Monday, March 23, 2015

Tender Mercies

Hey Y'all,

This week was another crazy week. It went so fast and I am still surprised that today is Monday!

Last Monday we were able to see two Less active we haven't been able to meet yet. Really this entire week has been like this!

Tuesday we did some service in a members home cleaning through her craft room. She is big on jewelry making too. I have never seen so much beads before. Crazy right when i'm the one saying it! We talked our jewelry making language and talked about different stuff as we all organized and cleaned. Poor Sister Behrmann was kind of lost.I of course was in happy land and loved it!!! LOL!

That night we had dinner with a family who has the cutest girls and the dad is the Ward Clerk and he gave us a "Lost Sheep Record." This list become the rest of the weeks plans. I was able to use your advice dad and we saw and visited everyone on the list, but some we still haven't made contact with.

Really there was a lot of driving and visiting and boy i was so tired everyday returning home and i had to push myself just to write in my journal. The idea that i didn't wan to regret it later was a pretty good motivator.

In the contacting all the Lost Sheep we still had planned lessons with other less actives. At this point we have lost contact with our investigator and the other hasn't said that its safe to come back. We have lost our investigators and are in need of them. I can see what Jonathon was talking about that it gets kind of slow and boring when we don't have new people to teach. We saw lots of less actives though and the lessons with them was amazing. We had one where we were trying to see why they weren't coming to church but instead they talked and asked us questions about the Plan of Salvation. The discussion let us to talking about church and the mom said that she wants her oldest son to be baptized when he turns 8. It was a great lesson and a great discussion. I knew that the Lord helped us know what to say and what to do. I noticed how important it is to listen to the spirit so we could know what to say. If we didn't we could have gotten them to open up to us.

We invited a sister to come to dinner with one of the members who they are friends with tonight. We had a great lesson planned tonight and then before we closed our study and planning she called and canceled on us. Luckily we still have dinner the members and were able to change the lesson to fit more to them.

On Saturday we helped at a 5K race fundraiser for a school one of the members son with autism goes to. We tried to find new investigators and talk but we had an impression not too. I didn't want to ruin the event for the family we came to help with (mom was in charge of the race).

Yesterday was also great as well. Sundays on the mission are great and really are the best. I have noticed that it is so easy for me now to make comment in the lessons and be more in the discussions. We had a great lessons today all on the prophet and testimonies. It's amazing when you realize that the lessons are similar and they weren't meant to be. I can see that the Lord had some impression and doing to make it that way.

Well this is really my week. My week was full of tender mercies. I have felt a little homesick as i noticed that this will be my first time away from home for general conference. I will be missing my omelet and french toast. With the women's conference this weekend hit me the most. I won't be going with my Mom and holding her hand when they talk about mothers and daughters. (That includes the Grandmas as well). I hope you all get something out of Women's conference this week.

Well y'all i don't think there is much more to say than to say love you and have a great week! Also, With General Conference coming up don't forget to prepare for it. I have been and am so ready to see it pay off! Enjoy your week  and take care!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Need for Investigators!

Hey Y'all,

What a week and another gone! congratulations to Katie King! (don't know your new name). I wish i could have been their, but i am so glad you did what you did). This week was a very long week. We didn't have any lessons with any of our investigators. We lost contact with one and the other doesn't want to cause anymore contention in her family so she doesn't want us to come over for a while. (at least we can come back and see her).

Tuesday we planned to go tracting for about 5 hours. I was ready to give up, but before we had Companion study we got a call from a sister in our ward and asked if we could help her do some stuff. I was grateful for her call even if we do need to find new investigators. Really i was glad to help. We got over their and cleaned the kitchen and then Animal Control showed up. They told us that they had a stray cat they kind of adopted and he got bit by a fox this past week and so Animal Control has been coming to try and catch it but the cat is just too smart. We didn't get as much done as we could have, but i was glad we were their to help while they had a hard time with the cat situation. It was kind of weird. They have all been having a hard time and it really bugged me when the guys came in to the house with a gun. He wasn't trying to find a good way to get the cat (was laying on the porch). I don't know why they would bring a gun into the house let alone show it to the family. They weren't very thoughtful in the idea that the family loves this cat and wants to help him. It just bugged me. Glad their 13 year old was upstairs doing school work!

Wednesday was probably the craziest day. We had exchanges and this time I stayed in the area and Sister Behrmann left. I finally got the chance to ride my bike. I even got to ride in the rain. We were riding to the library and then i went the wrong way and realized i just made us ride an extra 2 miles. I realized just how much i don't know my way around Garner still. I felt bad. We never made it to the library just came back to the apartment for dinner. I did however was able to get us home and a ride to the church. We even got to see a less active member after we found out the member who came with us is allergic to dogs and so we came outside for our visit. It started to rain. Our normal visit with her is like 2-3 hours and this one was about 20 minutes! We did however got a lesson in and invited her to continue praying and to read her patriarchal blessing. She even is willing to get a blessing from the Elders. Then the computer at the church was being used my the family history class so we walked another mile to the library instead. Really it was a great day and i got to ride my bike, we finally contacted a sister from the ward, i got us back to the apartment, we had LOTS of exercise, and we helped someone come unto Christ! I really have proven to myself that i can do it on my own. I can be a missionary and be in charge even without my trainer. These last 3 weeks of the transfer better be a result of what I've learned!!!!

Well, Thursday we only had time for weekly planning and Friday we got to go visit some less actives.

Saturday was probably my favorite day of the week. We got to help and be a part of  the Emergency Fair. We had our own booth and shared time with the Elders. We didn't really get much people at ours but we had non-members who had booths ans their daughters kept coming back for more Book of Mormons and pamphlets. We gave the mother our card and told her if she or they had any questions or wanted to learn more we would love to meet with her family. We got to attend a small self defense class. We had dinner with the Holmes family and had Shrimp tacos. Really interesting but really good. We went to go visit one of her visiting teaching  people since we have never met her and my goodness she was so funny. She had her bird in the room and every time she would talk loud and we would be laughing her bird would make noise. She would stop mid sentence and say "Shut up Rigsby!" It was so funny! Or i guess you just had to be their!

Sunday was like any other Sabbath day. Except i was asked to do a role play on teaching prayer to someone who has never heard of it before in front of the entire class in Sunday School. It was scary, but i really think i did a good job and seemed really easy and not to hard. I was happy with the way i did it! I even got who was my victim to say that she wanted to come to church and to learn more. She said that she could see my seriousness and my sincere testimony. I never felt so relieved. I really am starting to see my improvements in my teaching and i hope it continues to improve.

Well, y'all! this was my week, i just want you all to know that i know that this ids where i should be! i know even though i may be homesick when i see my family and long distance family getting together and i am not there to be a part of it. I am glad that i am here to do the work of the Lord! I can see just how important it is and hoe much i know that it will go fast in just a blink of an eye. I have felt times already of giving up and wanting to go home but everyone at home are the ones who are keeping me here. Every time i am having a hard time something comes in the mail from family and friends. just this week i got a letter/ card from my old co-workers form my summer job at Rocky Mountain Health Care Services. I couldn't hold it in and i cried like a little baby. Thank you for all the support and the love you give to me and my family. Thank you for the countless prayers and constant help you give to my family. It really helps knowing they are being taken care of! I know that the atonement is real and that you can really use it any time and in any circumstance. This life is never easy, but God knows us enough to help and give us what we need. If we put in the effort and learn from our mistakes we are then capable of the most amazing things! I never knew that serving the Lord would be this hard, but never knew also how rewarding it is! I may only be gone for 3 months, but i have already learned this so early. I hope to see more lessons and experiences come from my Heavenly Father. I am not done and i am not done when i have completed my mission. I will continue to be a missionary and endure to the end. I work alongside the prophet and will until the work is done! Like what Jonathon said while on his mission! " Give em Heaven!"

Hope you all have a great week!!!

Sister Tayler Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Power of Prayer

Hey Y'all,

I have decided it is a lot easier to write a letter to y'all if i do it day by day and then i don't miss things.

Monday was normal but i seem to loose more and more time. I think i try to do to much and not prioritize. That is my goal today. To prioritize and make sure i get what i really need to get done. I was actually living on the edge Monday night! We had dinner at a members home who lives on the edge of our mission. Weird! kind of funny! I was kind of tempted to drive to the edge and stand on where it changes and say " i am standing on both lines" like at Four Corners. My companion was not to happy and laughed at me.

Tuesday was a crazy day and not much success. We had Lunch with the Sister that has Leukemia and mostly listened and talked about Boys. Ha-ha. Simply girl talk. We made sure though to add some missionary work in their and talk about how she feels about everything she's been going through. I have never seen anyone more positive when it came to having cancer.

Wednesday we had Zone Training. It was the most spiritual, uplifting zone/district meeting yet. Each speaker really had the spirit and it was clear that they all really prepared and prayed about what they were to teach. One of our Zone leaders talked on being more trusting in the lord on the work and the other leader taught on church tours. To teach he gave all of the companionship's a room or something to do. We all had a role in our little missionary church tour. It was a very amazing experience. Who knew a role play could be so moving?-ha-ha. We talked on the nursery. When we finished at the Chapel. Our Zone leader asked us to go in to the Chapel and not talk and to sit and ponder on our relationship with our Savior and our Heavenly Father. When we walked in really and truly their was not sound and we all sat down. We sat for about 2 minutes and the spirit worked it's way through all of us. I felt so happy and i know that i need to have a church tour with investigators. I never have done it before. I was scared to do it in front of everyone. I kind of had to laugh at myself because really i have been going to this church forever and every church has the same rooms and meaning. It was easier. I noticed why the Chapel should always conclude. The rest of the church is important as well and a spirit builder for the when you come to the chapel. Investigators or whoever sees has a tour will end at the Chapel and see how significant it is and feel the spirit and know they are in the house of the Lord! I know that whoever comes to have tour can feel that spirit because all us missionaries felt it and it wasn't even the real thing. We even got the New initiative from the church. It is Because He lives. Its for Easter. The video doesn't come till the end of the month. I advise all of y'all to see it. It is amazing. I got to watch it before the church sent it out! CRAZY! That's a blessing of being a missionary. lol!

Thursday we were finally able to go to the mechanic to get the brakes worked on. I have come to see that people in North Carolina likes having really expensive cars.(Brenden and Cameren you would love all these cars here). We have finally finished weekly planning on weekly Planning day and so i think that was a great accomplishment.

Friday was a little on the wild side. We had change after change  to our plans. I even had an emotion explosion and that made it hard to get things done. I started to doubt myself and rethink my worthiness, Really this week has been full of Prayers! we did however finally see our investigator. We didn't get to teach her because when we got their she was cooking. We did however got to see her husband and find our why he doesn't go to church. (Bad experiences in the past) we told him that in our church we come to be more humble and those who come normally are trying to be better. We invited him but he didn't come.

On Saturday i finally told Sister Behrmann that i was having a hard time. She talked me through it and told me to talk to President. I told her that i feel that i have not completely repented of last sins and so i am started to doubt again.

I am worried that i haven't repented or haven't gotten confirmation that i was forgiven. I started to blame myself that i am unworthy and that is why we haven't been successful in finding new people to teach. I seriously love my Companion she is a great missionary and told me that it can't be my fault and that they all have their agency. She asked me if i felt unworthy to enter the temple for when i was endowed. I told her No and she said then its Satan and you are letting him win. Now that scared me and i have been praying and praying and PRAYING. I have never prayed so hard in my life. I prayed that God would help me to know what to do and to help take this doubt away. I asked him to strengthen my faith and help guide me to know what to do. I told him  that i want to be here and i want to be a missionary and i know that this church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is the one book that we all can learn from and it can answer question we all need answers too. I seriously have never said such detailed prayers or just shown my gratitude to him. I haven't cried myself to sleep in awhile too!

Sunday was the best! since i have had such a terrible couple of days i again prayed that Heavenly Father would help me find and answer to my prayers and help me feel the influence of the spirit. I know that god answered my prayer. He allowed the spirit throughout the sacrament. I felt the spirit even more singing. We talked about the Holy Ghost during Sunday school and again the spirit was teaching me. Throughout the entire time at church i knew that God had put things the way i needed them. He knew i needed to hear the song and the lesson on the Holy Ghost. I felt him their with me.

The biggest thing that happened yesterday was after church i went to lay down on my bed and turned on a talk from Elder Holland "An Ensign to the Nation" ( Great talk by the way). When i was about to fall asleep i had this overwhelming feeling in my chest and then a huge chill starting at my feet and came all the way up to my head. Elder Holland did something like "Those of you who have struggle turn to the Lord and trust he will help. To repent of the sins we commit and never turn back and that every General Conference talk is from the Lord." He said something like that when i had my little conformation. I knew that God was showing me that he was listening and had answered me and I knew that i didn't need to worry about that he had forgiven me. He heard my plea! From this experience that just happened yesterday has given me a motivation. I can now teach about Repentance, the holy ghost, enduring to the end and that the Lord answers prayers. He doesn't forget us our reason for it may be the wrong way and not willing to act on our answers. If we ask in a way where it is for our benefit and not to show our faith he won't answer us. It makes more sense if we just pray about things that have not real impact on us. I am learning so much and i hope to be able to continue!

I hope you  all have a great week! Congratulations to Katie and Josh! i wish i could be their. I hope this experience is an experience of  lifetime.

Love y'all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, March 6, 2015

The True Meaning of "Agency"

Hey Y'all,

So this week has given me the true meaning of Agency and what Heavenly Father thinks and feels when we don't follow him and choose wrongly.

On Monday we had a great lesson with one of our investigators we is really ready for baptism but has family who is against it and is really holding her back. We talked about Faith and answered some of her questions about family home evening and prayer. I could see we really uplifted her and helped her feel more confident and tonight we will teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focus on Baptism.

Tuesday There was a lot of snow and got stuck inside and boy snow in NC is bad. Everything is closed. Really only Wal-mart is open and hospitals or whatever. We tried to go tracting but really it was kind of dangerous. In a place like NC when snow isn't common not everyone knows how to drive in it. We mostly had studies and updated the map. I fell asleep reading talks and that wasn't so smart because was sitting at my desk.

Wednesday we were able to go out during the afternoon, but were able to have district meeting. we got a lot of new elders and a sister in our area and lots of great workers. Of course though when we got home because of the snow lots of canceling but the stake was planning to have food orders from the bishop store house and so we decided to help with that since it was last minute and probably not enough help. Really since everything was already closed we had lots of helpers and finished about an hour normal than usual. It was very touching to see all the volunteers and the leader of the orders were very touched. Our ride home (Stake relief society presidency) was so happy and felt the spirit there as we all worked together. It was great!

Friday was great we had another lesson with our newest investigator and taught her the restoration. She was kind of hesitant on the fact Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We told her that without that experience we wouldn't have the Book of Mormon she said she would read it. I was able to commit her to baptism. I was scared but i asked her f she would pray and read the Book of Mormon and found out for herself that it was true if she would be baptized she said yes if she found that it was true. I had to say it twice but it went well and we both left with a smile. We invited her to church and she said she would have to come next week. It was great! That kind of all changed when we got a text from her on Saturday night and said that she did what we said and she got her answer that she should stick with what she has. I was so bummed. she was really progressing and we were willing to paint and to give her everything like she said she needed and to show her what she needed and may be looking for. Of course my reaction was maybe i shouldn't have committed her to be baptized and that doing so scared her. I seriously am understanding the importance of what Agency is. I want to grab her shoulders and shake her and say you have found it stop doubting and just act on it. Increase that faith you are starting to develop. But that wouldn't be very Christ like!!!!

Another sad outcome of a good lesson was when we went to contact one of our referrals who asked for a bible. We taught her the Restoration. We planned to teach the Plan of Salvation. But we felt that we needed to change it when we got their. I was kind of freaked as since we had planned and practiced, but it went well and the spirit was so strong. She even recognized the spirit and said she felt it and that everything we said was true but she didn't feel like she wanted to change and that her and her family wasn't ready for her to make changes in her life again (sober for 10 years from being a drug addict and other temptations). Again we were bummed. I don't think we will give up. we probably just need to get our foot in the door more.

Saturday we tracted all day and finally had some sun.

Overall this week was very saddening. We had good lessons but bad outcomes. I can see the impact of Agency and why it's so important for us to use it for our own benefit and to learn. We never know what our choices really do for us until we have the outcome. The new sisters we taught decided to go a different way for now. I don't think that they have completely given up on the church and neither will we give up. We are to invite all to come unto Christ. We still have yet to complete it. Yes, Agency has made me hate it this week. But God gave it to us so that we can learn and develop what we come here to do. I may not know if God is preparing others who need it now or in a week. All i have to do is open my mouth and give what God wants for me to say. I am his representative and if he is going to trust me i have to at least keep trying and keep testifying. I hope y'all can have your own missionary experiences. I hope y'all now that this is where i want to be and i am so glad that i get to continue to help and enlighten the people of North Carolina. Some things i am still afraid of but everyday i know i am getting better. Everyday i am feeling the love of Christ and love from all of you. I never knew how hard this would be, but also never knew how enjoyable and uplifting it is to learn and be in this stage in my life. I get to pray to my Heavenly Father 10+ a day and learn to teach the gospel and the teachings my family and I have come to love. I am here because i know what it brings and some are searching for it and i just haven't found them yet. I might have times where i want to give up but from others who have given me courage i am able to keep moving. Thank you family and friends for the support and love you give me and the excitement you show to me and to the experiences i am having and i can't wait to share them with y'all. I want more experiences though! I hope y'all have a great week and lets all pray for no more snow. I have heard North Carolina Spring is the best!


Sister Tayler Farr