Monday, April 6, 2015

Diligence and perseverance

Hey Y'all,

First off I forgot my planner today so my letter is probably going to be all over the place! This week however has been a great week and full of many miracles, motivation, discouragement, and really lots of emotion both good, and bad.

We had a great Zone training on Wednesday, but our Zone leaders were crazy and had it outside to do a Revival! I don't understand why we had to go outside at 9am in the bidder cold. But i guess they wanted the real effect! We had a great meeting though besides the cold. It has become my new favorite of times! The spirit was so strong and had a very motivation twist to it! I have prayed the days leading up to it! To be ready to receive revelation and other ideas to help myself in aligning my will with the Lord's better! I can honestly and truthfully say that the entire meeting was an answer to that prayer. All of the opening messages followed very well. Each missionary stating that they felt the spirit guiding them to share this with all of us. Each message was on the Holy Ghost and the great need of impact for it in teaching. The downer to it was the Zone leaders taught about contacting. Not just contacting when it came to referrals and things. It was contacting with talking with everyone!!! I seriously have the hardest time with this and really hate doing it. It was nice to see other missionaries say that they struggle with it too! It does sound bad that i felt that way. Toward the end we all were having different missionaries bare testimony and closed with when we go around the room and say what we are going to apply from conference and instead. The Zone leaders made swords and Thor hammers out of cardboard and gave one of either of them and had us all write something on them that we wanted to stop doing and give up to the Lord to better focus on doing the Lord's will! It was so powerful. After we all wrote something each district leader put them in a hole and buried them. It felt like what the 2,000 stripling warriors must of felt when they buried their weapons and refuges to fight. (I think that's the story?!) I gave up being less selfish! In the idea of not saying anything or being shy and not doing the will of the Lord. I want to get out of my Selfish way of saying that i will probably say something stupid and so i became to shy to say anything and even in a  lesson.

Now came the miracle!!! We got home and went to go contact a referral and couldn't find the apartment and instead just went to a random apartment in the complex and asked them. We didn't share anything with them and instead just went to the actual apartment of the referral. They weren't home! We started to walk back to the car but instead went back to the other apartment to thank them and actually that time shared a message with her about Easter and our beliefs. It was amazing we made a return appointment. Sadly though when we came back she wasn't home!! The same day after we met her we came home and got a call from one of our current investigators and was able to set up an appointment too! We even got to set up a time to see the other sister who families against her being an investigator. Sadly to find out that her daughter was in the hospital and may not be able to see her anymore!

This week had been great with many miracles, but some let down's. I have seen my motivation and my perspective change and can see my service change as i am focusing on the Lord's will and not mine!!!! I can see the time that i am homesick and i receive letters, packages and uplifting cards from home. They are never just cause but because God really is their for me and all those i am teaching! He really does do the preparing and the work we are just the action in his work! I can see the work and see what it is doing to someone as new as me! I know that this time is already going so fast and that I may be home before I know it, but day to day I see the Lord's hand. I see the reason why I keep dreading the time to write in my journal of all that i am experiencing. I can look back during the times that i am struggling and remember all the good that i have been doing!!!

General Conference was a great and so glad that i prepared myself and a question! I learned lots and my mind was opened to learning new things. I have a couple of things that i want to work on and apply, but one thing i know is that this Missionary work is moving forward with our without us. The messages are becoming more and ,more stronger and more to helping us through hard times. We learn about things that are harmful to us in this point and time. I loved all of the talks on the family and the talks from the prophet and his counselors. I especially loved Elder Holland and seeing that even in the time that's we may not be able to move forward God and the Savior are their to pick us up! What a great chance we had to have General Conference on Easter and here the testimonies of the General Authorities that the Savior does live and that "He Is Risen." Their is nothing more amazing than to have leaders of the church testify so strongly that we can feel the spirit with us!

In talking about Conference. I saw Braden Eads! He looked so good and he made me cry because he was crying ! I have a couple of people here in North Carolina asking for his number!!!! " He's in the choir he must have a good voice!" We even had President Uchtdorf make a joke and when someone may have apposed a vote he did it so appropriately. The leaders are so amazing and i know they are true believers of God and our Savior!

This was my week and i hope you all have a great week! I can't believe that I am done with the 12 week program and it's like being a real missionary kicking into high gear and really starting to work! I am happy to say that i am NOT transferring and am staying in Garner with Sister Behrmann. I just hope by the time someone gets transferred  she doesn't want to kill me!!! lol! Well have a great week and i hope your Easter was amazing! I missed seeing Cantata but i know you all did well! Love y'all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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