Monday, December 14, 2015

Another Transfer Already!

Hey Y'all,

So first off you will all never believe it! I am getting Transferred.......again! At this rate I may be getting transferred every transfer. This week we had lots of meetings, and it was the Stake Nativity week!

Wednesday we had our Zone Training! It was a very great experience. We didn't have instruction..... we did but we were teaching ourselves. We were given three sheets of paper with lots of questions on them. One saying our "Pre-mission."  The other with our "first day in field and to Now", and the third one with "from Now till the End of our missions." It was hard to see how much of a slacker I really was before my mission, but it was also so great to see how much I have grown since then. I never got to the "Now till end of my mission." But I hope to be able to set goals for the rest of my mission. I remember going through the questions and pondering about them and if I really felt like I was doing my best. At some places I felt like I could do better and others I saw how much I learned from doing a hard thing. We got to walk over to the temple and continue to ponder. Being on the temple grounds helped me receive the revelation I needed! It helped me put things in perspective. I still have lots to work on for the next 6 months but I will "Covenant" to do my best and try to make the last bit I have left to make it worth the time and effort. I noticed just how much Christ is and has been with me. Getting on a mission in the first place wasn't just me or very pushes from others. Christ influenced me and helped me move toward it. I hope with the new year I can continue to do my very best and continue to serve the Lord more completely with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

Thursday was probably our busiest day. We had our Christmas Zone Conference! Sister Wilson and I did a great job on our song. Only that the other missionaries got a early look because when we practiced the mic was on and everyone at lunch could here us in the dining room from the speakers. We had two parts of the Conference. The first part was the instruction but instead of us practicing teaching it was more like a devotional where people came to talk to us and we got to listen. We had great speakers. We had one man who had just gotten baptized recently. He has cerebral palsy and he had to have his talk read to us, but It was amazing to see just how much the gospel can change someone. He is planning to serve a service mission soon too. He reminded me a little of myself as how I have had disabilities but that I haven't allowed my disabilities to disable me from doing what I want to do in life. He told us of his hard family life and I could see just how much his family needed the gospel. They haven't accepted it but they will someday. I was so touched by his desire to change and his new desire to share the gospel. He truly is a great example and strengthened my testimony on knowing God only gives us the trials he knows we can handle. I am sure there was no dry eye in that room. We got to hear from a mom who talked about parenthood. At first it was weird but she talked about her son who has severe Autism and how things have change her and her family but just how much more in return she has been blessed.

Saturday was when we heard the bad news of me leaving but we got to go to the Nativity activity. They had so many beautiful Nativities set up from such willing members and great photos of the Savior. They had a Stake Orchestra, Choir, and the Choir sang Messiah. It was a great opportunity and brought back memories. We only got to go if we had an investigator or Less active go and we were ready then our person canceled on us and we were so sad to realize we couldn't go but our investigator went with a member and we got a ride. It was great to walk around with her and feel of the amazing spirit that was there!

As much as it is hard to hear that you get transferred especially right before Christmas and which means I have to leave Sister Wilson we got to have an early Christmas. We had already gotten presents for each other. I got a lot of Frozen stuff and a really cute piggy. I am glad to know that she knew me so well. We both felt that way as I got her Star Wars Pajamas and I made her a Book of Mormon Cover with her favorite colors. It always hard to leave an area but I know that where President James has me go I will be where God needs me most. I feel though that things are starting to get harder and my motivation is lacking. I don't feel like I did my best here in Cary and I feel bad for not absolutely giving my all. I hope that from the things I learned this week that I can make these last six months being my best and most hard work ever! I love you all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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