Thursday, March 10, 2016

Heading to Hope Mills

Hey Y'all,

So what can I say about this week! It has been CRAZY! A lot has happened this week! First off though we got transfer news. Sister Beard and I are both leaving. I am going to Hope Mills 1&2 and Sister Beard is going to Garner. (I started my mission there- so excited for her). So I was sad to see another one of my areas having to get new sisters which means the area will never be the same. Only we found out that instead English Elders will be coming in instead. We are short Sisters in the mission now! I at first was not happy about it but I think it may be good for the ward and for the area! New eyes are always good and maybe someone needs these new Elders to find them.

Monday we went to the Car museum with Sister Knight. It was on Sister Beard's list to do before her Birthday and we got to ride in a classic mustang! It was a lot of amazing cars. I knew my brothers would love them. I will send pictures if I can. Great story though after dinner we went to go contact a referral that the Elders had given us and when we got to the house we new the neighborhood looked familiar. We had tracted it a while back and the referral was someone we had given a card too. It was nice to see the fruits of our labors. After we left we stopped by our Methodist Pastor friend and talked for a while. We talked about how she prepares for her preaching. It crazy how much study and work goes into each sermon she does, but the night ended with us talking about music. She told us about how someone had donated a baby grand piano for the church and she got it in her house. It was beautiful and it made me think of Kory! I wanted to play it so bad and all I could think of was the first few lines of Sweet Hour of prayer. She opened her hymn book and started to play. We found some common songs, some had different words and different tunes but a lot were similar. I could feel the spirit so well and the time flew by. I had my mini hymn book in my bag which was a tender mercy as we got her to play from it. We came back on Sunday to bring her one. She invited us to her church Holy week for Easter! She is great and I love how we both love what we do and love it the same way but its different. To me its means more to volunteer and do it because I want to than to be paid for it. It is amazing to be able to talk about God and Christ all day and to be able to do it freely with even other church too! She is great!
Tuesday was another great day! We deep cleaned our apartment and had dinner with President and Sister James! It was crazy to be able to spend one on one time with the mission president and I realize just how lucky I was! He is great and I could imagine how stressed he must be with transfers coming up but he is such a powerful and amazing man. I looked up to him so much and love the spirit I feel when I am around him. Sister James is so sweet and caring and I love getting her hugs. We got to eat at Cracker Barrel with them and show them what we do every Saturday with Douglas! I love the James' and all they do for us!

Thursday was exchanges! I stayed again in Dunn and Sister Beard went to Lumberton! It was great and a very successful day! I survived on my own! It was actually really relieving knowing if I was to take over the area I could actually do it, but I realized unlike last time I wasn't as nervous and it still was great and it actually went better. Hahaha! I may worry just a little too much!

Saturday we had our usual Cracker Barrel breakfast with Douglas and had a great time! We talked about the Priesthood. The Elders had a baptism that we got to go to. It made me think about Emily and how exciting it will be for her and for me to see her be baptized! It was hard to find out that I wouldn't get to be here to see the rest of the journey but I should be able to come back for her baptism! So excited and I have loved getting to see her change and work toward the temple and how much she is glowing as she excepts the gospel we are teaching her.

Sunday was hard as we were saying goodbye to the members. I took the fact that it was fast and testimony to share my testimony with the ward and I talked just a little too long but I just kept going! I felt like when I finally stopped I could still go. Its amazing to really see my testimony grow and all that I am learning! I now understand that I needed to be here serving in Dunn because I needed Dunn and I needed to meet Emily and the Knights, and the Ginns, and everyone I was able to teach! Emily came and I got to have her hear my testimony. Sister Beard came up too. I love just how much my testimony as grown about church! I look forward for Sunday more now and not just for the sacrament which I love but also for the lessons and the people. I love feeling loved and wanted and I see that as I am kind and loving back. I know my home ward has that!

So next week when  you hear from me I will be in Hope Mills. I am going to be in two wards which I have never experienced before so this will be interesting but I know it will be great! The Lord sent me there for a reason and I will be fine! I love this work and love all the friends and long time friends who I can call family! I am so grateful to know that it is truly See you Later and not Good bye! Love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Sister Farr

P.S. This is my scripture of the week that I have kept close to my heart....Look it up!
3 Nephi 18:25


Sister Tayler Farr

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