Saturday, March 19, 2016

Welcome to Hope Mills Sister Farr! Hold on for the bumpy Ride!!!!

Hey Y'all,

Hello everyone! So by my title you are probably wondering what happened or oh no! There is no cause for alarm just trying to show the best way of how stressful this first week in Hope Mills has been! So like I said last week I am in Hope Mills with one of the MTC companions and we are both new to the area, we are covering two wards and we have no idea what is going on!!!! Yes! It was a very stressful week lots of hours looking at papers with lots of name from the wards and not a lot of connecting with faces. I have never been more grateful for members when we come for dinner and they write down people in the ward who would be good to take out with us, people to contact and not to contact, and other information about the ward!

Tuesday was a hard day for me as we had to say good bye to Dunn and say goodbye to Emily! We had breakfast with her that morning. We had our car that was going to help us get all our stuff to transfers cancel and so we got all our stuff into our car and Emily's. It was hard but we did it! We had ice cream at Sunny Skies which is a very famous place here in North Carolina. It like Farr's Ice Cream but not opened all year round! We got a ride to Hope Mill from two great sisters from Hope Mills 1 and 2 ward. We had a coordination meeting with 1st ward WML and it went great and we had a lot of questions. It will be great and love Brother Pinegar already!

Wednesday we had Zone Training which I thought was weird it has been a long time since we had Zone Training after Transfers. It was nice to stay in the Zone but hard to see so many of my missionary friends gone. Its time to make new ones now! We had a lot of instruction on being Bold and committing those to baptism. Sister Bingham had a great experience when we got to teach together for the first time and we did very well. We were unified enough to get to the purpose of the role play and the other Elders noticed! We saw one of our investigators who is great and has been meeting with the sisters for awhile.

Thursday we pretty much were inside working on the area book and other book work and trying to set things up and meet people. We still are trying to figure out who is in which ward and which investigators go to which ward! Its been a roller coaster of confusion. I am starting to get a hang of it. We have a great big open apartment which helps to feel home and we are able to use the space we need! I even get to sleep on a bunk bed!

Friday we meet our Recent Convert and she is just amazing she is getting married at the end of the month and then once she goes through the temple she will be sealed. Her year mark is in June! She's getting ready for the temple and is loving everything she is learning about! She is so open to new things and is such a missionary herself! We had lunch with some sweet older ladies in the 1st ward and we went to Grandsons which is a Southern Buffet restaurant! I loved it! Lots of fried chicken, fish, fat back and any kind of southern food you could think of. I loved the banana pudding which I will make forever now for myself.....oh so good!

Saturday we spent a lot of time in the apartment setting things up and putting names in the GPS and getting things ready to start working with there was just so much needing to be done!

With being over two wards means to 2 church services. I was excited to be able to have two sacrament meetings and 2 Sunday schools, and 2 relief society but by the end I was so beat and ready for the day to be over! We didn't even go see people we were just sitting and listening! I  loved every minute of it though! We got to help teach the Laurels in the 1st ward and that was great! I miss The Young women program sometimes! We had dinner with the 1st wards Bishop's family and they gave us lots of info which really helped and took a lot of stress from us. I am glad I experienced this before started brand new in an area like in Cary! It is helping me know I can do this!

With everything that has happened this week I am amazed at how much I miss Dunn and the people there! It is so different here, but I am falling in love with Hope Mills too! I miss all my areas and the people but so glad that it is never goodbye for good! I am excited to see all the good we do here! One thing that has been great and rewarding is being with Sister Bingham my MTC companion and seeing how much we really have grown. I remember being so quiet she had to get me to talk on our trio at the MTC and now I feel like I talk to much! I can see how far I have come to this point and see the person I have become! Its amazing what service to the Lord can do to one person! I never thought this would become who I am and then help to be the person I want to be. It has truly put my priorities in perspective and what really matters to me. I can see how much I really want to help people and teach others what I thought I was losing before. I thought I was losing my testimony a year or so ago and now its never been more strong! I know I have been blessed not because I have deserved it but because my Heavenly Father has truly seen my efforts and my desire and has blessed and others I have taught and more importantly my family! Crazy to think how short this year has been but how much it has done for me which will go with me into eternity! I love this Gospel and I love this work and I especially love the chance to share what is true and what my Savior has done for me and others! I love my Heavenly Father!

Have a great week!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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