Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Transfer Finished!!

Hey Y'all,

So another Transfer finished! Crazy! Sad news is that I am getting transferred again!!!........Just kidding I am staying in Dunn and staying with Sister Beard! Yay! I broke the streak! So this week was crazy! Winter finally decided to show itself and we got stuck inside! It was mostly from all the freezing rain! Our Car was covered in ice! We learned the hard way you have to defrost your car an hour before you have to go or you will be having to pick away the ice and snow! Never again will I forget that! We spent an unnecessary 15 minutes just doing the windshield! LOL!

Monday we went to Clinton to have a district P-Day! It was great! We played a game called Dot to Dot! I am totally playing that with my family! Its a work out but so fun. You make an obstacle course in the gym but have random items set up like we had a table on its side. The chair rack out and other big items. Whoever is "IT" makes the course and each dot. It is dark with little light then when they count we try to do the course but when he is finished counting we have to hit. If they get you you have to start over. It was so fun but it was hard. After our fun day we went to Fayetteville to exchange with the Lumberton Sisters. I stayed in Dunn this time and Sister Beard went to Lumberton! I am proud to say that I survived my exchange! I had a blast with Sister Higgins.

Wednesday we had district meeting and it was great! We all got to share stories about an experience that has shaped our testimonies and I of course shared my life story of having a Brain Injury pretty much all I shared in my Farewell talk. We then talked about how we need to allow those we teach also have these experiences. It was great and fit well with what we listened to on the World wide Missionary Broadcast! It was great broadcast although it would lose connection and some things we missed but other than that it was what I needed to hear. A lot about missionary work I have slacked off and on and not really tried to work harder in. We were told by Elder Oaks that we are to "cry repentance." Elder Bednar held a great discussion with missionaries about how we need the spirit but we are to help them recognize themselves and not point it out to them. We are going to apply just that. We know we have the spirit but sometimes we say "you are feeling the spirit." That is good but we need to let them figure it out for themselves. We talked about how we can find through Less actives and Members. We saw the difference between getting people to teach from members from our own effort and how the ones from members are most likely to be baptized. It was a big difference. I have definitely seen this to be true! Members are a great help in the work!

So Friday was a pretty crazy! Our electricity was flickering all day and we worked on Weekly Planning. Thursday we were in too so that was hard! I don't like staying inside!

Saturday we saw Douglas and had our usual lunch at Cracker barrel. We are still getting to the priesthood. He is almost there!

Sunday! WE DIDN'T HAVE CHURCH! I can't say I never missed church on my mission now!!! :) Weird not getting to have the sacrament. We were going to use our extra miles to go to Clinton to church but we decided to use them to see people who are live far. We had a lesson with our Investigator family. We taught them the Gospel Of Jesus Christ using the water, pepper, and dish soap object lesson with baptism and the Holy Ghost! No idea what this is? Ask a missionary!!!! We went to see some Less Actives and The Knights and The Lykins who's son is leaving in February for his Mission. We played Book of Mormon Baseball which I also plan to play with my family!

Well this was my week! Not a lot happened because of the weather! But I hope all is going well! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bible Bash = best learning experience EVER!!!

Hey Y'all,

Another week gone and we are almost done with January! I can't believe at the time! Its going to fast! We are already on week 6 of the transfer so next letter will bring transfer news. Soundly though we found out that the transfer meeting mission world wide are not doing transfer meetings anymore so I will found out about my area if I get transferred and my new companion all at the same time. I am hoping and praying that I stay even though I feel like I don't know Dunn very well as I may hope but we will have to see what President decides!

Monday was great! We went to get our hair cut. I just got it trimmed and got my eyebrows waxed and sister Beard got her hair colored and cut. It was nice to get all of it for free from a less active. Before we left she curled our hair and it was so fun! She wants to feed us soon. I can see this relationship started and hopefully we can help her get to church.

Tuesday we had Zone Conference and had a great conference on teaching the Plan of Salvation using the Bible since we are here in the south of the Bible Belt. We applied it to a lesson but it didn't go to well, but we plan to study for it more and will continue to us it. ​Sadly since it was conference we had exiting testimonies and a lot of great missionaries are going home. A lot are close friends I met when I first came out. Everybody told me that when your friends start going home then you better not blink cause then it will be your turn. Not sure I like that idea that really scares me!!!

Wednesday and Thursday was a hard day for me! I just keep having those ideas that Sister Beard is leaving and that I will taking over the area. Again I have been paranoid and it resulted in my breaking out in Hives!!! Yeah! not fun! WE thought it may be bed bugs because sister Beard thought she had it to because she had marks and was itchy. We have an investigator with them but we just haven't been in there house. We got paranoid to and washed and did a big clean to be safe. It helped but I got more hives. I couldn't stop them from coming and so when we went to dinner with our Ward mission leaders brother we went to our ward mission leaders house to get medicine and she gave me Zyrtec and Benadryl. I told Brother Knight about what I have been feeling and he gave me a great blessing. He said something that really sound out that I wanted to share. He said that the Lord calls the Weak and simple and sometimes its at our weakest points he uses all that we have we just have to keep going and push through. I have seen a lot of that this week. When I feel like I am getting stressed and worried or just ready to throw in the towel I have been saying ok what can the Lord use me in this situation or what can I give to the work and continue to serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength. Having Zone Conference and stake conference yesterday has helped me to restart myself and rededicate my efforts.

Friday was a pretty hard day! We had spent most of our morning role playing for a lesson with our Baptist investigator who has been trying to bible bash with us in the past. They requested us to teach the Plan of Salvation and so we decided to us President James outline and use some of the scriptures. We had a great practice and knew where we wanted to go with it. Then when we did the real thing it was horrible. We didn't even get past the Creation. She didn't like the fact that God put Adams Spirit into him if we existed before. She didn't like the fact that we even lived before this time on earth. I will honestly say I felt bad for her and I also was getting frustrated. I must have been showing it cause sister Beard would bump me every so often very lightly. We tried to even explain that we believe in the Godhead where Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the spirit are all completely separate beings but work together in unity. She wouldn't let us move on from there either because we must have simply believed in a different God. She said a lot of hurtful things and we just simply closed and said that we love coming and sharing what we know and grateful for her strong faith and that all our job as missionaries are to bring people unto Christ and only add to what they may already know to be true. We pretty much will not being coming back for a while. She wasn't happy with us. But I was holding in emotions and hurtful thoughts all the way through the prayer. Once we got in the car and got away from the house I just lost it. I cried beautiful alligator tears! No joke! I really couldn't help it. We pulled over in a church parking lot and just talked. She is not ready to accept the gospel. At this point we needed to use this hard lesson as a learning opportunity. Yes it was hard and a lot of hurtful things were said and I was ready to shake her and make her understand but I learned for myself truly how much this gospel means to me! I was so ready to defend what she was denying and trying to prove wrong that I was ready to yell and make it worse. I knew that the spirit was pushed away and I may have been to blame but I know that this was not a loss. It was an experience that I needed. With all that I have been feeling the doubt and the unknown of certain things I learned for myself and saw how much I have learned! I would have not a year ago been able to defend and testify with pure knowledge of what I knew to be true. I know where I stand and why we are only to invite others to come unto Christ! We started off great and the spirit was there but our natural mans got in the way! We did not get contentious but it could have gotten. The spirit told us to leave and we did. It was hard to have to stop seeing her and her family! She had even told us that she loves that we have the priesthood that can seal families and that believe in the atonement. But she couldn't see the reason for the idea that we existed before this life! I am grateful for all that this Gospel brings to us all and I am glad that I know what I know! I love this Gospel! I know this Church is true! I know my savior and Heavenly Father love me!

The week got better though on Saturday we were able to bring our most elect investigator to Clinton to the Elders in our District's baptism for the investigator. It was a great chance to be there with her and see her excitement. One of the Elders sang a beautiful solo and when we left she asked if we would sing at her baptism!!!! 😀 It was a really great baptism! She had a great time and she said that she doesn't want to wait but she is waiting for the one who brought her to the church to baptize her in April when he gets back from Arizona! I know she is strong and that she won't fall away during that time, but that we will just have to watch for nerves. I just hope I will be able to be here for it! We had dinner with our recent Convert ( the man in the picture I sent earlier) We had dinner again at Cracker barrel like we do every Saturday and taught him about the Priesthood preparing him for it soon! He is nervous but he getting there! We are excited for him! I love him and he is a great man who wants to do good and wants to be ready for it! I love seeing the desire and drive that come from Recent Converts!

Sunday we had Stake Conference and heard talks from Elder Clayton, Elder Rasbund, and Elder Hales and Sister Reeves! They were all great. A lot about temples. We want to apply helping our investigators to make a goal for the temple just as we do with their baptism. We had a lesson with our investigator who is the family with 6 kids. We taught the Plan of Salvation and they just ate it up. We got the older kids to help us draw the outline. It was great! We found out that they are not married. Which they felt made it impossible to come to church. We told them they are welcome whenever. We also invited the older two girls to activity day girls. We invited them to be baptized! They said yes when they felt that the church and the things we are teaching are true!

We had a great week and had some wonderful and great experiences! I know that I have been too hard on myself and I will be fine if I take over the area! I want to stay and I have wanted to stay in every area I have been! I sometimes hate how much love I have and how loving I am and how I just give myself to people and then I have to leave them! I know though that I have this gift from God because really they need this love from me. I learned to have this love because of this Gospel and because of my family but after this week I know that everyone wants this kind of love! We all want love and especially from our Heavenly Father! I love you all and I hope this week you can feel of the love God has for you!


Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Miracle Exchanges and a great week full of Elect People!!!!

Hey Y'all,

This week my letter is going to be a little shorter! But man this was a great and fabulous week! We got a lot done and we finally got up with people who then became investigators. We really saw the fruits of our labors this week! We have been working with a couple of families and it has just been hard getting together. This week to we had exchanges with the Lumberton (Lumbertron-nickname) Sister! I went to Lumberton and that was a lot of fun! I found out that the Sister I went with is from Monument!!! Sister Skalla. She even knows the Morgan's! WOW! Small world! We talked about Sally DeFord, Cantata, Colorado, snow and my goodness so much more. I experienced great miracles with them too! I got to witness a family who needed the Gospel and as we talked about the Book of Mormon they accepted to have continual visits and lessons! It was great! I got to teach a 16 year old girl who is getting ready for her baptism! I even got to visit a Less Active Sister who is pregnant and that was a very interesting conversation! It reminded me of my Pembroke days and I miss it!

Wednesday we had Zone Training it was a great boost to the rest of the week which I think we both needed! It was really just about "Just do it!" I just need to push myself and enjoy the work as I do it! When I work I am less about me and more about Christ and the people in our area! I have seen that help us as we have been able to get 8 new investigators and one current investigator to accept baptism. We had other instruction about Less Actives, covenanting and other great stuff and we ended with a great video of Choosing TODAY to be a disciple of Christ and to rededicate ourselves to the work! It was great and very motivating!

Friday we had a great lesson with our investigator where we taught her the Restoration and talked about how we have to sometimes hit the bottom of the low before we start get back up to the top and then keep going! We testified and invited her to be baptized she then testified of the truth she was starting to know and then we all started to cry and it was just amazing! I never want to forget it and she is so elect!!!

Saturday was when we saw our other new investigators who was a families of 6 but only 4 right now! We taught the Restoration and the Dad kept saying this is just like my church and what I have been taught its just more complete! He loved it and we talked about modesty, missionary life, temples, Sunday church is run! They are great family and I can see how the Gospel is already blessing there family!

Well this was my week! I hope you all have a great week! Remember we always have Christ on our side cheering us on! I have seen so many miracles and I love this work! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Miracle Monday.....Then turned to Weepy Wednesday, but Renewal Sunday Came

Hey Y'all,

Well this week was kind of a slow week. Sister Beard and I have had a hard time with having motivation with doing the work! We both have had thoughts that make it hard to do the work. Although with a new year I have seen myself working harder for what I want the rest of my mission to be.

Monday we spent our Preparation day with our Recent Convert Douglas! It was a lot of fun and we spent our time at the General Lee Museum. I have no clue about anything that was in that museum but I was glad that Douglas was there to help explain things. Sister Beard's dad was in the reserves and so she had an idea. Funny though to learn about parachutes!

​Monday night we had a miracle story about a new investigator who was a referral from headquarters which turned out to be for another person who was interested in us coming to answer questions. She has been on and off homeless. She is sick and wants to be prepared for when she takes her last breathe. She asked us questions about cremation, where we go, etc. She cried and cried as we answered every question she had. She told us she found answers to other question but doubted her answers. We told her about the Holy Ghost in finding answers. With that we invited her to be baptized and she said yes. and then told us "tell me what I need to do." We then left her with a prayer and a return appointment. We left the Book of Mormon and the Bible with her. Our return appointment was on Wednesday! As we were getting ready to go we got a call from her saying that the situation in the house she was in is not good anymore. She asked us not to come and that she has read the introduction and the three and eight witnesses and started reading the Book of Mormon. She told us that she would contact us when she could. It was hard to hear that and that kind of started our crazy long week. Lots of tears and doubts and it lead to me calling the mission counselor and our Mission president. I loved everything they said and I know that I am not someone who gives up. I have overcome and experienced to much and learned to much to let these last 6 months go to waste. I have rededicated myself to my mission and set more goal for the rest of my time here. Mostly I learned I need to be more patient in myself!

When Sunday came I was excited to be able to have a new start this week. I am glad to say that I can see the fruits of our labors this week as we have been able to set up great lessons and great teaching opportunities. WE as a companionship are also having a goal of eating more healthy. Let's just say I have never seen so many fruit, and vegetables in one fridge before! WHOOHOOO! For new year resolutions!

Wednesday we had a great District meeting with a lesson all on Unity. We sat in a circle and read scriptures on unity. AS we read them we would pass around ribbon as each of us would get to read. At the end we saw what the end result was. WE then got a time to share our testimonies. It was a great time to share a little of what this past year has been. I realized just how much Christ is unified within us when we turn to him and follow the Spirit. It is all connected!

This week I have learned just how powerful new starts are! WE may not do so well today but we can try again tomorrow. It may not get better but only time and trust in the Lord can make it better! The Sacrament can help us refocus but see we are not alone and that Christ k knows exactly what we are feeling! The Dunn ward has been here supporting us in all we are doing! We have been able to ask for blessings and time to relax and talk and be able to trust them with how we are feeling! I am starting to see why I was sent here! I love Dunn and I love being a missionary at this very minute! I love my companion Sister Beard who is so great that she is there to listen to me and we can help each other! I love you all and hope that you all have a great week! Till next Monday!!!!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016....Sister Farr is now a year old on the Mission

Hey Y'all,

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I had a great time here in Dunn except the fact we went over on miles and have so much to do this week. Thankfully the Ward members are the best!

Christmas Eve we saw a potential investigator. One was a former and was a referral from the Cary Sisters. Which is someone I meet and received the referral in Cary Sister Wilson and I are the ones who sent them the referral. NO coincidence!  When we went to see her I felt an immediate love for her. I even remembered running into her at Wal-mart in Cary when we got her information. I think she is the reason why I was sent to Dunn! It is just too crazy to think how this has come to be. She is so open to the gospel and I am excited to be able to teach her. We saw our investigator who has been sick but is doing so much better. We are planning to see her this week and help her to start coming back to church! Our lesson with her was not planned at all but it was very much lead by the spirit. She spent the most of the discussion sharing her testimony of the gospel. She wants to be baptized and wants to come to church more but she doesn't want to be pushed but wants to come and join in her own time. She is such an amazing lady. We came back on Christmas morning to give her grand kids presents which were Book of Mormons.

Christmas Eve for dinner we spent the evening with a wonderful family. We got to come early to help cook. They had grand-kids come and we had a great lesson. We read the Nativity story and as we read we used a beautiful Nativity scene and the kids would put the characters out on the table as there Grandma would read. It was great to see that even little kids know the true meaning of Christmas! That night after we planned we decided to open presents from each other. I got Sister Beard a Captain America/ Iron Man pillow and I got a Olaf reversible pillowcase and a picture frame with a quote from the Hymn "Have I done any good?" We even wrote a letter to Santa and gave him treats.

Christmas day was great and so busy! We woke up and for exercise we opened all our presents :) We got a big bag from the Ward which was our stocking. Sister Beards mom made me a stocking too! I got a Cd, journal, and lots more! We then had Breakfast with a great family. We ate crepes. Which is another thing to make for my family! But with Nutella! :) We then got home and saw our potential investigators we found tracting behind the church and gave them the Restoration video. We are seeing them again this week too! We saw a less active where we got our candy and really cute fuzzy socks. We then drove over to the Bishops sisters house and visited them then when the Bishop and his family came we left. It was great to see them and get to know them more. It made me think of our get together my family does with the Morgan's. We then went to the Dalton's family for dinner and had amazing pork chops, and had virgin Moheatos! So good by the way! While we waited for dinner we played with their two adorable kids and played with trains and Barbies. Their daughter was so fun to play with and I just love her cuteness! Skyping home was Amazing and was really nice to see everyone and the SNOW! I didn't realize how much I missed them though until I had to say goodbye, but I know it will pass and my focus can be back on my service!

So just like my title says! I am about to hit my year mark of being on my mission! Honestly I am not sure how I feel about it! I am so glad to be a missionary and I am so blessed to have been here for so long doing what I need to do! I can say it is not easy but I have learned that nothing in life is supposed to be. That's not supposed to be the purpose in this life! Christ just makes it easier and bearable. He is the only one who can truly understand all that I struggled on my mission so far and not being he suffered for my sins personally but because he served and taught and was rejected. He served and must have had days that were hard and he didn't understand why things happened the way they did. He did it because he wanted to do the will of his father! Being a way from home this Christmas I have learned and remembered the importance about our Savior and all the possibilities. We have the Christmas Spirit during the season but we can have it also all the time. Because Christ was born he was able to die and heal and establish his church on the earth for us to be able to have. It was all part of the eternal plan and God did it the way he did so we can have Agency and find out for ourselves! It was all for a purpose. It was for the purpose all Love! It is a never ending Love! As I have had the time to be missionary and be close to the spirit I have been able to see more of why things happen the way they do. Why things are hard, Why the church and gospel is the way we are! It is the way it is because God wants it that way and it is for us to be able to understand and follow and to use a certain way to help us in life! I know that everything in this life has a purpose and more for just for the ability to become who God want us to become but so that we don't have to do it alone, blinded, or confused! We may lose sight of all the things we may have but thankfully God never and will never change! His Love for us so perfectly will never change and that is such a blessing! I love you all and I hope you all are able to have a great start to your new year! Even as you plan your new year goals don't forget to inquire of the Lord as you plan what to work on and improve. I have seen the amazing answers to what to work on because if thinks I can do it then I can! Love you!


Sister Tayler Far