Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spiritual Drain!


I know what an interesting title for this week letter, but really I feel like every week is so spiritually and emotionally draining! I always look forward to Sundays and Mondays! This week we had a great experience with a Seventy who came to visit the mission! Vikki's baptism was on Saturday and we had great experiences during the week!

I'll start from Sunday this time:

Yesterday was a great day and Vikki got confirmed! She had Bishop Fish baptize her and had about 7 total in her circle which started out to just be 4 including Bishop! I have never seen her smile so big before! She was literally glowing! She was so cute! She is amazing! After Church we had a linger longer/baptism for an 8 yr old girl! We had a lot of food left over after the Fiesta activity so they used it for after the baptism! Vikki came also and I could tell she enjoyed it a lot too with the fact that now she gets to attend another already being baptized! She would turn to me and say that was a good talk I liked that or that's amazing! She is just so great and I love her to death! It has definitely been an experience I never thought I would get to have! I got to truly be a part of the preparing her baptism and having to think of everything! I was so grateful to see how much she has learned and knowing how much potential she has! I can see her being a Relief Society President! Oh man! She is just amazing! We left early from the linger longer to finish stuff before a lesson at 3:30! We were able to have Bishop come with us to see the Parcell's. I'm not sure if I talked about them before but we had gotten a referral from someone in the same neighborhood as them and when we were able to get through the gate we stopped by to see them and she loves us coming! We were hesitant in telling her that Bishop was coming but when we arrived she was so honored to have him in her home! Her husband (nonmember) stayed during the lesson and just listened! We talked about the Atonement and the gospel of Jesus Christ using a visual! (I love using it-and she needed it). It was a great lesson and she is wanting to go to the Temple! She hasn't been to church since before knowing that there was a temple in Raleigh! It was back in the 70's where they only went to Washington DC and that her home town was barely a branch! Now it is a stake! Go figure! She is such a sweet lady and just kept asking us when we could come back! It was a great lesson all the way and Bishop did a great job in answering all her questions! She asked some hard ones! Bishop Fish is the best Bishop I have worked with here in NC!

We had a great experience tracting tonight! We went to see a less active and had a quick dinner with them. We were going to go see another less active but instead drove home to try tracting out our apartment complex! Seriously no body would even let us talk! But oh well! It was starting to get discouraging but we knocked on the last door for the night and a mom and her 5 yr old opened the door! The boy ran out and said "Hi ladies you can come in and play with me." He was the cutest thing ever! We started talking to the mom and we were setting up a time to come back. We were setting up a time but then she just let us come in. They didn't have a couch or really anything in there living room and so we sat on the floor while she sat in camp chair. Now this 5 yr old had some energy and the time he really wanted us to play with him. I tried to play with him to let Sister Higbee talk but he was just to distracting and we could tell the mom (Wendy) was embarrassed so I just went with it and we started talking about how we are all God's children! We asked question that we got I don't know answers to. We asked her "Do you know that you are a child of God? She said no I don't know. It broke me to hear that we explained how we are. I felt impressed to apply this concept to her personally so she can see what we are saying. I use her being a mom and she completely opened up. Told us a lot of things and that she doesn't get support from a lot of people. She is living with her Mom. She is just a sad lady. Had decided Today to quite smoking to be healthier and to be able to save money. I truly know that we meant to see her tonight and this lesson with her was very much spirit directed and I was able to help with it. I told  her that now we will be a support group and we can help her get back to church and see what is in store for her. I told her that the church is a support system and a big family! My heart just ached for her and I felt so bad and I know God let me see her the way he sees her! I have a love for her already that I just want to give her something to keep her going! To realize all of this was seriously a spiritual drain!

Saturday= Baptism Day! We were pretty busy and it was interesting to try to get the font on! It leaks even when you have water in! But it worked fine we thought we might have to use a plastic bag. We got it fine! Vikki's baptism was great and we had a lot of people come. We got to meet her family and her husband really liked it! The talks were great and Vikki was glowing! When she was baptized she was just smiling so big and just cried. She was laughing and just was amazing! It's crazy to think that all of it is over now but thankfully nothing went wrong! Oh I love this woman!!!!! After we had about an hour before we had to be home so we went to go see a potential who we had tracted into. Not sure I said anything about him earlier but he is a single man and lives by himself in a big home and at first talked to us just fine but once he found out we were Mormons he got kind of defensive. We left the first time on good terms and so when we stopped by he was glad to see us. He is ready and I know he has been prepared but he may take a while. We hope to fellowship him with our Ward mission Leader! It was great we learned he likes Poetry and romantic movies. hahaha.

Thursday we had Zone Conference and I got to go back to Fayetteville! Never thought I would miss Fayettenam! It was great to be with the Southern Zone of which all I have been in now! Elder Zwick came and we had a great conference. It's amazing just how much the leaders of the church know what's going on in the world. I am proud to say he wants to tell the quorum of the 12 that we are a very impressive group of missionaries. He says he will report only good things! He talked a lot about new ways to teach and Sister Higbee and I have used it already and it truly helps us better present our purpose and being able to share a strong testimony. It's called Teach Testify or I call it Teach and Testify from the Heart! Elder Zwick talked a lot about obedience and why we are to be obedient. It's not that we are expected to be but that we should want to! President talked about setting goals and I felt that was a call to repentance for me. I may be setting goals but do I really need to work on them or are there better ones that make me stretch and improve! It was literally I felt for me! Sister Zwick talked about praying and that I know I need to be better at. Not doing it more but more of letting the spirit direct. I was so tired at the end I was grateful that I wasn't driving back from Fayetteville. It is amazing just how much I got out of this Conference! I love these meetings..... I never thought I would say that!

I have so much I could talk about but I wanted to leave with a testimony today! I love this work and I love the companionship of the Spirit and just how I feel as I do this work here in North Carolina! I have learned so much and honestly what haven't I learned! Anyone who asks better be prepared for a long list! I love just how I feel at the end the day, even and especially on the hard days! I truly love this Gospel and I know it's true! The more I live it and try to learn it the more I am love it and know that it is what I need! I have learned so much about the plan God has for us and also the individual plan he has for me personally! I may not know what it is but I know the plan he has for me as a missionary. Whatever I do know about anything that makes a testimony is the faith we need to trust that everything will be okay! No matter the hardships, the unknown, the times when we feel incapable. We really are incapable of so much but Christ fixes that for us all, personally and lovingly. This is the Gospel of Hope and love and those who say otherwise better wait cause something will always come to teach us! We may feel lonely but from the story of the footsteps in the sand he is really there the whole time and times carries us when we don't realize it! I love my Savior and I love this work and I love North Carolina and I especially love the South of where there Faith is grounded but they loosen it enough to see and receive what is truly better! Love you all and I hope and know you will be blessed and looked after! Have a blessed week!


Sister Tayler Farr

Friday, May 20, 2016

Another great week and another great week!

Hey Y'all,

Another week gone and by I feel like this week went by fast! Nothing like talking to family though to top off a good week! We got a lot done this week and truly after doing Shot Gunning for the third time I am starting to see the third week of the transfer starts to get it going! We have great week ahead of us! Lots planned, great appointments set and Zone Conference with Elder Zwick coming from the missionary board and a baptism! So excited for this week!

Our Spanish Recent Convert made me this Scripture
Case himself! Shows his love for His Savior!
Last week had our first Spanish lesson with our recent convert! Oh did I ever mention that he only speaks Spanish! We have a translator but they brought another friend who is not a member and so honestly it was probably the worst lesson I have ever taught! WE didn't have Spanish pamphlets, barely able to find a Spanish Book of Mormon and luckily the video worked watching The Restoration went well! I was honestly to nervous to be teaching well enough to have the spirit but while watching the movie in Spanish of course and feeling the spirit I was then able to be more comfortable and I even could understand what some of the things they were saying! At the end when we were talking about the Book of Mormon I was able to understand a little of the Spanish they were saying! Talking about Gift of Tongues! It was a great ending and we didn't completely scare away the friend!

Tuesday we had a lesson with our Investigator Jeff and our Ward Mission Leader! It was amazing and I just love going out with our WML! He is amazing! We talked about the Atonement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We used a visual. He loved it and even our WML invited him to baptism and church! He gives such great answers he just needs to get baptized but first come to church!

Wednesday we had a great Zone Training and I gave my first thought at any Zone Training on my mission thus far and so that made me nervous! You would have laughed seeing me shake so bad! Of course I was fine and a lot of people in there instruction quoted what I had said and I knew what I had prepared was by the spirit! It was a great training and I am so excited for this week to get to see President James and excited to see someone visit the mission! Which means a very emotional, mentally, and spiritually exhausting meeting but none the less amazing!

I have turned into one crazy tracting machine! Now the idea of doing it doesn't scare me (credit goes to President James). We got to go back to contact some people we tracted into and one so far has become a new investigator. He didn't except the Book of Mormon yet but we are seeing him tonight to teach him about the Restoration! We also saw a Less active that Sisters used to see quite regularly about a year ago but she hadn't been contacted or seen for a while! She loves missionaries and is sick but she has a strong testimony nevertheless! It is quite a testimony builder when members who aren't allows able to make it to church still show the love they have for the church and the Gospel!

The Best Mission mama ever-Mama Ang!
Friday was a great day of tender mercies! We got to have lunch with a sister in the ward at Golden Corral and I found one of the best Banana Pudding I have had here! (anyone have a good one they would like to share with me?). We then worked on Vikki's baptism program and it took a little to long because we spent 2 hours just on the typing of it. I could tell I hadn't been in school for a while. haha. Sister Higbee had a girl she taught in Pembroke and we got permission to go. WE got a great member to take us! It was great to see the members and Mama Ang again and it was weird. Some of them thought that I was visiting from so that was difficult. But I love Pembroke and I miss the accent!!!!! I love my Lumbee's!

Vikki and I!
Saturday we had a lesson with Vikki going over the Baptism interview questions before we have her interview tomorrow! We wanted her to feel less nervous so we thought just going over the questions and playing the Plan of Salvation Board Game Sister Higbee made would do just that! Sure enough it did and it was a lot of fun with her! She definitely is ready for baptism and has learned so much so quickly! She just amazes me everyday! We then went to see some Less actives in Shallotte. We found lots of potentials, lots of them had moved so it was wonderful to get to meet the new owners who let us come back! We also experienced the first yard sale in an apartment complex and that was weird, but honestly you can find anything in NC! Didn't find much of a bargain but did find a possible new investigator who Virginia missionaries will be getting soon probably. She is moving soon but we see her again tomorrow night!

Sunday was great! Sister Higbee was asked to play in Sacrament! She is a very talented women! I got to sing in the choir and it was fun to sing with such a small choir with a small congregation. Not many nerves but amazing spirit. We sang the Spirit of God! It was a great performance and we had great speakers. The WML always does a good job teaching gospel Principles and Relief Society.  That night we had dinner with a family who we hadn't really met. As we talked I come to find out that they are related to someone! Sister Kim Asay!!! Small world! Kim had told me to look for them or that her family lives here but it took me a while to realize that her maiden name is Skipper and I couldn't connect it! Literally I thought that her cousin looked familiar but really I was looking at Sister Asay!!!! This is like the 5th time I have met someone on my mission that I or someone I know knows someone else! The Mormon world is quite small!

Building our Mesa Temple!
Playing in the Sand!
Today we got to have a district activity and we went to the beach, visited a gift shop and ate some seafood for lunch! It was lots of fun and we even got one of the senior couples to come which we got out of having to drive our car! We went to probably the biggest gift shop I have ever been to and got some great bargains! It was so fun to get to be by the beach too! We had a sand Temple building contest! It was fun! Sister Higbee and I built the Mesa Arizona temple thinking it was the easiest to make! We played with a Frisbee and just had a great time walking in the sand! It was hard not swimming and getting completely wet but enough to feel the great ocean water!

Sister Hyde and I at the Beach
chillin' in the sun!
The Southport District Clan!
Another great week and another great week! So excited for this coming week! I feel like each week I get more and more excited to see what will happen! This week with Vikki's baptism it makes it all better and more exciting! I will send Pictures! Love you all and God Bless! :)

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Saturday, May 14, 2016

You shall be tried!

Hey Y'all,

Happy Mother's Day Y'all! It was great to see family over Skype yesterday and so nice to get to meet my Sister to for the first time!

Nothing like a nice cool Preparation day morning to have studies and fun at the beach! We had a great time getting to study the gospel and listening to the waves! Nothing better for the first time to Ocean Isle beach!

This week I have learned just how amazing it is to have a strong testimony! We went to go see some members on our roster that no one knew and we went to an older couple! She quickly let us in! We had a great talk for a while then she brought in the fact that she had read this book! I don't remember what it is called and glad that I don't! We could feel the spirit but once she started talking about the book it was gone! She told us it was saying all these terrible things Brigham Young and Joseph Smith did! It never made sense. She kept saying "I know there human and they make mistakes but if they were doing so much bad why would God who is perfect let them still be the prophet of the church! She also didn't like the idea of how we say in the church we will one day become Gods and Goddesses. It was hard to explain that we will never be over God he will always be our father but we will become perfect over time and we then can be God's! All in all she still said that she has a testimony she just needs to work things out! I noticed that in all of this I saw that there must be something missing and we talked to our Bishop and he helped us understand more and it actually make sense! I truly know that I have a testimony and its strong enough where literally I was able to laugh in Satan's face and say nice try! It's amazing to see how much my testimony has grown! I may not have been able to be okay and foundated on the gospel about 2 years ago. I have had a lot of experiences and doubt but my personal foundation and testimony is rooted to far deep to be pulled by the adversary! I just hope I can help others get to where I am now! I am grateful for the lessons God has given me so that when this time came I wouldn't be shaken! Truly was a tender mercy and I hope I never will forget it!

We had a lot great other lessons and more with our investigators! Last week we found a lady tracting and we taught her on Tuesday again but taught the Restoration! We invited our WML! He was great and we are so glad we had him come! Her husband came half way and he started talking with him and getting comfortable with us! We are hoping that they come to our ward Fiesta night so we can give them a church tour. Petra (investigator) was so involved with the lesson we couldn't get through the whole lesson! She loved it when we gave her the Book of Mormon! I have never seen someone so excited than she getting it before! She flipped through it as though we gave her a book that is the most precious thing ever that gives answers and everything she needs in life but now I'm thinking it really is that book! Our Ward mission leader left with his testimony and it was a amazing! We know it was spirit that led us to invite him! We hope to start teaching the husband too!

Now Thursday was crazy we went to a less active families of 5 and found 4 of them are returned missionaries! Probably the most intimidating lesson with members ever! We taught them the restoration using the cups and boy it was rough for me! But so amazing to hear all of the testimony and how they really want to be to church and serve more but their health makes it hard! They have some disorder that causes them to pass out if they stand up or sit down to fast! The husband said he barely finished his mission!

Our one investigator is awesome! She is doing so well! Her baptism is made for the 21st! She is so ready I feel like we are holding her back! She seriously is soaking up everything we are teaching her like a sponge and is asking so many great questions! She even started doing her family history so she can take names to the temple after her baptism! We were going to go to the Family History center at the church with the consultant and help her set it up but she did herself! She is amazing and it is such an amazing experience to see the drive she has for the gospel!

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! Remember I love y'all and am praying for you! Have a blessed week and always be looking for those missionary opportunities! :)

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

Monday, May 2, 2016

"Where the Heck is Shallotte,NC?"

Hey Y'all,

So yes again I am transferred but that's okay! I am by the beach! It's great but the weather here is bad! When it rains it gets really humid and the bugs come out like crazy!!!!

I already love it here! We have a great district and have two senior couple missionaries that are in our district! We are the only sisters but that's nothing new! My new companion is Sister Higbee! She is also from Colorado and is actually from Colorado Springs! We are pretty sure we have seen each other before but never met! Small World! She went to Liberty High School!

Tuesday while Sister Ibarra and I were driving to transfers we got a call from the Zone Leaders and they said I was going to Shallotte! I kind of thought I would because Sister Ibarra just left from there and I was really the only one who didn't know where I was going. The drive to Shallotte was a good 3 hours. It was long but we got to know each other pretty good to pass the time. Wednesday we mostly just tried to go to every part of the area to learn it as fast I could. This is my third time white washing or what president calls it Shot gun!

Thursday we met our investigator and she is amazing! She is so elect and you really find here each time you tract! Vicky was taught by the past sisters. We taught her about scripture study, and keeping the Sabbath day holy. She just soaks up everything and just loves everything and has great questions. You can really see that she wants it!

Saturday we had lunch with Vicky and got to teach her about temples, and family history, she asked about tithing and fast offerings, and so we taught all of it. She again just soaked it up. it was her birthday and so it was great to spend that time with her! We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and it was amazing. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am really starting to love it! I was glad it was a buffet! We went tracting and had a lesson on the restoration with someone who just let us in, but didn't want us to come back. We finished tracting the street and one of the ladies wasn't open but I just got her talking about her family. We told her we were new and if she had any recommendation for somewhere fun to spend our Mondays. It ended with her telling us if we ever needed a ride to come get her. We didn't ask for her number but said goodbye. We tracted one more house and walked to the car but before we could leave she came out of her house and gave us her number. It was amazing! Never have I ever experienced that! It was nice to see that just being personable she opened up to us!

Sunday we got to teach Relief Society and met a lot of the members. Since we are so close to the beach a lot of the members are older and retired! They are so sweet and really love working with us. We knew a lot about Vicky from the members before we even met her! We had great testimonies shared! We even had a Recent Convert share his testimony from back in December. He only speaks Spanish and so someone who spoke Spanish translated for us. It was amazing! I wish I could speak Spanish better! (Jonathon send me some phrases to start a conversation with him!). We are supposed to be teaching him the new member lessons but we have to get a translator to help us! Lame! Again we decided to use our evening hours to tract and see Less actives and the members but we had a hard time finding addresses. It had been raining all day and it was kind of miserable but we did find someone who just loved talking with us! We got a new investigator who literally said that she knows that we have the fullness of the gospel and she was so grateful that we could come back! We were getting eaten by all the bugs! She didn't want us to leave but felt bad that we were getting eaten! Tender Mercies when you realize God directs you to people who are prepared! She loved the scripture we shared (Helaman 5:12) and is excited to learn more!

We had a great first week here in Shallotte and with it being such a big area and we are the only ones serving we have a lot of work for us to do! The ward is great and the Bishop is probably the best I have ever worked with! He wants us to come to him with every problem about us the ward, and even our personal selves, and even testimonies! He is so spirit lead and is definitely someone I will be staying in touch with and someone who I look up too! I love Shallotte! I love this work and I love my Savior! I hope you all have a great week and can see the wonderful blessings the Lord has to give you each and every day! Love you all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr