Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey Y'all,

Well this week was pretty crazy!!! We found out that Sister Behrmann is getting transferred and so she was pretty much packaging all week and so things were just out of sorts. We had a great week and got lots of things done!!! On Tuesday though we had Deep Clean and had to clean the entire apartment from top to bottom. I'm glad that we normally clean a little on Monday's so we didn't do to much cleaning.

This week we got a new referral from head quarters and started to teach a young girl (Don't know how old she is). She had requested a Book of Mormon and we brought it to her. We talked about it and read in 2 Nephi 31 and invited her to be baptized. She didn't say yes but she didn't say no so that was a awesome. We set up a new appointment to teach her the restoration and instead the day before she called and canceled saying she wants more time to read and then she would give us a call when she had questions. I was bummed but at least she didn't completely give up on us. We tried to call back and see if we could at least read it with her and if she had questions we could answer them and help her while reading. We sadly had to leave a voice mail.

We had the same thing happen with another potential investigator who we finally got an appointment set and then she wasn't home and so we have to see her again. Luckily she works at a store just across from our apartment complex.

We did finally met a less-active sister and her newborn and husband who we have been trying for a while. We are trying to start working with her husband. He is going to be baptized!!!

I forgot my journal so my letter is a little boring, but i do have a really embarrassing story to tell. So this week we had dinner with the Riggleman's. We were waiting for the garlic bread to finish and just talking at the table and Sister Riggleman said a joke RIGHT AS I WAS DRINKING WATER and I choked and laughed and it went all over i could swallow so i blew it all over the table and everyone. They all laughed and Sister Riggleman felt so bad and was cleaning nit up. Sister Behrmann couldn't stop laughing and me i only could laugh. However it was embarrassing and Amy keep saying gross you spit on me. Shortly after i cleaned up the mess. I found out they have already made a rule in there house to not makes jokes when some is drinking. They had a similar experience with a pasted Elder and so mine brought back the rule!!! It was great and really never a duel moment in Garner especially in the Riggleman's home! Happy Anniversary today too!!! :)

Sorry, I don't have as many good stories this week. I probably will next week when i get my new companion. I am really nervous about taking over and being in charge of the area, but i know i will do well if i allow the spirit to be with me and the Lord to help me! Wish we luck!!! Have a great week!!!


Sister Tayler Farr

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