Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Celestial Trailer Park!

Hey Y'all,

So lots happened this week and not sure I have a lot of time to share all of it! So I want to share all the big highlights from this week! First of all it was Easter yesterday and it was amazing! I even took the time during the sacrament to read about the resurrection in John 20 and I have never felt such a spirit during the sacrament like I did yesterday it was amazing! Lots of great lessons and with both wards it was extra special. Sister Bingham even got called Saturday night and gave a talk on the resurrection. She did great with even last minute being ask to do it! We had a lesson on Ponderizing in Relief Society and it was great to remember how important it is to have a scripture continually in our hearts. It made me very excited for conference this weekend! We had dinner with a great family who is from Colorado and their son in law used to know my cousins. I have seen the Mormon world to be very small! We shared a lesson on the life of Christ using different scriptures and objects to tell the story (Great job mom and family). It was a big hit and the spirit was so strong!

If I had to share a favorite day of the week it would be Friday we found 5 new investigators 4 of them were teenage kids. We went to a trailer park that was very nice. Had a gate, pool, hot tube, playground, and it had a very safe feeling. We plan to go tract it the next time we come teach them. But we had a Bible referral of someone in there and as we left after teaching them a little we saw 4 teenagers together down the street who were talking loud enough for us to know they were talking about us. We had an extra sister with us today while her companion was in Raleigh for a leadership meeting. Sister Bingham looked at them and kind of jokingly called them out on the fact we knew they were talking about us.  They called us over and just starting asking us tons and tons of questions starting with are you Jehovah Witnesses? and one asked is there life after death? Why to you have a Mormon Bible? do you read the Bible? they asked a lot and we tried to answer everything. They asked about missionary life too and we just told them what we could gave them all Book of Mormon's and a restoration pamphlet and will be seeing them Wednesday. Now I wish we had just talked to them before they called us over. They we prepared. They even told us they knew something was different about us which was why they didn't know which church we were from. It was a great experience and was great to see people so young asking such big questions about life. I was grateful to know we had all the answers and didn't have to say. Sorry I'm not sure or sorry I don't have an answer to that one!

Really I have noticed that between Sister Bingham and I it is never a boring moment and we always have something to laugh about.

We have lots to do this week and we are starting to see a lot of great things going for us! I feel like we never have enough time and I am so tired by the time we go to bed but I love the work we are doing! It will be a great week this week and we are going to the temple Friday and then we have General Conference! Sister Bingham brought up the fact that it will be the last one on our missions and I am kind of sad about that but I am grateful for the fact that we get to spend time with the members and get to know them more. We get to have shrimp Broil on Saturday! You can only get that a certain way in the South! So excited! I hope you all are able to prepare to receive the message you need to personal for all of you! love you all!

Love Sister Tayler Farr

P.S.   Remember to always keep your chin upo and "believe in good things to come" (Elder Holland!)


Sister Tayler Farr

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