Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Need for Investigators!

Hey Y'all,

What a week and another gone! congratulations to Katie King! (don't know your new name). I wish i could have been their, but i am so glad you did what you did). This week was a very long week. We didn't have any lessons with any of our investigators. We lost contact with one and the other doesn't want to cause anymore contention in her family so she doesn't want us to come over for a while. (at least we can come back and see her).

Tuesday we planned to go tracting for about 5 hours. I was ready to give up, but before we had Companion study we got a call from a sister in our ward and asked if we could help her do some stuff. I was grateful for her call even if we do need to find new investigators. Really i was glad to help. We got over their and cleaned the kitchen and then Animal Control showed up. They told us that they had a stray cat they kind of adopted and he got bit by a fox this past week and so Animal Control has been coming to try and catch it but the cat is just too smart. We didn't get as much done as we could have, but i was glad we were their to help while they had a hard time with the cat situation. It was kind of weird. They have all been having a hard time and it really bugged me when the guys came in to the house with a gun. He wasn't trying to find a good way to get the cat (was laying on the porch). I don't know why they would bring a gun into the house let alone show it to the family. They weren't very thoughtful in the idea that the family loves this cat and wants to help him. It just bugged me. Glad their 13 year old was upstairs doing school work!

Wednesday was probably the craziest day. We had exchanges and this time I stayed in the area and Sister Behrmann left. I finally got the chance to ride my bike. I even got to ride in the rain. We were riding to the library and then i went the wrong way and realized i just made us ride an extra 2 miles. I realized just how much i don't know my way around Garner still. I felt bad. We never made it to the library just came back to the apartment for dinner. I did however was able to get us home and a ride to the church. We even got to see a less active member after we found out the member who came with us is allergic to dogs and so we came outside for our visit. It started to rain. Our normal visit with her is like 2-3 hours and this one was about 20 minutes! We did however got a lesson in and invited her to continue praying and to read her patriarchal blessing. She even is willing to get a blessing from the Elders. Then the computer at the church was being used my the family history class so we walked another mile to the library instead. Really it was a great day and i got to ride my bike, we finally contacted a sister from the ward, i got us back to the apartment, we had LOTS of exercise, and we helped someone come unto Christ! I really have proven to myself that i can do it on my own. I can be a missionary and be in charge even without my trainer. These last 3 weeks of the transfer better be a result of what I've learned!!!!

Well, Thursday we only had time for weekly planning and Friday we got to go visit some less actives.

Saturday was probably my favorite day of the week. We got to help and be a part of  the Emergency Fair. We had our own booth and shared time with the Elders. We didn't really get much people at ours but we had non-members who had booths ans their daughters kept coming back for more Book of Mormons and pamphlets. We gave the mother our card and told her if she or they had any questions or wanted to learn more we would love to meet with her family. We got to attend a small self defense class. We had dinner with the Holmes family and had Shrimp tacos. Really interesting but really good. We went to go visit one of her visiting teaching  people since we have never met her and my goodness she was so funny. She had her bird in the room and every time she would talk loud and we would be laughing her bird would make noise. She would stop mid sentence and say "Shut up Rigsby!" It was so funny! Or i guess you just had to be their!

Sunday was like any other Sabbath day. Except i was asked to do a role play on teaching prayer to someone who has never heard of it before in front of the entire class in Sunday School. It was scary, but i really think i did a good job and seemed really easy and not to hard. I was happy with the way i did it! I even got who was my victim to say that she wanted to come to church and to learn more. She said that she could see my seriousness and my sincere testimony. I never felt so relieved. I really am starting to see my improvements in my teaching and i hope it continues to improve.

Well, y'all! this was my week, i just want you all to know that i know that this ids where i should be! i know even though i may be homesick when i see my family and long distance family getting together and i am not there to be a part of it. I am glad that i am here to do the work of the Lord! I can see just how important it is and hoe much i know that it will go fast in just a blink of an eye. I have felt times already of giving up and wanting to go home but everyone at home are the ones who are keeping me here. Every time i am having a hard time something comes in the mail from family and friends. just this week i got a letter/ card from my old co-workers form my summer job at Rocky Mountain Health Care Services. I couldn't hold it in and i cried like a little baby. Thank you for all the support and the love you give to me and my family. Thank you for the countless prayers and constant help you give to my family. It really helps knowing they are being taken care of! I know that the atonement is real and that you can really use it any time and in any circumstance. This life is never easy, but God knows us enough to help and give us what we need. If we put in the effort and learn from our mistakes we are then capable of the most amazing things! I never knew that serving the Lord would be this hard, but never knew also how rewarding it is! I may only be gone for 3 months, but i have already learned this so early. I hope to see more lessons and experiences come from my Heavenly Father. I am not done and i am not done when i have completed my mission. I will continue to be a missionary and endure to the end. I work alongside the prophet and will until the work is done! Like what Jonathon said while on his mission! " Give em Heaven!"

Hope you all have a great week!!!

Sister Tayler Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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