everyday we simple just have to look for them! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Monday, February 8, 2016

Another Crazy Week!

Hey Y'all,

Well this week has been crazy! We did a lot but also as we have strived to really get to work Satan seems to want to push us down. I got sick and Sister Beard is getting sick and is not feeling her best either! Thank you to sleep though! Also, did I mention we may even have bed bugs which we probably got from an investigator. We have an inspection tomorrow. We having still been getting hives and what looks like mosquito bites and we were told they might be bed bugs. We have been trying to figure what they are for a while! So we shall see!

Monday was great we spent the rest of our Preparation day with the some members: The Knights. We held baby Goats, played with their farm animals, pet a goat, and learned how to make rolls, and yogurt upside down cake (French style-the recipe was even in French). It was a lot of fun! I have some new talents! I can run after a goat and pick him up while he runs and I can make homemade God's soap. (Sister Knight calls it this because its made with all the things the bishop's storehouse gives.) I can even make rolls too. YAY!

Tuesday was an interesting day! We watched The Testaments with a less active. We had to set up her DVD player which was a struggle and so glad that I had brothers who taught me so I didn't feel completely stupid trying to plug it into the tv. Although we didn't have a remote and the DVD automatically set it to the ASL setting so we watched the entire movie with everything being signed. It was interesting and I thought of mom and the time she would sign for a sister in the ward. Glad to know I still remember some church signs.

Last week we had contacted a referral who we found out knew someone in the ward. She was interested in learning more so we came back on Wednesday before we went to the church for mutual. It was great and we plan to come back to teach her the full restoration. She loves her bible and is excited to start reading the Book Of Mormon. I love witnessing those that God prepares.

Thursday again we couldn't get enough of Sister Knight and she came with us to a lesson with our investigator and we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She did a great job and she shared a beautiful testimony. Our investigator love her. They even clicked and are going to get together soon so Sister Knight can help her possibly get into Campbell so she doesn't have to redo classes for the nursing program. It was like meant to be, our investigator has been worrying about school as she is ready to start school again.

Again like I said earlier I got sick this week and so it felt like the week may never end and even today I feel yucky but Saturday it was the worst, but I was glad to see our Recent Convert and have our usual meal at cracker barrel. But we decided to go to "Sweet Frog"  (frozen yogurt= delicious!!!!) after. We were talking about one of his roommate and sister Beard invited him to invite his roommate to come with us. We followed him after we ate to get him and all four of us had a great time at Sweet Frog. Our Recent Convert is turning into one great missionary. Funny story though earlier that day we saw a less active who was really hard of hearing who you really had to yell at for her to understand you. I didn't like having to yell at her but it was probably one of the quickest lesson I have ever had. She wasn't really up for a visit but it was great to see her and get to know her a little bit.

Sunday was great and I can't remember if I had said last week but the bishopric changed the time from 9-12 to 10-1pm. So it was the first Sunday to start at 10am. It was weird and the ward seemed to be confused. It was a crazy sacrament meeting. Their was a funeral this week with an older member and so we had extra people than usual. We literally were walking all over sacrament and only got to hear about 2 testimonies. There was two young girls who came who I didn't recognize. We found out that they were friends of some of the youth and one was a sister of an investigator with the Elders. They kept leaving so we made sure everything was okay a couple of times. It was crazy getting up and down but we could tell the girls were a bit nervous. We made new friends though! :)

We were afraid that we wouldn't get dinner because of the Super Bowl but a sweet couple who had lived in Colorado and was planning to watch the game fed us. We had a great super bowl dinner! Lots of food and glad we got to help them eat it! I am glad to know the Broncos won too. I thinks its pretty neat that the Broncos and the Panthers play while I am in North Carolina! Crazy!

Well I hope you all have a great week! I hope all goes well! Especially to Sister Morgan who leaves for her mission this week! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Monday, February 1, 2016

Church and the Sacrament was truly my saving Grace

Hey Y'all,

This week has been crazy and a lot to be grateful for. Sadly not a lot happened but like my title Sunday was the best day this week by far!

Tuesday we saw Emily again and watched "Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration" the movie that was shown in the Joseph Smith building. It was great! The spirit was so strong. At the end we talked about it and she said that it helps her to put things in perspective. It was a wonderful chance I got to share and bear my testimony to her. I love the ending of the Movie when Joseph Smith after he dies looks into heaven and says "My Lord, My God" I have watched this so many times before but that part hit me hard. I had a feeling of comfort and joy. I was so hoping that Emily felt it to. We talked about the how much they all had to endure but they never gave up. Joseph Smith died for the cause of the restored church. He never denied it because he knew even that God knew that he saw him and so he couldn't deny it. That also hit me. I may doubt and we all my doubt but God knows the spiritual experiences we have and so he is more disappointed in us and hope that we remember but is always willing to give us more to wake us up. Emily understood that very well! She is doing so well and I can't wait to see her this coming week too.

Friday we got to finally see a part member family who we have been trying to see for a while. We watched the "Mountain of the Lord" with them. It's about the building of the Salt Lake Temple. The family reacted to it in such a way I was not explaining. The kids were even saying they can't destroy God's home. The wife who is the non-member was talking about how she want her friend to be baptized who has past away. We talked about the inside a little and she was wondering why it is so "secret" and so we went onto and showed her different videos.

Sunday was great and so glad to be at church, We had Ward Conference and we had a great talk by a missionary in the ward who is leaving tomorrow for the MTC. He is great and will be a great missionary. They are a great family and so missionary minded. When we closed we sang "More Holiness Give Me" and I just couldn't sing. It was a hard to not cry and I have felt the spirit so strong as it talked about trials and hard times and motivation which I needed to hear and simply I just needed a good chance to listen to the words. I don't think I have ever felt the way I did than I did yesterday when I took the Sacrament. I never want to go without it again. In Relief Society we had a lesson from the Talk given in conference "A plea to my sisters" The sister who was giving the lesson at the end said we have to be there for one another. Even for those who are away from home and who need love. We need to stand together as a family. I again cried not because I am away from home but because I felt and knew that I am loved here in Dunn. Dunn is more the missionary I have noticed than for the Ward and for us to help it. Dunn has changed me and I love it here. The members are so great and so loving and willing to serve us. I have needed every one of the four blessings I have gotten here in Dunn from the members and every time I open up they are ready to listen and give love and kindness and I know they listen for the revelation they need to give me to help me. I know that the Lord is mindful of me because he knows me so well he knew I needed to come to Dunn to grow and then grow with Dunn. I am so excited for my Cousin Katie who in just a little over a week gets to leave for her 18 month journey and I know it will change her life and help her become better because it has changed me and it changes people. We are so close to the spirit and we depend so much on Christ and ask for his help and rely on him because that is all he asks of us. I wants us to turn to him and allow him to change us. He paid the hard times for us so they wouldn't be alone and so they could be bearable. I love everything I have learned about my Savior so far on this Journey and I am so grateful I am still here. Enjoy every minute Katie!!! Love you all!!!!

Sister Tayler Farr


Sister Tayler Farr