Monday, February 15, 2016

Bed Bugs= gross & Members=Tender Mercies, & Bed Bugs now= dead and Gone!!!!

Hey Y'all,

So this week I have to say will be very memorable but was so hard, frustrating, stressful, and just a pain but so many great things happened and wonderful amazing people to help us and bless us! I have truly learned that everyday there is a miracle or a tender mercy you just have to look for it and be positive. It was really hard to find them but overall at least I am going to be blessed for serving our members and I know the members we stayed with will be blessed as well!

Monday we decided to use some of our early Preparation day to see a referral who we had set up a return appointment with. It was great and we are teaching them again tomorrow. We then used our evening to go shopping and went shopping with a member.

Tuesday is when we found the bugs. The Ward Mission Leader and his wife came so when the inspector came we didn't have to leave but we looked at the beds and our box springs had some. We found them before the guy came. We got permission to stay with them. It was great but so much to do to prepare for the treatment which was on Saturday. I learned really how much clothes and junk I have. It was like we moved them moved back in. CRAZY!!!

Wednesday we had Zone Training and one of my favorite instruction was when one of the sister training leader talked about Motivation. The spirit was so strong and I really needed it. I know hard times come but we got to push through them and when we are weak we can do the most good! We ate a district at Grandson after witnessing two elders getting in a car crash with mission cars.

Thursday we had interviews with President James and Sister James. Of course we had interviews this week. hahaha! it was great and I feel like every time I interview they get easier and easier and more just a conversation and less scary. President is so in tune with the spirit and I love being with him. I love how loving he is and I know he is here for us in the mission but also because I need him.

Sunday was a great Valentine's Day! Sister Beard gave a beautiful talk on fulfilling callings and The Knights gave her three words she had to use in it (Beautiful, pelican, and toothbrush!!!!) She used them all. hahaha. We started to put our apartment together and we are now bug free. We had dinner with a great couple who are from Colorado so we had lots to talk about and they gave a both valentine gifts.

Sorry this weeks letter is small but this week really was crazy. We didn't get much done but we got rid of our biggest problem. We even got huge lambs from our recent convert. I have learned this week that even in the worst possible time that you are rededicated to what you need to do Satan will through another curve ball and that is just to show that something great soon is going to come. We have great people we are teaching and great members who we are serving and serving with. For all we know the members we stayed with just needed us and we needed them. We may never know but for those that are living the gospel things will work out okay. I was sick this week, we didn't get a lot of teaching in, lost motivation and was even tempted by the worldly things, But we still served and were still blessed with finding a new investigator and her family. There are truly miracles and tender mercies in everyday we simple just have to look for them! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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