Friday, April 8, 2016

My Crazy and Also Amazing Week!

Hey Y'all,

This week was a little longer as Sister Bingham got the flu and was miserable for a good 4 days! We got lots done but I am ready to see more Sun and be able to teach some more.

Monday we had plans to have a fun shopping day but ended up spending about 4 1/2 hours in firestone getting our car fixed which we thought would only be a tire but it was worse than we thought. Who knows that maybe our off roading did more damage than expected! I wanted to go crazy! It was hard not to watch the TV and listen to it. We did however find out that a man escaped from prison with a toothbrush! Craziness in the world is happening!

Wednesday Sister Bingham got worse and so we missed District meeting. It was weird but glad that I got time to study more and let her rest. I did however get a couple of exchanges where I could go see people and someone stayed with Sister Bingham. It was weird to be the only one in a name tag and it has been awhile since I did splits like this but it was great to see that I can be a missionary even without my partner in crime.

Friday was a great day! We got to go to the Temple and it was amazing! I loved the feeling and the peace that is there! While we were waiting for the session to start. I was talking with the lady next to me and found out that she is from Virginia and she served in Thailand. We talked about the new temple in Thailand and different temples. I was hoping to get time to sit and ponder but I was glad I opened my mouth and talked with her as we talked about her mission and about returning home and how to continue to serve. It was great and the whole time I felt this peaceful feeling that as much as people keep telling me the end is near I will not stop being a missionary and that everyone is a missionary. It was fun to see if she even knew our last mission president and uncle Bruce! Not sure if she knows either but really it is just a small world in the Mormon world! I seem to notice that more and more! After the session I was reading Alma 30 which I was pretty sure was the same chapter I had opened to read last time we were there. My eye got the part of "Choose ye this day whom you will serve." Choose to serve God will all your heart." I knew it was what I needed. It was a great experience and it made me even more excited the fact that in just 3 months I will be back in the temple to see my brother go through it with Jessica! Such a beautiful blessing the temple is to us all! I love to see the temple! After we got our Zone picture we had lunch and went into the chapel and the temple President  and his wife came and talked to us and he answered some of our questions. It was great as we did it also 6 months ago but I can see how much I have grown as the questions that were asked I knew a little more of. I never thought my mission and the temple would help me intellectually as it has!

Saturday was a great day! We spent most of our morning trying to figure out where to watch conference after finding out Sister Bingham had a sins infection and wasn't sure it would be a good idea to go to a members house with all our germs. We tried to watch it with our Senior missionary neighbors, but they were going to someone's house already! We ended up getting permission to watch it on their tablet in our car at our apartment complex! We seriously felt funny with the idea but it worked and it was great. The talks were great and I really loved President Eyring's talk on testimony and how we can obtain them. I felt the spirit to know that when I am in doubt of my testimony I can always count on the Spirit to help me again and again.  Our 12 year old neighbor thought it was pretty funny too! He actually came to our place 11 times before the afternoon session to talk with us. He came one time his bible and laptop asking us questions so he can go do what we do door to door! It was so funny and the next time he came as we went next door we found he had gotten his hair colored pink and purple! I love the south! :)

Sunday was a great and wonderful day as we watched General Conference at a Less active families. They had made it very nice with tons of food and great comfort as we watched Conference! The entire time we were waiting to hopefully hear Elder Holland and so glad to have heard him talk which was my favorite! I am sometimes afraid of tomorrow because I may not want today to end! But sometimes we need tomorrow to come so we can continue to learn. It reminded me of my brain injury and how every new day as I dealt with it and school I needed those tomorrow so could to the day where I saw it more as a need in my life and not as a terrible struggle but a way to strengthen me.

This was my crazy and also amazing week and I hope you all enjoyed conference too! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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