Monday, July 27, 2015

Enabling Power of The Atonement

Hey Y'all,

Well What a week it has been! Can't believe we are almost done with July already! Time is flying! Crazy to know that my birthday is on Friday (in 4 days). Like I haven't been counting down the days! This week we had no investigators to teach and spent lots of time finding. We saw lots of less-actives though. I am not to big a fan of tracting.

This week has been crazy and very overwhelming. On Wednesday we had exchanges and of course I freaked out and was really nervous. It was again GREAT! I never had gone on exchange with this Sister before. (she was my sister training leader while I was in training back in Garner). We had lunch with the four of us and then we went our separate ways. I got to drive! It was weird driving after 6 months. Got to say I was kind of worried that I may have forgotten some of the rules! haha! We did Facebook so she could look at my Facebook and then we went to go visit some Sisters. We got to one of the sisters and we talked. I got her to talk about things that are happening with her and then we got to our Savior. She kind of got mad at me and said something not nice. We again tried to get her to talk more and she finally told us about what has been happening. She told us of an illness she has and how it is slowly killing her. We told her that we may never know why bad things happen to us, but it is all for our benefit. She liked what we said and she finally opened up more told us that she is the only member of her family and she has so much Family History she wants to do but she doesn't feel like she can do it. she is willing to pay for someone to do it. We told her that some members have family history callings and they there to help and they can come to her house to help her. She was so excited and she wanted names and numbers. We didn't have all of them but we told her that we would find some more people. We talked about the Spirit of Elijah and how he will help her have the motivation to do. We witnessed it right there at her home as she kept asking questions. She brought up the fact that she has some family who she has to ask and Sister Anderson gave her a great thing to say and she had her write it down. The visit was good and I was so amazed as to her being open and finally getting her to confide in us. It was a miracle!

Friday was the day we really went tracking. Every door we knocked on and talked to were very nice, but of course our last two of the night were the worst. One was telling us that we sinned by adding scripture to what we already have and how that is affiliated. I wanted to ask questions, but knew it would end in a contentious conversation and so i just bore my testimony instead. The last one was the worst. She came to the door and we talked about Christ and we asked if we could talk about him more and she said I don't want a belief in him because  of the life he has given her and her family . And then she slammed the door. It was scary and I was just kind of bugged by it and kept wondering what has happened to her and why does she feel this way. Every step we took I wanted to turn right back around but I knew she wasn't ready! I made sister Galloway pull over so we could say a prayer for her. Halfway through the prayer I started crying and I really can't explain it! It was crazy. This lady didn't understand the whole purpose of life. We are given hard things to work for because God knows we can handle it and even more so that we can grow and be better and accomplish all that we can be! I felt bad for her and I prayed that someone who she would listen to would explain it to her when she is ready. I couldn't explain why I was crying but I think it is because I knew that the hard things in life are really for me to benefit from and having that knowledge brought me peace. I felt the love of the Savior as we sat in the car praying and talking. It was a very emotional drive home! I am so grateful for the Enabling power that I can have hard times but knowing that if I allow the Atonement in my life Christ will help me when I feel like I can no longer move forward! Amazingly enough I have had thoughts about all that I have accomplished here so far and I felt like I am failing. We are struggling and it feels like I can give up but again God knew what I needed and gave me an experience to that he is mindful of me and my efforts. I have come across the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 18:15-16 and it says that if I bring one soul to repentance and to the Gospel it is all I am asked to do. I felt that maybe even that one person can be myself. I can benefit from this experience and I will be better. I can see the Gospel so much clearer than I did 7 months ago. I know that I am changing and loving the teaching and Loving my Savior so much more! More importantly in this scripture it is saying that if I bring many souls then what joy should I be given. As long as I am that one soul the many souls will come! What a great week and what a great time that I am having! This transfer is coming to a quick end and we have no idea what is going to happen! Either way I will continue to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength! I love the people of North Carolina!!!!! Have a great week! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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