Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day

Hey Y'all,

Happy belated Mother's Day and it was so great to Skype home and see all of the faces of family and friends. This week was great and full of great blessings and so much peace.

First, This week got a referral from the Elders at a Thrift store and have been trying to set an appointment with. Luckily after a couple days of fall through she gave us her number and told us to call her and set up a time to come over. We knew that she at least is interested. We haven't been able to set anything up but we are going to try to see her again. We found out that i will be staying in Garner and that Sister Behrmann is leaving! :(. I love this lady and am really going to miss her! She only has 5 more weeks after this transfer before she goes home and is going to re open an area and so she will be busy! I am so totally going to  miss her but i can see that the Lord needs her in this new area and she is the one to reopen it and i guess they can have her!

We have had great lessons with members at our dinner appointments and have been asking them about their families missionary work. we have been given a sheet from our Mission president that he and all of the stake president in our mission created with 10 ways to share the gospel. We have asked them to use one of them or to create their own and try it this week. We are really going to try to remember to follow up with them. We have been asked to continue to do it but to have a kneeling prayer with them and to pray for someone specific. Our district leader has told us that some of the members have been able to get a name. It should be great!!!

Friday was probably the best day other than mothers day this week! Who doesn't like going to the Temple!!! We had sister who hasn't been able to go, but was praying to get off work to go with us!!! Prayers work and even the fact of a small temple she was able to get in last minute. She kept telling us she knew God needed her to come to the temple and that he helped her get here. She was so sweet and it was a great experience. I loved it and i loved the time we got to spend with the other sisters as well. Our session was all Sister Missionaries and only 6 men! Our mission president got to be their it is was so great to be with him. Sister Bernhisel was sick but we still got to see her.

Saturday, we made Mothers Day hand out and tried to visit sisters in the Ward who aren't mothers or who don't have children at home. The hand out had a quote about womanhood. we thanked them for all they do in the ward and the great example they are to all. It was great to see their smiles.

Sunday was the best day. The Ward was able to set up an amazing treat for all the sisters. The men took over Young women and primary so that all of the sisters could be their in Relief Society. The Relief Society President gave a beautiful talk and had the young women sign to us. It was great we all got roses and chocolate. We were told that we are all roses. We are beautiful to God even if we may have some thorns and different looking leafs. We are all different but to God we are all beautiful. We talked about the story of Ester and the fact that we need each other and come together in times are trials for each other. We talked about our physical and spiritual needs and that we are all in God sight and that no matter what he loves us!!! Of course knowing that it was Mother's Day the Holmes family invited us over for Lunch and to Skype. We made her Lunch. Sister Behrmann made french fires and i made the hamburgers. I can see why Dad was always the one who cooked them. I felt so bad! They were a little over cooked and they cheese didn't melt right! They all said it was good and they were just getting them their was bad! We got to Skype home and i am glad to say that as much as i thought would change. Nothing has changed much! My love for my family continues to be their but i see it growing! Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. I loved seeing their faces and feeling the love they have for me! It was great to hear all that has happened! I love you all!

Well this was my week! Great to see most of you on Skype yesterday and so glad to hear your voice!!! I love you and hope to hear from you next week!!!! Love y'all!!!


Sister Tayler Farr

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