Saturday, January 9, 2016

Miracle Monday.....Then turned to Weepy Wednesday, but Renewal Sunday Came

Hey Y'all,

Well this week was kind of a slow week. Sister Beard and I have had a hard time with having motivation with doing the work! We both have had thoughts that make it hard to do the work. Although with a new year I have seen myself working harder for what I want the rest of my mission to be.

Monday we spent our Preparation day with our Recent Convert Douglas! It was a lot of fun and we spent our time at the General Lee Museum. I have no clue about anything that was in that museum but I was glad that Douglas was there to help explain things. Sister Beard's dad was in the reserves and so she had an idea. Funny though to learn about parachutes!

​Monday night we had a miracle story about a new investigator who was a referral from headquarters which turned out to be for another person who was interested in us coming to answer questions. She has been on and off homeless. She is sick and wants to be prepared for when she takes her last breathe. She asked us questions about cremation, where we go, etc. She cried and cried as we answered every question she had. She told us she found answers to other question but doubted her answers. We told her about the Holy Ghost in finding answers. With that we invited her to be baptized and she said yes. and then told us "tell me what I need to do." We then left her with a prayer and a return appointment. We left the Book of Mormon and the Bible with her. Our return appointment was on Wednesday! As we were getting ready to go we got a call from her saying that the situation in the house she was in is not good anymore. She asked us not to come and that she has read the introduction and the three and eight witnesses and started reading the Book of Mormon. She told us that she would contact us when she could. It was hard to hear that and that kind of started our crazy long week. Lots of tears and doubts and it lead to me calling the mission counselor and our Mission president. I loved everything they said and I know that I am not someone who gives up. I have overcome and experienced to much and learned to much to let these last 6 months go to waste. I have rededicated myself to my mission and set more goal for the rest of my time here. Mostly I learned I need to be more patient in myself!

When Sunday came I was excited to be able to have a new start this week. I am glad to say that I can see the fruits of our labors this week as we have been able to set up great lessons and great teaching opportunities. WE as a companionship are also having a goal of eating more healthy. Let's just say I have never seen so many fruit, and vegetables in one fridge before! WHOOHOOO! For new year resolutions!

Wednesday we had a great District meeting with a lesson all on Unity. We sat in a circle and read scriptures on unity. AS we read them we would pass around ribbon as each of us would get to read. At the end we saw what the end result was. WE then got a time to share our testimonies. It was a great time to share a little of what this past year has been. I realized just how much Christ is unified within us when we turn to him and follow the Spirit. It is all connected!

This week I have learned just how powerful new starts are! WE may not do so well today but we can try again tomorrow. It may not get better but only time and trust in the Lord can make it better! The Sacrament can help us refocus but see we are not alone and that Christ k knows exactly what we are feeling! The Dunn ward has been here supporting us in all we are doing! We have been able to ask for blessings and time to relax and talk and be able to trust them with how we are feeling! I am starting to see why I was sent here! I love Dunn and I love being a missionary at this very minute! I love my companion Sister Beard who is so great that she is there to listen to me and we can help each other! I love you all and hope that you all have a great week! Till next Monday!!!!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr 

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