Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey Y'all,

What a week and it felt like it would never end. So much happening the next couple of weeks.

On Monday we saw a bed ridden sister on her birthday and she is so sweet! I still have my RMHCS mind set in me and love all the elderly. We had dinner with an amazing family and invited a Less- active sister to their house for Family Home Evening. I got to try Gritz for the first time and i have to say they taste funny but with some bacon bits, sausage, cheese, and butter it is pretty good. We talked about the plan Of Salvation and used Sister Behrmann plastic cute cut-outs (which i have been thinking about making). They kids were so sweet and really knew a lot. The Less active sister said that she was baptized because of our church principle of families being eternal. She loved it and said she would love to do this again. This ward is so great and really missionary minded. Again i say that i am spoiled serving in this ward which such great people.

On Tuesday we had a crazy day our morning appointment canceled right as we drove up their driveway and found out that the wife wasn't home yet. We went home so the elders could use the car and got picked up from a member from Fayetteville who wanted to have lunch with us. (Sister Behrmann served there). We had Cook out and know i have really tasted the amazing hush puppies and i plan to make it for the rest of my life just need to find as recipe. Why does the unhealthy fried food have to taste so good?!!! After lunch we went over to a members new apartment and helped them unpack. One of them had moved from a bad place and a sister in the ward asked her to ,move in with her and they are complete opposites but they are so sweet and it looks like it will be a great fit. We had dinner with the family i think i talked about before who had 12 kids and tonight they had some grand kids for the day and they are so sweet. They have 34 almost 35 and they are such great grandparents. We talked about what they want to apply from conference.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and my goodness i was on fire. We were having discussions and i just had so much to share. Normally i am to shy or have the idea of my ideas aren't good enough because i have only been here for 4 months. We had accounting and when everyone asked for questions for who they were seeking revelation for i just had so many ideas and it felt amazing. I can see how much i am learning and really enjoying serving the Lord here in the Garner District. I can't say any good things about the role plays but at least we got what we needed today for our person we were seeking revelation for. After District meeting we drove the sisters home and i stayed with one of them and sister Behrmann stayed in our area. I am really loving exchanges. This time though we didn't have much to do. We had lots of cancellations and only got to do some service for a thrift store. I used this time to talk with my sister training leader and told her all that i have been doubting and just everything that has been making the last 3 months seem impossible. It was great to receive some advice from her and to know that i am doing what i am needed to do and that i am just allowing Satan to put in my head. Eventually i will get to the point that i can move him away and not feel so miserable most of the time.

On Thursday we exchanged back had lunch with a member and had Wendy's. We tried to stop by one of her visiting teaching people but again she wasn't home. Then we just went home and did weekly planning.

On Friday we had a very busy day and got picked up by the young women's president and went to visit a new family that moved in a month ago and who hasn't been to church for awhile. When we showed up they were outside gardening and so we just talked and walked around with them. It was a great visit. We came home and finished the last bit of weekly planning. we left and visited a sister who has had back problems and makes it hard for her to come to church. Today was a miracle i was able to listen enough and use her needs and find a scripture that could help her and we read in 3 Nephi about Christ visiting the Nephites after his Resurrection. We could feel that spirit so strong. We prayed with her. we saw a family that lives in our complex and the daughter has finally gotten home since she has send in a group home. We got to see her and visit and find out that she is leaving again on Wednesday to a new group home to stay for awhile. We are making her cards and writing letters today for her! :(.

On Sunday church was awesome. I love going to church and now i really can see the importance. The Sacrament is truly our saving grace from the past week. I was able to read from the prayers and read from the Book of Mormon. I have tried to focus more on the Savior during the sacrament. It has changed my way of thinking for the need of the Atonement. In Gospel Principles we talked about Christ life and it was great the spirit was definitely present and lots of testimonies shared. In Relief Society we talked about The First vision and it changed my idea of Joseph Smith. When we teach it. it is first because if they believe he was a prophet they can believe in the Book of Mormon. They can believe in Christ and the Plan of Salvation. It really all connects. Today we didn't have our missionary meeting ans so i convinced Sister Behrmann to let me go sing with the Choir. Amazingly they are singing a song by Sally Deford and it was great thinking about her and not to much homesickness! :) We had our visit with our new investigator who has been sick and see told us that she believes that their is a prophet today because God had them in the past and it makes since. She said that she woulds love to learn more about the priesthood. we were going to ask her about baptism but we both said later that it didn't feel right and that she was starting to fall asleep! We will next time and have it part of the lesson.

So this is my week! love you all and have a great week! Happy birthday to the best 14 year old ever. Cameren congrats on becoming a Teacher! Love you Buddy!


Sister Tayler Farr

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