Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Say Yes to Baptism.... Say Yes to Discipleship

Hey Y'all,

Another great week over and closer to my half way mark and boy it's weird! The weird thing is that I can tell already that even the weather is changing and it will be fall soon. I am not sure I am ready for the cold again and just like I wasn't quite ready for the heat! First off, I wan to publicly congratulate my two cousins. Mekena on getting engaged and Katie on getting her papers in! So excited for you both! I hope to see pictures.

Tuesday we started teaching a former investigator again. She has 50 snakes and a totally of about 60 pets. It is kind of crazy but I got to hold a snake even though I was not really okay with it but she talked to us about how snakes are and kept saying that she knows her snakes. So I went ahead and held one mostly letting it sit in my lap. (sorry didn't get a picture). We talked with her for a while and she told us her testimony of the Book of Mormon. she never really understood how the Book of Mormon and the Bible go together before. Some past sisters watched The testaments with her and she started to understand and kept reading and felt the spirit and felt that god was speaking to her through it.

I can't remember if I told this story last week but while we were doing emails last week a girl who was probably in her early 20's came over to us and asked if we are Sister Missionaries. She gave us a note and said that we can call her and set something up. she is a member who just moved back into the area and has been a member for about 4 years now. She wants to come back to church and doesn't know if she can. She saw us and knew we could help. It was great being recognized as a missionaries! I heard it before that people notice who we are but I never knew till now. We called her and set up a time to see her on Thursday! She was very sweet and we had a great time. She talked about being saved and I kind of was like wait to isn't saying the usual Baptist "Saved" but she really was Saved in our church. It sounds weird but that kind of surprised me! She told us also that after she was baptized everything went wrong and she sinned and wasn't sure she was able to come to church anymore. We didn't ask what it was but told her she was always welcomed and is why we partake of the sacrament. We told her that she could talk to the Bishop and he can help her with what she needs to do. She was so happy and loved us coming I could feel tension and guilt and sorrow leave the room and peace and love and the spirit replaced it. We then spent the remaining time reading together and sharing our testimonies with her and she shared hers with all the things she knew to be true. She talked so much about our Savior and how much she knew he loves us and her just that she has forgotten. We told her that when we are in trails and hard times it is hard to remember that but we can see when it is over that he was really their the whole time. The spirit was so strong and we all cried. She wasn't able to come to church but we are going to see her again this week.

Friday was a very busy day. We went over to do some Crafts and service with one of the sister's in the ward who we see weekly. One of her dogs had puppies and we were going to help bath them. They had fleas on them. The poor things were covered in fleas. They had little black circle on them and we thought it was dirt but found out it was an invest of fleas. As much as I didn't want to have to dig out the nasty fleas I still loved seeing the puppies happy and peaceful and loved helping the Sister the best way we could. This particular sister is such a great missionary and helps us and the Elders all the time. She is amazing and I love serving her! She is so sweet and I feel so loved and needed by her. I may not always know what to say when we have lessons but I know that we have the spirit when we are with her. She is doing so much and going through so much and every time we are with her I love every minute of it.

Saturday was the great we had a lesson with our 11 year old investigator who is coming so far. She is doing so well and learning so much! She is so amazing! We taught the Word of Wisdom. It is my first real time teaching it to an investigator and I think it was great. She understood. She told us she used to drink Coffee and Tea and that she stopped a little while ago and that she will never do it again. It was great! We were able to have the lesson in a members home who we had lunch with before her grandma and her came. They were great and shared wonderful testimonies on the blessings of keeping the Word of Wisdom. The sister shared stories of how her dad used to smoke and drink and how hard that was. she talked about other members in her family who smoked, etc. She is convert and she knows from the hard times in her childhood how it has blessed her life. It was great!

Sunday was of course my favorite! We had Ward council and then had choir practice! We performed our song and we did great! I love the Sister who is the choir director she is very talented and reminds me of Sally Deford. She even has one of her pieces in the folders! :) We did a great job and the talks were great. The topics were on the 10th commandment thou shalt not covet. They all did great! I loved Gospel Principles! I don't think I will ever be able to go to gospel doctrine. The lesson was on the last chapter on Exaltation. The Elders taught again and did a great job.  Relief Society was on keeping the Law of Chasity. It started out being weird but we had a great discussion and I loved it! Relief Society and lessons go better when you have comments and people willing to help share. We all appreciated all that was said and the spirit was there. I am loving going through the Ezra Taft Benson book this year and learning from his teachings. To make this an even better day we were told by the 11 year old investigator's grandma (She didn't come) that she thinks that October 3rd is what she wants to work towards for baptism.

I am so glad to be here in Hillsborough and this is the last week of the transfer and so we might have changes! I hope I can stay I love it here! I am so Happy and love serving! I am changing and I know it! My 9 month is coming fast and time is going fast but I know from all of this experiences and time that I have had that I am who I want to become and I am learning so much! I love being a missionary! I love it!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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