Saturday, May 14, 2016

You shall be tried!

Hey Y'all,

Happy Mother's Day Y'all! It was great to see family over Skype yesterday and so nice to get to meet my Sister to for the first time!

Nothing like a nice cool Preparation day morning to have studies and fun at the beach! We had a great time getting to study the gospel and listening to the waves! Nothing better for the first time to Ocean Isle beach!

This week I have learned just how amazing it is to have a strong testimony! We went to go see some members on our roster that no one knew and we went to an older couple! She quickly let us in! We had a great talk for a while then she brought in the fact that she had read this book! I don't remember what it is called and glad that I don't! We could feel the spirit but once she started talking about the book it was gone! She told us it was saying all these terrible things Brigham Young and Joseph Smith did! It never made sense. She kept saying "I know there human and they make mistakes but if they were doing so much bad why would God who is perfect let them still be the prophet of the church! She also didn't like the idea of how we say in the church we will one day become Gods and Goddesses. It was hard to explain that we will never be over God he will always be our father but we will become perfect over time and we then can be God's! All in all she still said that she has a testimony she just needs to work things out! I noticed that in all of this I saw that there must be something missing and we talked to our Bishop and he helped us understand more and it actually make sense! I truly know that I have a testimony and its strong enough where literally I was able to laugh in Satan's face and say nice try! It's amazing to see how much my testimony has grown! I may not have been able to be okay and foundated on the gospel about 2 years ago. I have had a lot of experiences and doubt but my personal foundation and testimony is rooted to far deep to be pulled by the adversary! I just hope I can help others get to where I am now! I am grateful for the lessons God has given me so that when this time came I wouldn't be shaken! Truly was a tender mercy and I hope I never will forget it!

We had a lot great other lessons and more with our investigators! Last week we found a lady tracting and we taught her on Tuesday again but taught the Restoration! We invited our WML! He was great and we are so glad we had him come! Her husband came half way and he started talking with him and getting comfortable with us! We are hoping that they come to our ward Fiesta night so we can give them a church tour. Petra (investigator) was so involved with the lesson we couldn't get through the whole lesson! She loved it when we gave her the Book of Mormon! I have never seen someone so excited than she getting it before! She flipped through it as though we gave her a book that is the most precious thing ever that gives answers and everything she needs in life but now I'm thinking it really is that book! Our Ward mission leader left with his testimony and it was a amazing! We know it was spirit that led us to invite him! We hope to start teaching the husband too!

Now Thursday was crazy we went to a less active families of 5 and found 4 of them are returned missionaries! Probably the most intimidating lesson with members ever! We taught them the restoration using the cups and boy it was rough for me! But so amazing to hear all of the testimony and how they really want to be to church and serve more but their health makes it hard! They have some disorder that causes them to pass out if they stand up or sit down to fast! The husband said he barely finished his mission!

Our one investigator is awesome! She is doing so well! Her baptism is made for the 21st! She is so ready I feel like we are holding her back! She seriously is soaking up everything we are teaching her like a sponge and is asking so many great questions! She even started doing her family history so she can take names to the temple after her baptism! We were going to go to the Family History center at the church with the consultant and help her set it up but she did herself! She is amazing and it is such an amazing experience to see the drive she has for the gospel!

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! Remember I love y'all and am praying for you! Have a blessed week and always be looking for those missionary opportunities! :)

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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