Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas all the way from Dunn, North Carolina!

Hey Y'all,

Yep! If you didn't already know I got Transferred again!!! I have now 5 areas in where I have served! But that is okay! I am in Dunn and the Ward is great! They are so loving and caring for the missionaries! Today they are even willing to go to Wal-Mart with us so me and my new companion can get presents for each other.

So my new companion is Sister Beard! She is amazing! She is so cute! She has been out for 6 months! She is a great missionary and great at leading out of this area. We are over 16 towns by the way and so she is great at making sure we are staying within our miles limitation. She is really helpful with helping me learn the area and the people. She is great and is a really hard worker. She has found out some bad news from home this past week and I know once again that I have gotten my new companion because I need to be here for her just as we need each other. We are doing great work here!

This week has been full of many miracles! WE got new investigator contacted a lot of referrals, and had success while tracting. It is so great and I mean great! I have never really liked tracting but I can see the blessing and the blessing of God when we do the hard things in the work.

Wednesday, we contacted a former investigator family and right away the mom let us in and we talked. She brought up the trinity and asked us for our church's view on it. She keep explaining it to us but I just kept getting confused. We let into the book of Mormon and she said she doesn't really believe Joseph Smith could have translated it because there was no way he could translate the language it was in. He had to write it. We have a lot of studying to do and how to explain it. She also brought up that Christ literally is the "word." Again I was confused and we have a lot to stuff. They are really interested in the Plan of Salvation and are excited for us to come back after Christmas which give us some time to prepare.

Thursday was one of those days that I felt would never end. We were inside all day doing Weekly planning and then we had dinner and went to the church and parked and then went Tracting! It was really frustrating when no one was home and one we talked to wasn't very nice. We were going back towards the church and we saw someone pull in to there garage and someone sitting on the porch steps. WE decided to got talk to them. Which I am so glad we did. WE got there and started talking to them, talked about Christmas. We shared Ether 12:27. Which really opened them up to us. We were getting ready to leave and left the Christmas video card and said it was all from the bible in Luke 2. WE then started talking about the Bible and that lead to the Book of Mormon the husband liked the idea that Christ came to us here in the Americas. We plan to see them on Christmas and bring them a treat! Really I saw God bless us with a miracle. We both had the faith and we both were being diligent. We were scared but "WE can do hard things!"

Sunday was a great day too! We had choir and got ready for our program. Luckily we were singing songs I already knew. In Sacrament we sang hymn then in between we had talks all about Christmas. The spirit was so great! And in Relief Society before we closed the sisters gave us each a big bag that said "Let it snow" It was our Christmas from the ward. It is pretty heavy and I am so tempted to open it! It was great to get it and be so new to the Ward! I love this Ward and am so glad that I get to be here for Christmas as much as I wanted to be in Cary! I am grateful that the Lord knows me enough to know what I need!

So I hope everyone has a great and Merry Christmas! To those who have kids on missions too! I hope you enjoy to see them on Skype! I can't wait to see mine! Love you all! I hope that Christmas finds you happy and full of the wonderful Christmas Spirit! Remember "The Reason for the Season." Without whom Christmas wouldn't exist! Love you all!

Sister Farr

P.S. Congrats to Mekena and Taz! I hope tomorrow is a great and fabulous day and one you two will never forget! I hope you the best Christmas present with the happiness of your wedding tomorrow! Love You!


Sister Tayler Farr

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