Monday, October 12, 2015

Another Great Week!

Hey Y'all,

Another great week and so much to be grateful for! This week we have done what we can tell the whole world seems to be doing to. We took the Ponderizing Challenge to ponder a scripture and have it up where we will see often. I put one by my study area, on the frige and in the car my scriptures was Doctrine and Covenants 88: 118. My new scripture this week is going to be Ephesians 6:11-12. I have loved what Elder Durrant has started. I can tell what he means that such an amazing way to have the spirit and have great thoughts in our minds. I have loved thinking about what this scripture really means. I didn't memorize it completely but I know love what it says about learning. We need to study and work for learning but we won't learn without faith. This week we have focused on sharing it will all of the members and Less actives we are working with and some of our investigators.

This week on Tuesday was probably the best day of the whole week. WE had a lesson with one of our Investigators who ha had a hard time with understanding all that we are sharing she is however very open and wants to understand. we taught he Restoration with the Restoration Cups. It you don't know what that is its just teaching the restoration with plastic little cups. With cups with the apostles, levels of the priesthood, Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith,repentance....), modern revelation of commandments to follow and our prophet and Jesus Christ at the top showing who is the lead of our church. we then brake it done when we have the great apostasy and then rebuild it with random cups about how other churches were made. Then we rebuilt it the  again completely showing that Joseph Smith Restored it all fully and completely. Well as we were teaching we got to the rebuilding of the church and just said that modern day Apostles names and she wouldn't let me go any further. She kept repeating I get it, I get it, I get it now. She says why is it that some church or the churches I go to don't share these things with me or help me understand it better or allow me to know and learn for myself. You girls have been sharing all of this with me and it is finally starting to make since. With that we invited her to be Baptized and she, without hesitation, said YES! It was amazing. When we closed I was going to give the prayer and I answered her if there was anything I could pray for her and she said that I can quit smoking. She had never before told us or ever brought it up before. We did explain the word of wisdom to her as we were teaching and she briefly said it but never has she gave us something to pray for you her either. She normal says just my health and family. I can see her changing. She is so amazing and I know she is happy with what she is learning and will soon be able to do. Later we saw a less active sister who has been wanting a blessing from the Elders we just could never get it to work out. It was amazing and so great to see her smiling and knowing that she already felt uplifted. We had a lesson with another one of our Investigators who has been having a hard time wit her feet. She was born without ankles and she is going in on Tuesday to schedule surgery. She was great and it was a great day. She isn't supposed to be walking but she was up doing stuff. the lesson went really well. We talked about praying often and Scripture study. She said she knows each are important and basically she was teaching us.

We had two great lessons with one of our young investigators who has ADHD and they both went great. We used visuals and that seems to help a lot. We decided at the pace we are going we didn't think she would be ready for the end of the month to be baptized so we moved to December.

Sunday we had one of investigators who hasn't come to church at all finally came and she really enjoyed it and lots of h members came and said hi to her. We looked through our former investigator and visited some and now have two new investigators with an appointment and a potential new one with a lesson this week.

Great week and so much work to do. I feel like we are always moving. We have the greatest people to teach and all starting to progress or close to it.

Another great week and so much fun. Missionary work is the greatest and the most rewarding. I love the people and I love getting to ask about there History! Pembroke is full of amazing stories and amazing people. The Lumbee people are just the best. I love it here! Well, I hope your week is great!

Love Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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