Friday, December 11, 2015

Sunday is Always My Favorite!

Hey Y'all,

Another week gone and away and only 18 days till Christmas! I am so excited to be able to remember why and teach about our Savior especially around this beautiful time of year. I love the new video the Church has put out about our Saviors birth. They even put out a cartoon that describes why we have a Savior and what life would be like if we had no Savior and it really makes you think. I would totally look it up and watch them both.

I wanted to start with Sunday this week. Sunday is always my favorite and I always save the best for last but today I wanted to share the favorite first. So yesterday we had a great fast Sunday at church and we had great testimonies and lots of new faces to the ward and new faces to us and glad to be able to know that we are not failing completely at meeting all the members. We had a great Sunday School lesson on the signs of the second coming and how the signs are preparing us for Christ to come and how scary it may be but we then can truly feel at Peace. We had a great lesson in Relief Society on the Spiritual welfare and we talked about the Welfare program. I have had the opportunity to help be a part of that by in the Apex Stake to help give the food from the church to those who need it. It is great to serve them and see the gratitude and the desire to give back. It shows how much God loves us all and wants the best for us and our families. We then had a great lesson with our 16 year old Investigator at the Bishops home with his Wife in the lesson with us. We talked about Baptismal Covenants and went over the Baptism interview questions. She open up to us and was very truthful. She asked great questions. You can tell she really wants to know and continues to do her best. She is hard on herself because she feels that she has done bad things and not sure that when the time comes she will be worthy. It made me think just hoe much love God has for us and truly just how much of a blessing receiving the Holy Ghost is. I had a thought come into my head as we talked to her telling her that she doesn't have to be PERFECT which was that this is why we don't need to be perfect so we see how important Baptism is and when we are following the commandment to be baptized God shows his gratitude and continued love through allowing us to receive the Holy Ghost and allow him to be with us. We watched the Christmas Devotional at a less actives house and got her computer set up for Skype to Skype home on Christmas. She was excited that we wanted to do it here with her at her house. She is going to be alone on Christmas and we thought she might enjoy the company.

Saturday we got to see some Sisters from the Garner ward who came to see us and we brought the Hermanas, which one of them is Sister Ibarra and so we all got to have a great dinner with them and I finally got my birthday present from them. It is a Harry Potter shirt as they remembered that my birthday is the same as his. It was great to see them and hear that someone who I found is getting baptized this Saturday and that we are able to go. So excited to be able to say that I was a part of it. Also, I heard someone I taught in Pembroke got married and then Baptized on Saturday night too! We had a correlation meeting with our new Ward Mission Leader. He is great and actually amazing he and his wife was just blessed with two new baby twins and he is already wanting to jump full swing into his calling. He wants to help us as much as possible. He even wants to go wit us to see one of our investigators and come teach with us. I have never had that happen before.

Friday was our Ward Christmas Potluck and Sister Wilson and I got all prettied up and curled our hair and wore our Santa Hat I got from mom. We looked from festive and we kind of stood out from everyone else but everyone loved that we were excited to come and celebrate. We got to take pictures with the ward and got to meet more of the members.

Thursday we got a visit from Mama Ang from Pembroke who drove 2 hours to see us and bought us lunch and we had a blast! I miss her so much and I am so glad to have made such great relationship with people from past areas.

Well, like I said Christmas is in about 18 days and that means our mission is having a Christmas Zone Conference this Thursday and Sister Wilson and I will be singing "Mary's Lullaby" We are both nervous but excited and so excited to be able to be with the missionaries and focus on the reason for the Season and feel the spirit as we talk about our savior. I hope you all have a great week and I hope you all can feel the spirit as you make this time of year wonderful and something to remember!


Sister Tayler Farr

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