Monday, April 27, 2015

Serving others, you are Serving God

Hey Y'all,

I had a great week and love the spring time! I did however here some sad news while being on Facebook. I am sending love and prayers to the Marlor family and hope that they can pass through this hard time and remember the Atonement and know the amazing ability in the Plan of Salvation and know that they will see there father and husband again. He was a great man, fulfilled his callings, loved his family, and were great friends to my parents and whole family! He will be missed!

This week was great and thankfully really busy! Monday was crazy we were doing so much and i am so glad that we were still able to finish cleaning our apartment. On the way to Wal-mart though was awful. We got stuck in traffic, but it was all made better when we got stuck in between a car trying to come out of the store parking lot on the left of us and the cars in front gave her enough room. She lost it when a car on the right of us come around and parked in front of her and so she was perpendicular to us. she was not going to be able to go anywhere until the light changed and we were kind of annoyed. It got better when we saw her pull out her phone and took a selfie of the way she was in between cars. We both started laughing. We had had some good and crazy experiences this week where we just had to laugh.

On Tuesday, we had FUN Zone Conferences. We had training and lessons from 9-12 then we changed into our normal people clothes and got to play capture the flag, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and volleyball. It was great and i got to see one of my MTC companions. It was great! It had rained a lot the day before and so the field was really muddy. We got pretty muddy and at the end some of us (Not me!) slid through it! It was a great day and lots of fun!!! Who knew that missionaries play sports and have fun!!!!

On Wednesday we had lunch with a less-active and she made us the best food ever. We had potatoes, yxperigous , and salmon. It was sooo good! We saw our investigator  and invited her to church and t have a church tour. Of course the day she wanted and could come was next Sunday which is stake conference and so we had to explain that it will not always be like it what it is for Stake Conference but that she is welcome. We have a church tour with her on Tuesday! We then did service for a member and painted the bathroom. So glad that mom has had me help with my the house projects.

On Thursday we had a crazy start we helped at the Bishops Storehouse and we got new carts and lots of volunteers. It normally takes us about four hours to get through everyone and then another 30 to clean up. We finished everything in 2 1/2 hours!!!! The Stake Relief Society president was screaming and so happy. We were all invited back in 2 weeks! :) We got back and Sister Behrmann got sick and so we got some phone calls made and set up appointments and started weekly planning. Tonight was the 3rd Thursday visit on the 4th Thursday. We saw two less-active families with sister Powers from the ward council. One family conversion story was amazing they at the time had just gotten to america from the Congo and didn't speak English the best and saw a commercial on the video The Lamb of God and called the number and two sister missionaries came and then they were baptized 6 months later. It was amazing and really annoying to see such a great powerful story for someone who didn't understand English at the time and then was able to still be converted by the spirit and is now less-active. Thankfully the younger grand daughters want to come to church and tried to convince her mom to go. After them we saw another family. Who had just text ed that morning. She never replied, but when we got their she just opened the door and let us in. We sat down and she told us that she knew we were coming. She had been not coming to church because of her schedule. she has been in grad school and is graduating on May 9! She said that she knew we would came because her schedule was starting o get slower and that God would show her what she needed to do next. She told us her testimony about knowing that God has a plan for all of us and he has shown her hers. She will be coming back to church after mothers day and ready to help her 7 year old daughter prepare for baptism. It was amazing night and we could feel the spirit so strongly in her home. Happy Birthday Cameren on Thursday!

We got to do service for an older sister and help in her yard on Friday and on Saturday we helped a pregant sister do some house cleaning for things she hasn't been able to reach and get to and her husband just had surgery and got home the night before. We were glad to help both.

I have loved doing service for the people in our ward and to see the stress and hard  time they are going through and to be there to help them and see them just relax a little. That is why it is so much fun we see the love we receive for them and see them able to improve. I was able to help a family return to church and help am family who has had a hard time with being 9 months pregnant and having a husband who just had surgery and trying to still take care of 2 young girls and a house. It is great to know that when we serve our brothers and sisters our love for them grows, and we are really and truly serving our Father in Heaven.

This is my letter this week and hope all is well for you and your families. Remember we are all family and we want to help others. Allow others to serve you and you to serve them. Happy Birthday to Brenden who turns 17 today! Love you all and hope to hear from you next week!!!!!


Sister Tayler Farr

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