Friday, August 7, 2015

"I Will Hush Your Fears"

Sister Anderson and I on Exchanges!
Hey Y'all,

I have got to say that this was a hard week! Having my birthday did make it better. We have been struggling finding people to teach. We have started focusing a lot on our finding tools and of course all we can think to really do is tract. We have had great lessons with our recent converts and I got a hair cut from one of them. Only lost 2 inch's.

Sister Galloway wrote on me!
Face paint on Pioneer Day!
On Tuesday we had a big Zone conferences! (We had a lot of meetings this month). It was all on finding. Yeah! Ironic huh! Nope I don't think so!!!! It was what we needed and it was amazing! We have been trying really hard to apply what we learned but it is coming so slow! One thing President James had us do was prepare a 4 minute presentation on the Restoration and then present to him and his wife. We didn't feel quite prepared and didn't get to present but I got great ideas to add to other lessons from other missionaries. We were asked to create 6 more 4 minute lessons so we can do it whenever we need to and so I have been personally been trying that but not quite there yet! Yet it was great and I really needed it and knew that God has answered our questions of the soul and let us know what we needed. A lot that was said was that when you feel like quitting just go one step further and God will help. I was not sure I understood but then when we had our exiting testimony. One Elder who is serving in the Mebane ward told us a story about an Old man and a young man who is asking the old man for advice. So they come to the Ocean. He brings him over to the deep end and then pushes him under the water and when he lets him go he says "When you care more about what you want than you want to breathe then you will get what you want!" I really thought about that powerful statement. Am I really putting my time and effort in 100% to the point where I want more than I would want to breathe? Am I really trying my best. Yeah, sometimes we might spend to much time on Facebook, or at lessons with less-active, and with members. Some of them need it and I think its okay or am I not trying hard enough. Really I have noticed after this week that maybe their is no perfect complete answer. I may be giving my all and just need another push. I may need to evaluate myself! As I write this I see that I may a little to hard on myself! I am trying! I know that and of course God knows that! I know that as we continue we will be successful. I may need to change my attitude and my execution but things will work out. I need to be on my knees more trying 100% to get my efforts in the way and will of Lords and do his work! It is going to be a roller coaster but like the prophet says Enjoy the Journey!

All my presents! Thank you so much!
On Friday it was my birthday! I woke up to a great gift from Sister Galloway and she made me breakfast. We had studies and went to do Facebook and had Burritos at a great Mexican store called Colorado Burrito. My companion even paid for lunch. We were on our way to go to dinner where a member was making me a special dinner and our families Texas Sheet cake when she called sounding bad. Well, long story short we didn't go and so we had dinner at Wendy's and had frosty. It was great but I was bummed but I was also scared about the sister. It has been a bad couple of weeks for her and I knew she really was glad that I asked to have dinner with her for my birthday. She is amazing! We are making up the time though! She is doing much better and she come to church! :) After dinner we went to go to our evening appointment and tract until 7  but I wanted to see another Sister so we went to see her instead. We had a great lesson with her and she finally opened up to us and we just couldn't leave. When we did leave we were running late and we ran into a man who Sister Galloway had given a Book of Mormon last transfer. It went great! He doesn't want to have us come but was open to us helping with his home. We had a great lesson with another Sister who is a returning Less- active and she invited us for dinner this Saturday. We got home and I found my big package from home! It was so great and a great end to my day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
Nice surprise

On Sunday we had a great lesson in Relief society and we had the young women there with us. It made me think of the times we need that at home in the Mountain Shadows ward when I was a beehive. We talked about the talk from this past April conference by Elder Bednar on Hushing our fears. I advise you to all read it again. It helped me with all my fears with this weeks hard time of Homesickness and not having people to teach. It helped me to see that Fear isn't bad. It is a motivator only if we let it be though. It can also help us believe in God and more and leads us to study more and try to be more like the Savior1 I couldn't help but think about this past month and all things me and my family have been dealing with and I could see fear of the unknown and the sadness of losing a loved one! and a feeling of anger. But I loved that every time we talked about Fear we all included the Savior and his atonement and how it helps overcome any kind of Fear. I could see that this is what I have been feeling that my fear of not being a successful missionary and not doing my best has turned into fear. but I will choose to allow it to be my motivator. My companion has told me countless times that "Faith is the foundation, Hope is the motivation, and Charity is the Application.
My cookies face!
Have a great week y'all and thank you again for my birthday wishes and Gifts! It was a great birthday!


Sister Tayler Farr

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