Monday, February 1, 2016

Church and the Sacrament was truly my saving Grace

Hey Y'all,

This week has been crazy and a lot to be grateful for. Sadly not a lot happened but like my title Sunday was the best day this week by far!

Tuesday we saw Emily again and watched "Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration" the movie that was shown in the Joseph Smith building. It was great! The spirit was so strong. At the end we talked about it and she said that it helps her to put things in perspective. It was a wonderful chance I got to share and bear my testimony to her. I love the ending of the Movie when Joseph Smith after he dies looks into heaven and says "My Lord, My God" I have watched this so many times before but that part hit me hard. I had a feeling of comfort and joy. I was so hoping that Emily felt it to. We talked about the how much they all had to endure but they never gave up. Joseph Smith died for the cause of the restored church. He never denied it because he knew even that God knew that he saw him and so he couldn't deny it. That also hit me. I may doubt and we all my doubt but God knows the spiritual experiences we have and so he is more disappointed in us and hope that we remember but is always willing to give us more to wake us up. Emily understood that very well! She is doing so well and I can't wait to see her this coming week too.

Friday we got to finally see a part member family who we have been trying to see for a while. We watched the "Mountain of the Lord" with them. It's about the building of the Salt Lake Temple. The family reacted to it in such a way I was not explaining. The kids were even saying they can't destroy God's home. The wife who is the non-member was talking about how she want her friend to be baptized who has past away. We talked about the inside a little and she was wondering why it is so "secret" and so we went onto and showed her different videos.

Sunday was great and so glad to be at church, We had Ward Conference and we had a great talk by a missionary in the ward who is leaving tomorrow for the MTC. He is great and will be a great missionary. They are a great family and so missionary minded. When we closed we sang "More Holiness Give Me" and I just couldn't sing. It was a hard to not cry and I have felt the spirit so strong as it talked about trials and hard times and motivation which I needed to hear and simply I just needed a good chance to listen to the words. I don't think I have ever felt the way I did than I did yesterday when I took the Sacrament. I never want to go without it again. In Relief Society we had a lesson from the Talk given in conference "A plea to my sisters" The sister who was giving the lesson at the end said we have to be there for one another. Even for those who are away from home and who need love. We need to stand together as a family. I again cried not because I am away from home but because I felt and knew that I am loved here in Dunn. Dunn is more the missionary I have noticed than for the Ward and for us to help it. Dunn has changed me and I love it here. The members are so great and so loving and willing to serve us. I have needed every one of the four blessings I have gotten here in Dunn from the members and every time I open up they are ready to listen and give love and kindness and I know they listen for the revelation they need to give me to help me. I know that the Lord is mindful of me because he knows me so well he knew I needed to come to Dunn to grow and then grow with Dunn. I am so excited for my Cousin Katie who in just a little over a week gets to leave for her 18 month journey and I know it will change her life and help her become better because it has changed me and it changes people. We are so close to the spirit and we depend so much on Christ and ask for his help and rely on him because that is all he asks of us. I wants us to turn to him and allow him to change us. He paid the hard times for us so they wouldn't be alone and so they could be bearable. I love everything I have learned about my Savior so far on this Journey and I am so grateful I am still here. Enjoy every minute Katie!!! Love you all!!!!

Sister Tayler Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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