Monday, August 17, 2015

Another great week and end to another transfer!

Hey Y'all,

Another great week and end to another transfer! Glad to be saying that I am staying in Hillsborough for another 6 weeks with Sister Galloway! It was a great week. Lots to do and lots of many tender mercies and miracles. And those are the best weeks ever!

Tuesday we had breakfast with a sister who is less active. We have been sending out scriptures in texts a lot and we finally got feedback from some. We talked and she invite us over. We had a hard time finding it. We had a great visit and found out why she doesn't come and why she stopped. She has a great testimony. She is even from Colorado. Another crazy story that happened today was that we had a great lesson with a sister. She wanted to know what all I got for my birthday and so I pulled out my camera to show her. We left her with a message and then drove home. We got halfway when I realized my camera was gone. Of course those who know me know that I am good at freaking out. I was a mess. We called her to see if i left it there. She couldn't find it.  Again I freaked and then we drove back to see if I dropped it on the ground. My companion was so great and she had us pray. quickly I felt a peace sweep over me. Yet we got there and couldn't find it. I got back in the car and again freaked. I knew if I didn't find it I would have to tell Kory I lost my camera that he gave me. I also realized that I had lost my pictures from the last 7 months of my mission. I prayed again and boy I knew God was watching out for me. I felt that warm love and I just remember being able to calm down enough and try to see if maybe I dropped it until the sisters couch. She left us in and thankfully I found it shoved in between the couch cushions. It was so amazing. I poured my soul out in gratitude and boy I felt dumb. I probably was a mess and probably made my companion laugh at me a little. I saw that God watched over me. Let me calm down, retrace my steps. I didn't really lose it and he knew that. If I learned anything from this situation and from countless stories like it. There is really no point in freaking out and the simplest thing that I could be freaked out about it was important to me and God knew that! Amazingly too I noticed I was more worried about having to tell Kory than having to have lost all those pictures. All in all I am glad I didn't have to do either.

Sunday of course was another great day! Again Mekena was right that Sunday is like your saving Grace! I love being able to just relax at church feel the spirit and enjoy every talk, and lesson. It was hard to see some of the moms who had to drop there Missionaries off this week. It kind of made me think of when I left. They asked us lots of questions and there children were all puffy eyed and sad faced. I am so glad that even though they didn't want them to leave they let them. They will definitely return with honor. Our Gospel Principles were on The signs of the second coming and it really occurred to me that the reason we have signs are for our benefit to prepare ourselves and not to just say "Hey, I'm coming. Ready or not!" Relief Society was harder. We had a lesson on family. The one who gave the lesson would cry a lot when she talked about her son who just left to Brazil and it was making me think of home and boy i was holding back so hard. They asked us to think of examples of Noble women. My mother, Grandmas, and aunts and my young women, primary leaders came to mind and boy what an emotional spiritual experience. Even those who were not my mom really had a impact on me. I would list all of you but I don't think i would have room. It is a never ending list. I can add some more just by those I have meet on my mission. This church is truly one big family!

We did get a text this week from an investigator who we have lost contact and who is grateful that we send her texts with scriptures. We received a referral. We even were given an investigator from the Elders who would rather have us teach her. Things are looking up and so glad that everything is seeming to work out. I love North Carolina! It may be hot and I may be tired all the time but never had I had more fun, more energy and strength. I love all that I do as a representative of Jesus Christ!

Have a great week y'all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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