Monday, September 28, 2015

Pembroke... I am finally serving in the South!

Hey Y'all,

SO this week has been quite interesting and crazy! Transfers like always was torture waiting to find out where I was going and of course my name was one of the last one to be called! My new Companion is Sister Olive and She is from California. she is Polynesian and such an amazing missionary and love being able to serve with her! She has helped me transition pretty well and am so amazed at how well she teaches! I love the way we are going! We had a great week with teaching together and I love all the people here! The population is mostly all Lumbe Indians and so I feel out of place sometimes and I love sharing the Book of Mormon with them because they want to know about their ancestors. I can see so much work we can do and I love those we are teaching! I have never seen so many Investigators that any companionship can teach so I am a little overwhelmed but I can see great lessons in the future and great opportunity to grow in my teaching! I am so blessed! We are working with a great ward! It is small but we call everyone by there first names since everyone is related and everyone is family someway.

We work a lot with the youth which I am excited for. On Wednesday was my first time with them and all they did was sit in chairs and have a discussion and I was told this was there normal activity or they just play sports. The Young W omens President is looking for some ideas to make it more fun! I am reminded of my young women years and how  much fun it was and so I definitely am ready to help.

I am definitely in a place with strong southern accents and I love it! hahaha! I may finally get an accent! :) The people are so friendly and so nice! We are busy all the time!

If anything I can see that Pembroke has great Potential and an amazing place to help it grow! I can see amazing things happening and lots to do, but I know that I am sent here for a reason! I am just so enthusiastic for this new journey and I hope that my excitement will help me learn and continue to serve faithfully! This is definitely going to be a big change but I know that I am doing the work of my Savior and he is the Master!

I am excited that General Conference is this week and that we get to hear from the Prophet and Apostles! Love you all and Congrats to Katie for her mission Call! You will love it and will never regret it! I know I will never! Love you all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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