Monday, March 23, 2015

Tender Mercies

Hey Y'all,

This week was another crazy week. It went so fast and I am still surprised that today is Monday!

Last Monday we were able to see two Less active we haven't been able to meet yet. Really this entire week has been like this!

Tuesday we did some service in a members home cleaning through her craft room. She is big on jewelry making too. I have never seen so much beads before. Crazy right when i'm the one saying it! We talked our jewelry making language and talked about different stuff as we all organized and cleaned. Poor Sister Behrmann was kind of lost.I of course was in happy land and loved it!!! LOL!

That night we had dinner with a family who has the cutest girls and the dad is the Ward Clerk and he gave us a "Lost Sheep Record." This list become the rest of the weeks plans. I was able to use your advice dad and we saw and visited everyone on the list, but some we still haven't made contact with.

Really there was a lot of driving and visiting and boy i was so tired everyday returning home and i had to push myself just to write in my journal. The idea that i didn't wan to regret it later was a pretty good motivator.

In the contacting all the Lost Sheep we still had planned lessons with other less actives. At this point we have lost contact with our investigator and the other hasn't said that its safe to come back. We have lost our investigators and are in need of them. I can see what Jonathon was talking about that it gets kind of slow and boring when we don't have new people to teach. We saw lots of less actives though and the lessons with them was amazing. We had one where we were trying to see why they weren't coming to church but instead they talked and asked us questions about the Plan of Salvation. The discussion let us to talking about church and the mom said that she wants her oldest son to be baptized when he turns 8. It was a great lesson and a great discussion. I knew that the Lord helped us know what to say and what to do. I noticed how important it is to listen to the spirit so we could know what to say. If we didn't we could have gotten them to open up to us.

We invited a sister to come to dinner with one of the members who they are friends with tonight. We had a great lesson planned tonight and then before we closed our study and planning she called and canceled on us. Luckily we still have dinner the members and were able to change the lesson to fit more to them.

On Saturday we helped at a 5K race fundraiser for a school one of the members son with autism goes to. We tried to find new investigators and talk but we had an impression not too. I didn't want to ruin the event for the family we came to help with (mom was in charge of the race).

Yesterday was also great as well. Sundays on the mission are great and really are the best. I have noticed that it is so easy for me now to make comment in the lessons and be more in the discussions. We had a great lessons today all on the prophet and testimonies. It's amazing when you realize that the lessons are similar and they weren't meant to be. I can see that the Lord had some impression and doing to make it that way.

Well this is really my week. My week was full of tender mercies. I have felt a little homesick as i noticed that this will be my first time away from home for general conference. I will be missing my omelet and french toast. With the women's conference this weekend hit me the most. I won't be going with my Mom and holding her hand when they talk about mothers and daughters. (That includes the Grandmas as well). I hope you all get something out of Women's conference this week.

Well y'all i don't think there is much more to say than to say love you and have a great week! Also, With General Conference coming up don't forget to prepare for it. I have been and am so ready to see it pay off! Enjoy your week  and take care!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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