Friday, April 17, 2015

The Lord's Time Is The Best Time!

Hey Y'all,

This week has been another great and amazing week. Lots of up and downs and in betweens. Literally, I am so glad to be here and even though i am starting hate the humidity and really feel it. I enjoy North Carolina and love serving here.

Monday, We got all of our shopping and things we needed to get done for the week. We didn't get to see an investigator because her daughter was in the hospital. We are trying to see her this week though and commit her to baptism.

Tuesday, was sadly a very bad day for us. We had no motivation and lots of cancels. We both were exhausted and didn't know what to do. We spent most of the day in the apartment trying to decide what to do. Everything we planned to do feel through. We kind of just crashed and burned. We instead created goals for the transfer and things we wanted to be focusing on. It gave us some motivation and things to work towards, but it was just a bad day. We did get a call from a sister in the ward who needed some guidance in the right direction. She is having some health issues and is in school full time and working. We gave her some scriptures and told her to keep praying and that we will be praying for her. That call made me feel so much better.

We made sure to work harder on Wednesday. I finally got to have a day to ride my bike. I love the basket on my bike which makes it nice not having to carry my bag! (Thanks mom). I was a little prideful when it came to Sister Behrmann having a hard time riding and i was so ready to take the next hill. It was amazing. We visited a potential investigator who said she was fine where she was at said that her neighbor may be interested. (more about that later). We visited a less active member. She finally opened to us and told us what she has been worried about. Her husband has been creating contention and wants to go back to being an authist and shutting God out completely. She has a strong testimony and knows the church and loves being a member. She stopped coming to not create problems at home. She says its not fixing anything. We told her about General Conference and told her that it was all about families and invited her to watch or read the talks that were based on the family. She asked for guidance from Heavenly Father and wants to know what to do next. We said that she just needs to keep being an example to him and to her kids and keep going to church. We saw her AND her husband on Sunday at church.

Friday was the biggest day and the most amazing experiences. We planned to contact the neighbor of our investigator who dropped us. We didn't feel like we should go out so early and finish studies and set up appointments and have lunch and then go out and contact her. I am so glad we did because when we got their the neighbor wasn't home but as we were about to leave a lady at the bottom of the stairs looked so tired and so exhausted, really she looked terrible. She had a basket and was sitting down at the bottom of the stairs and she was such so sad. We asked her if we could help her and she was so surprised. She let us help her and invited us into her house (she is the referrals neighbor). We stood in the door way and sat down and talked. She sat in her chair for awhile and told us that she had been raped and just now getting home from the hospital. I was shocked! All i could think of was! "Lady we just met you and your telling us this. We are complete strangers." We had a visit and talked about Christ and told her that with everything that she is going through Christ can help her and all she has to do is have faith and pray. She was so glad to hear that and wants us to come back again. She is Catholic and loves the Savior. She even told us that she has read the Book of Mormon. She just never prayed to know if it was true. She said it was just a great book of scripture. That is true but it can mean so much more!!!! We have a appointment to see her this Thursday!

I am again running out of time! I wanted to that the time things happen and how things happened for us was in the Lord's time. We never would have met the her on Thursday if we hadn't decided to change our plans and go see the referral earlier. The Lord knew she needed us their and at that time. My faith in the Spirit has grown from this week and cant't wait to see what this week will bring. I am so excited to visit her again and teach her about the Book of Mormon and continue helping her. This journey in serving a mission is hard, but i am so grateful for the experiences that i am having. They overpower the bad and doubtful days! I am learning so much and seeing new things. I am being impatient with myself but i know that the Lord is on my side and all i have to do is try! Have a great week!


Sister Tayler Farr

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