Monday, February 8, 2016

Another Crazy Week!

Hey Y'all,

Well this week has been crazy! We did a lot but also as we have strived to really get to work Satan seems to want to push us down. I got sick and Sister Beard is getting sick and is not feeling her best either! Thank you to sleep though! Also, did I mention we may even have bed bugs which we probably got from an investigator. We have an inspection tomorrow. We having still been getting hives and what looks like mosquito bites and we were told they might be bed bugs. We have been trying to figure what they are for a while! So we shall see!

Monday was great we spent the rest of our Preparation day with the some members: The Knights. We held baby Goats, played with their farm animals, pet a goat, and learned how to make rolls, and yogurt upside down cake (French style-the recipe was even in French). It was a lot of fun! I have some new talents! I can run after a goat and pick him up while he runs and I can make homemade God's soap. (Sister Knight calls it this because its made with all the things the bishop's storehouse gives.) I can even make rolls too. YAY!

Tuesday was an interesting day! We watched The Testaments with a less active. We had to set up her DVD player which was a struggle and so glad that I had brothers who taught me so I didn't feel completely stupid trying to plug it into the tv. Although we didn't have a remote and the DVD automatically set it to the ASL setting so we watched the entire movie with everything being signed. It was interesting and I thought of mom and the time she would sign for a sister in the ward. Glad to know I still remember some church signs.

Last week we had contacted a referral who we found out knew someone in the ward. She was interested in learning more so we came back on Wednesday before we went to the church for mutual. It was great and we plan to come back to teach her the full restoration. She loves her bible and is excited to start reading the Book Of Mormon. I love witnessing those that God prepares.

Thursday again we couldn't get enough of Sister Knight and she came with us to a lesson with our investigator and we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She did a great job and she shared a beautiful testimony. Our investigator love her. They even clicked and are going to get together soon so Sister Knight can help her possibly get into Campbell so she doesn't have to redo classes for the nursing program. It was like meant to be, our investigator has been worrying about school as she is ready to start school again.

Again like I said earlier I got sick this week and so it felt like the week may never end and even today I feel yucky but Saturday it was the worst, but I was glad to see our Recent Convert and have our usual meal at cracker barrel. But we decided to go to "Sweet Frog"  (frozen yogurt= delicious!!!!) after. We were talking about one of his roommate and sister Beard invited him to invite his roommate to come with us. We followed him after we ate to get him and all four of us had a great time at Sweet Frog. Our Recent Convert is turning into one great missionary. Funny story though earlier that day we saw a less active who was really hard of hearing who you really had to yell at for her to understand you. I didn't like having to yell at her but it was probably one of the quickest lesson I have ever had. She wasn't really up for a visit but it was great to see her and get to know her a little bit.

Sunday was great and I can't remember if I had said last week but the bishopric changed the time from 9-12 to 10-1pm. So it was the first Sunday to start at 10am. It was weird and the ward seemed to be confused. It was a crazy sacrament meeting. Their was a funeral this week with an older member and so we had extra people than usual. We literally were walking all over sacrament and only got to hear about 2 testimonies. There was two young girls who came who I didn't recognize. We found out that they were friends of some of the youth and one was a sister of an investigator with the Elders. They kept leaving so we made sure everything was okay a couple of times. It was crazy getting up and down but we could tell the girls were a bit nervous. We made new friends though! :)

We were afraid that we wouldn't get dinner because of the Super Bowl but a sweet couple who had lived in Colorado and was planning to watch the game fed us. We had a great super bowl dinner! Lots of food and glad we got to help them eat it! I am glad to know the Broncos won too. I thinks its pretty neat that the Broncos and the Panthers play while I am in North Carolina! Crazy!

Well I hope you all have a great week! I hope all goes well! Especially to Sister Morgan who leaves for her mission this week! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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