Monday, August 17, 2015

Agency- It's a funny thing!

Hey Y'all,

Well first off Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad! It has been amazing 20 years of being with you and having you there for me and each other and glad to know you had 5 years together before me! Best parents ever!

This week was one where nothing bad happened and lots of good happened. As you know we are moving soon to a new apartment and I am both excited and dreading the fact that we still have to be completely packed before we have our moving day on the 25th. We are not to far along, but I can honestly say I will dread moving the rest of my life. However, we did have great things happen this week. We had great lessons set up which all canceled except one. One of them was with a potential investigator. we got a call the night before the lesson from a sister in the ward. The first thing she said was "what do you need?" Um... well I was kind of thinking sorry you called us first....She said " I felt prompted to call you, Do you need anything?" We didn't think of anything but needing boxes. We just decided to invite her to the lesson and made plans for it. we felt that our investigator must need her testimony. Sadly though the next morning during studies she canceled and so we just went to lunch with the member and she invited a non-member to come with us! I was very confused why did God prompt her to call us to come and then not have it follow through. I realized later during the day that maybe it was planned to follow through with the lesson but she used her agency (which God can't control) and it ended up not working out. I noticed I assumed that since it was the way God wanted it to go it would got perfect because he helped it happen the right way and how it should have gone. As much as we were bummed that we didn't see her we know in the future to have come with us. From this I noticed just how much God loves us and was willing to give us our agency. He can help us but then we are to choose and he may be disappointed with us or happy with the choices we make. Or simply he prompted her to call us just to test her and see if she would follow the prompting. It really could be anything but I know some thing God is in everything, but he then steps back and lets us do our part. He wants it to go one way but we then can make it go another.

Another experience this week was we had an appointment with a less-active brother. We forgot to ask someone to come with us and so we were trying to think of someone to go last minute. Luckily we both thought of the same person and she was able to pick us up and come with us. It was probably the best lesson I have had with a less active. He is Agnostic after having a hard time and past. He was "kicked out" of the singles ward and felt unwelcome as he went to the family ward. He stopped coming and destroyed his scriptures and his blessing. He has never been married, and never has had kids. He is a history teacher at a college. He just seems so sad. He feels so lonely but wants to be around people. I had no idea what to say and so we tried top share a scripture but he didn't understand it. He felt uncomfortable saying a prayer. He told us though that his students were everything to him. I felt so useless! I didn't know what to do so I told him about my brother.  I told him that he is not married never had kids is still in a family ward and sometimes sit by himself during church. But he knows who loves him and serves the Lord with all his heart, and he fulfills his callings to his best capacity. He has his siblings getting married and he still isn't but he knows its all on the Lords time. He kind of looked at me weird. I am not sure he appreciated it but I almost wanted to say that he is just angry with God! I hate not knowing what to do and having to remember that I can do anything but he still has his agency and choose to do whatever he wants.

I have learned that everything is in the perfect timing that God wants it, but it can change so quickly and maybe we don't see God helping us when we use our amazing gift of agency is not the best way!

Sunday was great and I really enjoyed the lesson by Ezra Taft Benson on the elderly. It reminded me of all the years I worked at PACE. I noticed that maybe I did learn something from the people their. I remember learning to be happy in life and to have a great attitude toward life and continue enduring!

Overall, I learned this week that Enduring to the End truly is the hardest thing God has asked us to do, but it is so rewarding! We had that chance to teach the Plan of Salvation and when we talked about when we have judgment. I realized it will never be something scary and God criticizing us on what we should have done or what we didn't do. No! it will be a happy occasion. He will congratulate us, he will reward us and he will be proud of the things we did well and how we used our agency for good and helped our brother and sisters.

What as week it was but so glad that I get another one and I hope you all have a great week and always remember God is with you! Love you all! Love y'all so much!

"And inasmuch as ye are humble and faithful and call upon my name, behold, I will give you the victory." Doctrine and Covenants 104:82

Love Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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