Saturday, January 16, 2016

Miracle Exchanges and a great week full of Elect People!!!!

Hey Y'all,

This week my letter is going to be a little shorter! But man this was a great and fabulous week! We got a lot done and we finally got up with people who then became investigators. We really saw the fruits of our labors this week! We have been working with a couple of families and it has just been hard getting together. This week to we had exchanges with the Lumberton (Lumbertron-nickname) Sister! I went to Lumberton and that was a lot of fun! I found out that the Sister I went with is from Monument!!! Sister Skalla. She even knows the Morgan's! WOW! Small world! We talked about Sally DeFord, Cantata, Colorado, snow and my goodness so much more. I experienced great miracles with them too! I got to witness a family who needed the Gospel and as we talked about the Book of Mormon they accepted to have continual visits and lessons! It was great! I got to teach a 16 year old girl who is getting ready for her baptism! I even got to visit a Less Active Sister who is pregnant and that was a very interesting conversation! It reminded me of my Pembroke days and I miss it!

Wednesday we had Zone Training it was a great boost to the rest of the week which I think we both needed! It was really just about "Just do it!" I just need to push myself and enjoy the work as I do it! When I work I am less about me and more about Christ and the people in our area! I have seen that help us as we have been able to get 8 new investigators and one current investigator to accept baptism. We had other instruction about Less Actives, covenanting and other great stuff and we ended with a great video of Choosing TODAY to be a disciple of Christ and to rededicate ourselves to the work! It was great and very motivating!

Friday we had a great lesson with our investigator where we taught her the Restoration and talked about how we have to sometimes hit the bottom of the low before we start get back up to the top and then keep going! We testified and invited her to be baptized she then testified of the truth she was starting to know and then we all started to cry and it was just amazing! I never want to forget it and she is so elect!!!

Saturday was when we saw our other new investigators who was a families of 6 but only 4 right now! We taught the Restoration and the Dad kept saying this is just like my church and what I have been taught its just more complete! He loved it and we talked about modesty, missionary life, temples, Sunday church is run! They are great family and I can see how the Gospel is already blessing there family!

Well this was my week! I hope you all have a great week! Remember we always have Christ on our side cheering us on! I have seen so many miracles and I love this work! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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