Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pembroke Loves The Book of Mormon

Hey Y'all,

So again can't believe it is another start of a week and that I can now say that I am halfway and boy that is so weird! It was a great week! We had great lessons and found new investigators with lots of potential and a great General Conference to finish the week!

My favorite Talks are...... I am happy to say that I don't have one! I loved it all and I had lots of my questions answered that I had written down. I really liked on Saturday Elder Holland's talk. He is such a great example of lovingly Bold and so loving and very very sincere. Loved it and I thought of my family through the whole talk. President Uchtdorf's was very powerful I thought and I felt kind of like he was giving me a slap in the face. I probably am making the gospel to hard and that makes it hard for me to ten teach it. I am going to commit to focusing on being more simple in my teaching and in my studies. I loved Sister Marriott's and am definitely a strong believer that "It will all work out" I see myself saying that a lot as a missionary and know that I have to trust God in everything. Sunday I loved President Monson's although I could see he had a hard time and I felt like he might fall or faint but I know he felt the spirit and knew that God would help him give us his message and love! I felt the spirit so strongly and love the prophet so very much and have made a new motto for myself " Be an example of Faith, Trusting in God and Christ, by showing them you love them with an anchor in your faith!" I absolutely loved President Nelson's especially as he called his talk saying that he testifies of these things as our brother.

This week I felt like we had a lesson all day long every day this week. It was great but I loved it when 10:30 came around! I especially love that Sister Olive is such a great missionary and wants to work. We get stuff done! This week we found two new investigator one from a referral from the primary president. She was a friend from High School and we taught her the Restoration. We are coming back tomorrow to teach the Plan of Salvation and so excited. She has great potential. She has a hard time understanding and so we are going to use visuals. A lot of the people here haven't had a really good education and so using visuals are so needed. We got with a less active we haven't been able to get to see and no has seen her in years. She was so glad when we asked her if she would like a Priesthood Blessing. On Thursday was my first time to our Book of Mormon class where us and the Elders lead a discussion as we all read the Book of Mormon together. We had a couple of people come and we read in 1 Nephi 14. It was amazing and I absolutely loved it. I had more questions than comments that I wanted answered for me and it was great to feel the spirit there. On Saturday we finally got with our two young investigators who are brothers and are 10 and 9. They are great and one was glad to hear that we had something in common. He liked that the fact that I have had seizures and that I have brothers who have ADD and ADHD. When we left he gave me a big hug! They are the greatest and so glad to have finally meet them. We taught them about Missionary work and Service. Yesterday we had another lesson with one of our younger investigators too. She also has ADHD and she hadn't taken her medicine that morning and so she has had a really hard time. Amazingly when we pulled out my whiteboard she was able to focus and we finished teaching her the Plan of Salvation. I love her and she is getting so close to baptism. She is going through the lessons again but she is starting to really learn everything so quickly. It's amazing how just a little child can learn so much.

I love it here in Pembroke! It was quite and adjustment, but I really am starting to see why In was sent here. Every time I feel inadequate I hear in my head "trust me and you will be fine. Remember this is my work and I use the weak and simple. I sent you here because these people need you for who you are. Get working" Just this weekend we heard that the spirit will tell us things we don't expect but sometime he tells us the obvious. Love it here and love Pembroke and all the Lumbee people. Although I am so tired of all this Rain! If anyone is praying for rain can you please pretty please stop! Love you all and have another great week!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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