Monday, June 22, 2015

A Little Bit of EVerything

Hey Y'all,

What a week it has been! Well first off! I found out on Tuesday that the time has come and i am leaving Garner and getting Transferred! I don't want to leave. I love this area and will always come back! Sister Ibarra though is going to be training. She gets a little Greenie! I guess Garner is just a place for all of the newbies! Who wouldn't want to come here!

On Monday, I got an Aroma touch from a sister in our ward with essential oils. It was so nice! I have learned a lot about essential oils while being here and it is something that has interested me. I hope to look into it when i get home.

On Tuesday we had our Goodbye Zone Conference for President and Sister Bernhisel. Do you remember when i said awhile ago that i didn't want to get too attached....well i did! I was ready to cry. We sang them Army of Helaman and the missionary version and we all started to cry. President did and that just started it for everyone. After our Zone Conference we stopped by lots of less-actives on our way home. We tried about 10 different families and only saw 3 and only 1 was willing to let us share a message. We invited the rest to our 4th of July breakfast.

On Wednesday we did service for a family again that just moved into the ward. We helped clean there storm windows. They were pretty dirty. We had to rinse them with the hose and then scrub with Windex. While we were cleaning a man pulled up to look inside a recycling box for metal. We started talking to him. He asked us if we had any metal he could take. We told him no but we can do some service for him. He was good with that, but wants to pay us. We explained that we couldn't take is money and don't want to. He didn't like that. So my smart companion who listens well to the spirit said that we will clean his windows for free in return to let us give him a 45 minute lesson on the restoration. He agreed. We are cleaning his windows this week and then we will set up the lesson part later. It was a great tender mercy for the week.

On Thursday, we had our weekly planning and we were making phone calls. we had both thought of seeing the same family so we gave them a call. We called them but they said that this month is going to be crazy and to call back at the end of the month. We hung up and then about 5 minutes later they call back and asked us if wee could come over now. We said yes and quickly drove over. We had a great visit and also got to see a family who we have been unable to contact while i have been here. It was perfect and it was done by the Lords time. It was perfect!

On Friday, we went with a sister to help her go visit teach and then Sister Ibarra had a friend from Pinehurst come down for lunch. Let's just say that it was wonderful and she was awesome and i hope i get sent to Pinehurst!!!! :)

On Saturday was our busiest day. We visited a family who we are going to go watch Meet the Mormons with soon. We did service for a family in there in-laws house helping them move-in. We had the 7th day Adventist scripture class again. It was hard to understand. We talked about Moses and the tablets. We had dinner and then did service for a less-active family cleaning and helping them get ready to move to Texas.

Well y'all this is my week! Lots has happened! Happy Fathers day to all the Fathers. Especially to my DADDY! Love you! Happy Fathers day to all my uncles too! Even better Happy Fathers Day to the most important father of all to my Heavenly Father! I have thought about this concept and it made me smile! So glad to be doing his work here in North Carolina and I am ready to serve in my new area and to meet new people. I will miss this ward and my companion. I do know for one thing you can take me out of Garner but you can't take Garner out of me!!!! Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!!


Sister Tayler Farr

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