Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016....Sister Farr is now a year old on the Mission

Hey Y'all,

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I had a great time here in Dunn except the fact we went over on miles and have so much to do this week. Thankfully the Ward members are the best!

Christmas Eve we saw a potential investigator. One was a former and was a referral from the Cary Sisters. Which is someone I meet and received the referral in Cary Sister Wilson and I are the ones who sent them the referral. NO coincidence!  When we went to see her I felt an immediate love for her. I even remembered running into her at Wal-mart in Cary when we got her information. I think she is the reason why I was sent to Dunn! It is just too crazy to think how this has come to be. She is so open to the gospel and I am excited to be able to teach her. We saw our investigator who has been sick but is doing so much better. We are planning to see her this week and help her to start coming back to church! Our lesson with her was not planned at all but it was very much lead by the spirit. She spent the most of the discussion sharing her testimony of the gospel. She wants to be baptized and wants to come to church more but she doesn't want to be pushed but wants to come and join in her own time. She is such an amazing lady. We came back on Christmas morning to give her grand kids presents which were Book of Mormons.

Christmas Eve for dinner we spent the evening with a wonderful family. We got to come early to help cook. They had grand-kids come and we had a great lesson. We read the Nativity story and as we read we used a beautiful Nativity scene and the kids would put the characters out on the table as there Grandma would read. It was great to see that even little kids know the true meaning of Christmas! That night after we planned we decided to open presents from each other. I got Sister Beard a Captain America/ Iron Man pillow and I got a Olaf reversible pillowcase and a picture frame with a quote from the Hymn "Have I done any good?" We even wrote a letter to Santa and gave him treats.

Christmas day was great and so busy! We woke up and for exercise we opened all our presents :) We got a big bag from the Ward which was our stocking. Sister Beards mom made me a stocking too! I got a Cd, journal, and lots more! We then had Breakfast with a great family. We ate crepes. Which is another thing to make for my family! But with Nutella! :) We then got home and saw our potential investigators we found tracting behind the church and gave them the Restoration video. We are seeing them again this week too! We saw a less active where we got our candy and really cute fuzzy socks. We then drove over to the Bishops sisters house and visited them then when the Bishop and his family came we left. It was great to see them and get to know them more. It made me think of our get together my family does with the Morgan's. We then went to the Dalton's family for dinner and had amazing pork chops, and had virgin Moheatos! So good by the way! While we waited for dinner we played with their two adorable kids and played with trains and Barbies. Their daughter was so fun to play with and I just love her cuteness! Skyping home was Amazing and was really nice to see everyone and the SNOW! I didn't realize how much I missed them though until I had to say goodbye, but I know it will pass and my focus can be back on my service!

So just like my title says! I am about to hit my year mark of being on my mission! Honestly I am not sure how I feel about it! I am so glad to be a missionary and I am so blessed to have been here for so long doing what I need to do! I can say it is not easy but I have learned that nothing in life is supposed to be. That's not supposed to be the purpose in this life! Christ just makes it easier and bearable. He is the only one who can truly understand all that I struggled on my mission so far and not being he suffered for my sins personally but because he served and taught and was rejected. He served and must have had days that were hard and he didn't understand why things happened the way they did. He did it because he wanted to do the will of his father! Being a way from home this Christmas I have learned and remembered the importance about our Savior and all the possibilities. We have the Christmas Spirit during the season but we can have it also all the time. Because Christ was born he was able to die and heal and establish his church on the earth for us to be able to have. It was all part of the eternal plan and God did it the way he did so we can have Agency and find out for ourselves! It was all for a purpose. It was for the purpose all Love! It is a never ending Love! As I have had the time to be missionary and be close to the spirit I have been able to see more of why things happen the way they do. Why things are hard, Why the church and gospel is the way we are! It is the way it is because God wants it that way and it is for us to be able to understand and follow and to use a certain way to help us in life! I know that everything in this life has a purpose and more for just for the ability to become who God want us to become but so that we don't have to do it alone, blinded, or confused! We may lose sight of all the things we may have but thankfully God never and will never change! His Love for us so perfectly will never change and that is such a blessing! I love you all and I hope you all are able to have a great start to your new year! Even as you plan your new year goals don't forget to inquire of the Lord as you plan what to work on and improve. I have seen the amazing answers to what to work on because if thinks I can do it then I can! Love you!


Sister Tayler Far

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