Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Transfer Finished!!

Hey Y'all,

So another Transfer finished! Crazy! Sad news is that I am getting transferred again!!!........Just kidding I am staying in Dunn and staying with Sister Beard! Yay! I broke the streak! So this week was crazy! Winter finally decided to show itself and we got stuck inside! It was mostly from all the freezing rain! Our Car was covered in ice! We learned the hard way you have to defrost your car an hour before you have to go or you will be having to pick away the ice and snow! Never again will I forget that! We spent an unnecessary 15 minutes just doing the windshield! LOL!

Monday we went to Clinton to have a district P-Day! It was great! We played a game called Dot to Dot! I am totally playing that with my family! Its a work out but so fun. You make an obstacle course in the gym but have random items set up like we had a table on its side. The chair rack out and other big items. Whoever is "IT" makes the course and each dot. It is dark with little light then when they count we try to do the course but when he is finished counting we have to hit. If they get you you have to start over. It was so fun but it was hard. After our fun day we went to Fayetteville to exchange with the Lumberton Sisters. I stayed in Dunn this time and Sister Beard went to Lumberton! I am proud to say that I survived my exchange! I had a blast with Sister Higgins.

Wednesday we had district meeting and it was great! We all got to share stories about an experience that has shaped our testimonies and I of course shared my life story of having a Brain Injury pretty much all I shared in my Farewell talk. We then talked about how we need to allow those we teach also have these experiences. It was great and fit well with what we listened to on the World wide Missionary Broadcast! It was great broadcast although it would lose connection and some things we missed but other than that it was what I needed to hear. A lot about missionary work I have slacked off and on and not really tried to work harder in. We were told by Elder Oaks that we are to "cry repentance." Elder Bednar held a great discussion with missionaries about how we need the spirit but we are to help them recognize themselves and not point it out to them. We are going to apply just that. We know we have the spirit but sometimes we say "you are feeling the spirit." That is good but we need to let them figure it out for themselves. We talked about how we can find through Less actives and Members. We saw the difference between getting people to teach from members from our own effort and how the ones from members are most likely to be baptized. It was a big difference. I have definitely seen this to be true! Members are a great help in the work!

So Friday was a pretty crazy! Our electricity was flickering all day and we worked on Weekly Planning. Thursday we were in too so that was hard! I don't like staying inside!

Saturday we saw Douglas and had our usual lunch at Cracker barrel. We are still getting to the priesthood. He is almost there!

Sunday! WE DIDN'T HAVE CHURCH! I can't say I never missed church on my mission now!!! :) Weird not getting to have the sacrament. We were going to use our extra miles to go to Clinton to church but we decided to use them to see people who are live far. We had a lesson with our Investigator family. We taught them the Gospel Of Jesus Christ using the water, pepper, and dish soap object lesson with baptism and the Holy Ghost! No idea what this is? Ask a missionary!!!! We went to see some Less Actives and The Knights and The Lykins who's son is leaving in February for his Mission. We played Book of Mormon Baseball which I also plan to play with my family!

Well this was my week! Not a lot happened because of the weather! But I hope all is going well! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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