Monday, October 19, 2015

The Temple, Zone Conference, and a little bit of everything!

Sister Farr, Sister Olive and Mama Ang
Hey Y'all,

As from my title you can probably guess it was a busy week. However, more than just busy there was a lot of sitting and driving in the car. We had a lot of things to do. We even were going to have exchanges but we had to cancel that.... one of the Sisters got sick. As much as we had to do we still accomplished a lot and I am not always sure how that was possible.

We have been going through our Area Book and looking for some people who may need a visit. It just so happens that they have all wanted one and miss us coming. On Tuesday we saw a lady who had been investigating for a while and then the Sisters just stopped coming by. She was so excited to see us. Weird though she said she recognized me!.... It wasn't the first time! It has happened a couple of times now. I must have a familiar face or am just so meant to be here everyone knew I was coming! :) Just kidding!!! We taught about mothers and shared one of my favorite scriptures in Alma 56:47. Her mom has Alzheimer and she is having a hard time with her and is starting to get exhausted. We came back Wednesday and taught the Restoration to her and she is excited to have us come back. I feel though that she is converted to the missionaries and not to the things she is learning, but we will see how it goes.

Sister Farr and Sister Olive at the Temple
Thursday we drove all the way to Apex which was a two hour drive. We had to be there at 8:15 so we left at about 6. I didn't like having to lose an hour of sleep but of course it was worth it! It was great to see my old Zone Training building from when I was serving in Garner. I loved  seeing the Temple again. I saw old companions and we had a great conference. We talked about working with the members, teaching with bible scriptures on the restoration from President James, and lot about unifying our companionships. We talked about our studies and how we can improve them and to have a better productive morning routine which I felt was something I need to work on. We all were told that we had to drive our cars if we had one. We weren't told exactly why we had too. We heard some Rumors about "The Black Box"....... So the Black Box? Well, we named ours Sirius Black from Harry Potter and some called there Satan and anything they wanted. It is like being in a driving test 24/7. It is not as bad though but if you go over the speed limit it says "check your speed." And says if you turn, slam on the breaks, accelerate to fast, or something like that. It says " aggressive driving." I am happy to say that since I am not the Senior Companion I don't have to drive. However my companion is a great driver and we have only heard "Check your Speed." I was more nervous than I needed to be (of course I was :)). It is a little annoying when we have lessons go over and we are trying to get to the next one on time and the only way is to speed. But the brother who came from Salt Lake to tell us about did a great job in telling us that it is only to protect us and they are trying to decrease the amount of accidents. He closed with saying that he does a lot of flying and loves being in the Salt Lake airport seeing return missionaries coming home and seeing them hug there family and that is what he wants for all of us to have. He wants us all to come home to our families and he and the Prophet think the Black box will help keep us safe. When he said that all my reasons to be annoyed and mad, and thinking it must be because they don't trust us, all these thoughts went away and knowing that they really think that this Black annoying Box can help as we are being more careful. It has been some getting used to and it scares me every time it says something. The voice is a little annoying and some says it could sound like Satan!

Sister Farr's District at the Temple
Friday was probably the best day. We got to go to the Temple. The Elders couldn't find a ride so we all went together with one of the Sisters. It was a great time and I remembered Grandma Massey sending me some family names and so I got to go through the temple for family and that was a great blessing and I felt it was a better experience because of it. I loved going into the Celestial room and having time to pray and receiving  some answers. I loved being able to be with all of my Zone and with President and Sister James. What really made me happy and changed my idea of the Temple was when we all got to the Celestial room and sister James came to give me a hug she looked at me and said "You look good in here." I stood there for a couple of minutes and felt the spirit so strongly. I sat down in a chair and started to pray. I was so amazed at what that meant to me. sister James has such love for us missionaries. I had the thought of I want to be with my family in the Celestial Kingdom but I also want my mission family together. That is what I thought of when she said that and boy that was amazing to think that I really can make this happen, we can all make this happen. God wants us happy and is making it possible for us to return to his presence but we have to do our part. I was so excited and love learning and growing and I love the feeling in the temple. We even had a the Temple President come talk to us after we had lunch and asked us if we had any questions about the temple. Of course he couldn't answer probably all the question we may have asked but it was great to hear answers to questions I had or never thought of. I even had someone from Garner come up and see me! She told me that someone I had found their has gotten with the Sisters and now has a baptism date. It was so nice to hear that my planting that seed in her is now starting to sprout.

Sister Olive and Sister Farr in front of the Temple
Saturday was our busiest day. We saw one of our investigators. They were the two young boys who are getting closer and closer to baptism. Their had been some contention after  we gave them a date and so she was going to cancel, but I asked her if we could come over and just talk and talk it all through. It was definitely meant to be and the spirit lead it to where it ended. However they are not going to be ready for the date but they are more excited and more committed I think to work towards it. The mom was able to bare her testimony to her sons which I felt they have never heard. We have been talking about since we saw them on what we are going to do next, but I know they will be baptized. Having these Boys baptized is what God wants and God will always have his way.

One of the miracles this week was we had a girl call us asking for us to get to together for us to start teaching her. We didn't know who she was just knew that her mom had just joined and she wanted to learn too. She told us that she had downloaded the Gospel app and wanted to know what we would be talking about in our lesson about two days before we had scheduled to see her. she keep texting us and trying to find a time that we could come earlier to see her. She is so amazing and so elect. This kind of thing of having them find us never ever happens. But I can see that God knows she is ready and she is so ready to except it. she wants to meet every day this week if we can!!!! Wait What? I was so shocked!!!! It is amazing at how this Gospel influence people. we had two other former investigators who called us to come see them and they want to be baptized. They ironically know one another and want to take the lessons together.

Sunday we had a great day at church and I can see the Lords hand in helping this ward in the work. They had great talks, and lessons that went so well together and I felt the spirit so well. It was my favorite Sunday here in Pembroke. There is a lot to be done and so much that we can help to improve but the Lord is already making it happen. I can see the amazing fruit of our labors starting to come and past missionaries efforts. The ward is starting to flourish.

I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve here and see the new side of Heaven. The time I had at the Temple was like a recharge and I could see the difference in me. I was in the house of the Lord and have been given revelation and my mind open to the possibilities of my work. I have noticed that don't remember who I was when I first came out! That Sister Tayler Farr and gone and the new Sister Tayler Amanda Farr is in the field that is white all ready to harvest! I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity I have to continue in this amazing work. My time is running shorter by the day and even smaller by the month. One thing I know is that for sure I am different because I am doing the Will of He who sent me here to North Carolina and I am where I need to be, meeting who I need to meet and helping and teaching who needs me for who I am and who I am now at this very second. I know that I am doing what I have been sent here to North Carolina and in Pembroke. It is been hard but it is so worth it! I can see the hard day are truly the best. The past 9 months has been worth every minute of every second and I have truly changed to what I can see that I want to become even in the moment of the hard times. The hard days are what makes me change. I love my Savior and I love all of you and I hope you have a great week. Especially to my parents for the time they get to spend in Hawaii celebrating 25 years of marriage. I hope you too have a great time! You both deserve some fun and time to relax. You only got 4 crazy kids out of these last 25 years. Love you! Love you all and till next week! :)

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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