Sunday, April 5, 2015

Time is Precious!

Hey Y'all,

I have finally gotten to the last week of my training! It has been going by so fast! I am so excited to really be a full missionary and now see if I can do it on my own!

This past week has been really great! On Monday we had tried to get a less active sister to a members home for dinner and then she canceled last minute. We however had a great dinner with them and helped prepare them for conference.

On Tuesday we helped out a sister work on her mother-in laws house next door to finish it before they move in. They still have a way to go though. We helped pull off wallpaper in the bathrooms. We found out that the edges of our name tags work well scrapping off the wallpaper. Not the best idea but it did the job.

On Wednesday we had great district meeting and talked about teaching people not lessons. We role played teaching and trying to find put different concerns someone might have towards baptism. The ones who was the investigator would have to a concern and the missionaries would have to figure out the concern with asking questions. It was hard but i realized how important it is to ask good inspiring questions! I need to focus on listening before i think about what to say next. I don't do it but i can see how much harder it is for me to know that the spirit is telling me what to say, After district meeting we came back and had lunch and then did some studies and went out to try to find some Investigators. Luckily we did find a 13 year old girl who was really excited to learn more. She was the only one we found to be home. We set up an appointment for Saturday.

On Thursday we had our normal studies then went with a member from the ward to see a less active family we saw last week. The sister who brought us is actually her visiting teacher. After our visit we came home and had visit with a sister that lives in our same apartment complex. She has been having a hard time. Her daughter has been in a group home for a little outbreak she had about a week ago. We talked about Faith and trusting God.

On Saturday we had a crazy morning we went to go see the 13 year old girl and she didn't want us to teach her and we knew her family talked her out of it. Saying that our church was a "man made church."

It was sad but the day was much better when we went to the women's conference. I loved all of it. Lots of talking about families and how we need to comfort and mourn with all of our members and brothers and sisters. I absolutely loved President Eyring's.

Sorry again i lost time! I hope you all have a great week! I hope you enjoy conference and really focus on Easter and what it means! If you haven't seen the new "Because He Lives" video i suggest that you should #Becausehelives! Have a great week Y'all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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